The Bullying Bitch

I watched a video on Facebook last night and I really feel the need to talk about it. This has nothing to do with my life, but it definitely had an effect on it. It was a video about bullying. Maybe you should watch it for yourself. You can find the video on my Facebook page, or read the news articles that followed:

ITV News – Birmingham Girl Arrested Over Facebook Bullying Video Goes Viral

The Bullying Bitch

I shared the video on my Facebook wall which I appreciate makes me a bit of a hypocrite. Some may see this as bullying too – naming and shaming a bully to six million people over social media. I don’t think so. Let me explain myself.

We live in a world that rotates around technology now. When you do something in public, you MUST be prepared for other people to see it. Whether that’s by CCTV or a video / photo taken on someone’s mobile phone, there’s a good chance your every move is being documented somehow. It’s a sad state of affairs but that’s the way it is, and when things like this happen, I am glad of it. If this video hadn’t been made, and made public, there’s a good chance this incident would never have been brought to justice, and thankfully, this evil, vindictive bitch is now in custody, being investigated by police.

As someone that has been on the nasty little end of one of these ‘playground pranks’, I can wholeheartedly sympathise with the embarrassment, shame and fear that the two girls on the end of this bully’s actions would have felt. I remember being in the centre of the school yard where all the bags were kept, trying to get to my own right at the back. One of the popular girls in school grabbed my bag, held it up in front of everyone, and mocked it. It wasn’t the Morgan designer one that all the other girls had that year. I wasn’t really up with the latest fashion trends. I wasn’t a skank, by any means, but I just wasn’t a designer baby. My parent’s struggled financially, as I’m sure many other’s did, and although I had everything I needed, I was more likely to have Primark than Prada.

She wouldn’t give me my bag back, and more and more kids were coming out of the dining hall. Before I knew it, there was a small crowd forming. She belittled me, my lack of designer clothing, and my shitty bag for what like eternity in front of everyone else. In reality it was probably only around 10 minutes. She made me crawl halfway over the bags to try and get to her, to get my bag out of her hand, and then she threw it right to the other end so that I had to crawl my way back out again. It was mortifying. My skirt went up as I was crawling around on my hands and knees like a dog, and I’m pretty sure one of the lads shouted he could see my underwear. Right there, at that particular moment, I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me. Everyone was watching. Everyone was laughing. Lots of things like that happened to me at school. I was bullied pretty badly, to the point where I attempted suicide one Sunday night, terrified at the prospect of going back to the school the next day. Terrified at the thought of facing the loneliness and abandonment that every day brought with it. I was so isolated. I didn’t fit in anywhere. I didn’t really have any friends. I guess I was the weird kid.

My experience back then in the school yard with my bag – if that had happened now, it would have gone something like that video. Except the entire school will probably see that video, and have a constant reminder of it too. The evolution of bullying. Can you believe it?

I’m very anti-bullying now. I might be a bitch and say it straight, but I’m not a bully. If I see someone being bullied, I will instantly jump to their defence. I don’t mind the odd prank, but there is a fine line, and I won’t sit back and watch if someone crosses it.

You see, after watching that video, I toyed with the idea of sharing it on my Facebook page. If I shared it, I would be just as bad, wouldn’t I? Instead of belittling her and shaming her to a small group of my friends however, I would be joining the masses – 6 million other people – to publicly shame and humiliate her across the world.

I chose to do it anyway. And this is my reason why….

Teachers, policemen, parents – these adults have no authority over kids these days. This is becoming increasingly apparent. I had a fairly strict upbringing, and I was disciplined if I did something wrong. I would be given a warning the first time and if I ignored it and did it again, I would get a swift, sharp slap across the back of the tops of my legs. Sometimes a handprint would be left behind, and it would sting for a while, but it never caused me any serious damage and you can bet your last buck I wouldn’t do whatever it was again. I feel that parenting is too soft these days. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with beating your child black and blue, but discipline is important. Smacking a child’s hand when they repeatedly reach for a candle isn’t battering them, or child abuse, it’s education and discipline. If you don’t slap the child’s hand away when they don’t listen to you say “No”, it will burn itself on the candle. Of course, you could always just remove the candle entirely and wrap the child up in cotton wool. But that’s a different kind of parenting technique altogether.

The point I’m trying to make here is that the ONLY way to teach kids just like this bully these days, is by naming and shaming. Do you think that she would have listened to her parents about this incident? Do you think anything her parents could have said or done would have made a difference to her behaviour? No, she would have gotten her phone taken away from her for a week or so, would have been made to apologise to the other girls, and life would have gone on as normal. She probably would have gone on to do it again to someone else.

Even if the cops had been involved before the whole Facebook name-and-shame, do you think they would have been able to do anything? If that video hadn’t existed, they wouldn’t have. There wouldn’t have been enough evidence. And if the Facebook sharing situation hadn’t happened, the incident would never have been brought to the cop’s attention anyway. It even says on the news report that a ‘Facebook post has been brought to their attention’.

This aside, kids don’t learn from parents. They don’t listen to cops, or teachers, or anyone meant to have authority. If they did, getting grounded and getting detention would still work. When I got grounded, I didn’t do what I did wrong again. I hated being grounded. If a kid gets grounded now, my younger sister being a classic example, they would just shout and scream so loud and for so long, the parents let them out the house anyway, in a bid to shut them up.

There is no discipline.

Do you want to know what will make a difference to this girl’s behaviour though? The opinions of her peers – the opinions and thoughts of the six million other people over the internet. She will be mortified by this event, so much so that I can personally guarantee she probably won’t do it again. Looking at her pictures, she’s clearly a girl that makes an effort with the way she looks, which would suggest she would care what people think about her. So the fact that right now, six million people think so badly about her, they would adorn their Facebook walls with videos of her ugly actions, will hurt her deep. She will be too scared to be a bully again.

Facing the judgemental looks of your friends, parents, and teachers is one thing. Facing the judgemental looks of the entire world is something else entirely.

If prison, detention, grounding, or a good telling-off worked, the world wouldn’t be the way it is today. It would still be the way it was twenty years ago, thirty years ago, whatever – when people were frightened about going to prison, and the thought of getting told off by your parents simply terrified you. The world is very different, and the internet makes a massive difference to how we all live our lives. As much as most of us would wish it weren’t true, this Facebook naming and shaming is probably one of the only things that would have worked to stop this bully. And regardless of what may have happened in the lead up to this; regardless of what the two bullied girls may have said or done, THIS was the part that was on video and shared to the entire world. And for that, the bully herself is to blame. If she hadn’t done that; if she hadn’t treated those two girls like utter shit, disrespecting them in a way that girls really shouldn’t disrespect each other, she wouldn’t have anything to worry about. And if she hadn’t stupidly let her friends record her, in a bid to saviour the memory to make herself feel better later on, to laugh at and to mock those two poor girls one more time, it would never have ended up on Facebook.

You see, your consequences have actions these days, especially over social media. And this is a lesson this bully has now learned. Let’s hope it’s a mistake she doesn’t repeat.

So yes, as much as publicly naming and shaming this girl may ruin her life, she is already well on her way to ruining two other girls lives. The only difference is, her Facebook fame will be over and done with in a couple of weeks, with the general public moving onto their next victim. The two girls that she bullied – that will have a lasting impact on their mental health – the way they think about themselves, for the rest of their lives. Because bullying does have a long-lasting effect. And before you say that the naming and shaming will affect the bully for the rest of her life too, so will prison, or whatever sentence she gets from her crime. If it even gets that far. She did the crime – she deserves to do the time. That’s called justice.

Plus, those videos would have been made in a bid to mock those girls later on. There was no other purpose to keeping the memory of that bullying event. They did that to either share on Facebook themselves later on, or just to keep and have something to laugh at. Either way, it’s sick and it’s twisted, and something needs to be done to stop it. It’s abuse. If it were sexual, we wouldn’t stand for it. If it were physical (which it was at one point), we wouldn’t stand for it. So why do we stand for it when it is mental abuse? Deliberately humiliating people in front of others, making them beg or apologise, getting them to bow down on their knees…. Sorry, but doesn’t this behaviour set a lot of alarm bells going off? If we let that kind of behaviour grow and evolve, what would happen? In five years time, or ten years time, how far on will this bullying have got? How long before this girl carries a knife? Or decides to throw a girls bag into the road again and get her killed by a passing car?

Not just treating this bully a lesson, it also teaches the world a valuable lesson. I bet a lot of her friends will be re-evaluating their behaviour right now. I bet some of them will question what they are doing before they do it, or what they say before they say it. I bet it will put at least one of them off being a bully ever again. And if we can stop just one bully from this, that’s only a good thing.

A little out of control – most definitely.

Needed to prove a point to society, especially impressionable, silly young girls – 100%.

#JeSuisCharlie – I’m Proud.

#JeSuisCharlieThat amazing hashtag has set a new record you know? In fact it has become the most popular hashtag ever used in Twitter history. Good on you guys! Let’s make a fucking stand!

Today hasn’t been a good day for me anyway but when I saw those ‘Breaking News’ reports of yet another stupid tragedy that really shouldn’t have happened, my heart got sad. This is a world that scares me and saddens me all at the same time. I laid awake all night, suffering from another bout of wicked insomnia… Hearing the interview with that MI5 dude saying that we were probably going to get a terrorist attack at some point was just frightening, and also learning that the boys in blue had already captured themselves a load of bad guys, foiling three terrorist plots in three months… It’s nice to know they’re doing their job, right?

What happened to the world we live in? When did everything just get so mean and angry? When did innocent people start getting killed for what seems like no apparent reason? I don’t know if I’m just an ignorant bitch but I don’t get it. They call this religion but what kind of religion would actually condone this vicious treatment to another human being. Aren’t you meant to ‘love thy neighbour’? Aren’t you meant to treat others with the same respect you would want back? I just don’t understand why people would be so fucked up in the head that they would be driven to commit such a vicious crime – humans without ANY humanity or respect for a life, not even their own. Surely this makes the ‘religion’ or ‘culture’ or whatever bullshit, cover-up word they want to call it nothing more than a cult?

I watched the Sydney siege unfold before my very eyes and happened to be watching the live news feed at the exact moment the firefight kicked off and it all ‘ended’. I was in tears watching it, and the same thing happened when I saw the news covering the TWO hostage situations going on in Paris. Why Paris, for fucks sake? What did Paris do? What did Sydney do? What did Australia ever do to anyone? Why is this happening? What is happening?

I’m starting to think that maybe these Mayan guys had the right idea with the thought of an apocalypse but I wonder if they knew the demise of mankind would be caused by mankind itself?


In the midst of all of this godawful news coverage, I saw a picture that truly melted my heart. At the local school a large, burly cop had two children by the hands and were leading them away from the building, and away from the danger those fucked up extremist cretins has put them in. It was a moment of tenderness in such a cruel backdrop, and I just sat and wondered – why are they doing this? They were children that could easily have been caught in that cross-fire. Kids for fucks sake! How on earth does religion condone that?!

I don’t read the news a lot, mostly because I find it incredibly depressing. The world we live in now is not one often filled with happy events and joyous news. If it’s not someone being stabbed in some capital city, it’s a terrorist situation or some natural disaster going on. I know that’s real life but do I need to be subjected to such misery every moment of every day? I don’t really know what the deal is with these nut jobs. We can’t call them Islamics because if they were and they really followed that religion, they wouldn’t be doing half the things they are doing. These crazy extremists; it’s not religion they follow. They wouldn’t know the meaning of the world religion if it come up and smacked them around the face. I know we are all fighting for a cause; we’re all fighting for something, but we aren’t all killing stacks of innocent people as we do it, and nor should these absolute fucktards get away with it.

I think death is a much too easy option for these monsters. I wonder if they realise there are no virgins in heaven waiting for them? There’s no happy ending. They haven’t died a martyr at all. They will rot in the hell of whatever religion they think they believe in for the crimes they have committed against people that probably never wished them ill in their lives. The people that they are targeting here – random shoppers in the supermarket or local lawyers with their morning coffees; these are people that probably have less of an idea of what is going on than I do and yet they get caught in the cross fire. They aren’t fighting for a real cause because they have no terms. If they were fighting for an ideal of some sort, surely they would want something good to come about it? How can you change anything, for the better or the worse, if you have no negotiations, no terms and conditions, no compromise?

This isn’t a religion thing. This is a poor excuse thing. It’s the worst of our societies members coming up with a dumb excuse to be the social rejects they are. You know all those horror stories you read in the papers – paedophiles, Granny-muggers, serial killers? Well, that’s what these extremists are – a poor excuse for a human being with no real purpose in life apart from to cause pain and suffering to people that had no link to them in the first place. They use religion as a way to justify this behaviour to themselves. They know it’s wrong. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be hiding behind that bullshit religion cloak in the first place.

Well, fuck them. I’ve never been so proud of the human race than when it came together to #PrayForParis and made #JeSuisCharlie the most popular hashtag ever used on Twitter. These extremist losers? They are fighting against a whole world here and even the strongest army with the craziest fruitcakes can’t defeat the whole world. I love the fact that Twitter has now become the equivalent of everyone linking arms, side by side, standing up for what is RIGHT with humanity rather than what these screwball’s prove is WRONG. We’re all taking this personally and let’s face it, it would be impossible not to. With the threat of another terror action everywhere around us at every moment of every day, we need to take it personally. We need to keep our eyes peeled for things that don’t look right or people that are acting suspiciously. As the fabulous artist Banksy said – Cartoonists and writers everywhere. Keep your wits sharp & your pencils sharper. 


So this is my sharpened pencil – my stand against terror and that needless war for a pointless cause.

Fuck you extremist crack-pots. Every time you plan this, every siege, every hostage situation, every gun shot, you’ll die. Each and every one of you that have taken over our media with horrific crimes and terrifying images have been killed by the brave men and women that are fighting to protect our respective countries. You may have taken some of our innocent civilians with you but one thing is for sure – every time one of our bullets puts you down, there’s one less we have to worry about in the world and although I personally believe death is far too light a punishment for the evil cretins you are, it’s certainly refreshing to know you will no longer be a problem, or a burden on our human race.

Katie Price is Getting Divorced Again?

Every day I seem to read something on the internet that shocks me. Today it was the news that Katie Price is getting divorced AGAIN. What’s this now? Her third divorce? To be honest, I didn’t realise that she had gotten married again after Alex Reid, and apparently a couple of months after her and Kieran first started dating, they chose to get engaged. And only a few weeks after that, they were tying the knot…

Image found on

Image found on

What happened to “Marriage”?

What happened to the days when you only got married once? The fairy tale ending with your Prince Charming that you were adamant was going to be your Prince Charming for the rest of your life? Now, I’m not judging anybody at all here. I’m on my way to being divorced for the first time at just almost 28, and even that’s after almost four years of being apart from the guy. But seriously – is it me or is everyone getting married every five minutes these days? And then breaking up? I mean come on – Katie Price is getting divorced again! 

Getting divorced will be hard for me. I don’t want to be divorced. I wish I hadn’t married him because then we wouldn’t be trying to arrange this divorce. I loved him very much at the time, but I knew it was doomed to failure even back then. The very first time he cheated on me, I knew I would never be able to trust him again. That’s just the kinda gal I am. I still went through with it so technically, I’m just as guilty as these Z-List women, aren’t I?

I used to have a sort-of obsession with Katie Price. Not in a “I want to look at her every day on the internet” kinda way, but in a “If there’s an article in the media about her, there’s a good chance I’m going to want to read it” kinda way. These days, she’s in the media more often than not and I’m bored with reading the latest dilemma in her oh-so-complicated love life.

I still read it though, don’t I?

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I feel for poor Katie Price but I don’t think she helps herself, do you? She’s on her way to being fully-baked with her FIFTH child, bearing in mind she is only 35 years old, and she’s having a jolly good rant on Twitter about his infidelities with his best friend. Or something along those lines.

I have a couple of pieces of advice to give to the girl. And a couple of questions too. She is obviously looking for her fairytale dream ending, like so many of us are, but she’s going about it in the wrong way. Date for a while! What happened to just dating? When did life get so complicated that you MUST get married and impregnated within just a few months of being with someone? What happened to the good old days when you could happily date someone for two years or more before you even decided to move in with them. And then a couple of years after that, you might get engaged? After a couple of years of marriage, you’d have your first child… What happened to those days? Why doesn’t someone set an example and remind us of what it is like to have that “thrill of the chase” with someone that gives you butterflies inside? I made Jock wait three dates before he got the golden ticket, and as much as neither of us could wait any longer, I still wish I had made him wait longer. I hate it when I feel hurried, especially in a relationship.

I have a question here too… I know my divorce is going to be a messy affair. Not necessarily in the divorce itself, but definitely in my heart. It will crush my heart to receive those important pieces of paper through the post that say I am no longer married to a guy that used to make my entire body tingle from just one carefully placed kiss on my neck. I have been married for eight years this year, and four of those we have been separated. I’m still reeling from the fact we didn’t work. How can Katie Price be so over someone, enough to get married again, within just a few months or a couple of years after a divorce or big break up? The guy I left on the other side of the world has been out of my life for over two years now and honestly, sometimes I still cry.

I just don’t get why the “celebrity” world needs to be so hurried and rushed? How can you be over someone so quickly? I can understanding falling in love too quickly because I’m definitely a classic example of that. I get carried away in the heat of the moment and I’m too headstrong to stop myself getting dragged right in but you don’t see me getting married every five minutes. What’s wrong with taking time to be by yourself and to date bad men before you jump right in and take his name – the “good” man that you are sure is right for you?

So yeah, that’s just what I was thinking. Perhaps she should have a little bit more dignity bearing in mind she is publicly slating the father of her unborn child? Maybe I don’t know the facts and clearly can’t have anything to say about it. But one thing is for sure, I bet it won’t be long before she’s jumping right on in and doing it again. What do you think?