I’ve Won The Liebster Award!

Awww! I love this award. I love the new blogs that I always find through this award, and I love the fact that someone deems my writing worthy of an award. As always, it is much loved and greatly appreciated! Thank you so much to Single Guy in NYC for the nomination! ❤

Liebster Award

So, the rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person you nominated and provide a link to their page(s). 
  2. Proudly display the award banner on your page. 
  3. List eleven facts about yourself. 
  4. Answer the questions the award-giver asks you and make 11 more for your nominees. 
  5. List your nominees. 

So, I’ve thanked Single Guy in NYC, and I’ve PROUDLY displayed that banner. It would appear it is time for the eleven facts about me… Let me think for a second.

I’ve come up with these:

  1. I’m secretly terrified of being successful because someone might link my blog to me.
  2. I have far too many selfie’s on my Facebook page and I’m actually starting to get worried that I might have a problem.
  3. With every boyfriend I’ve ever had, I’ve crushed on their best friend at some point or another. A few of them I’ve actually slept with. Even if they are the ugliest dude in the world (which was the case with one of them), I’ll still crush on them and screw them if I get the chance.
  4. People watching is one of my favourite hobbies too… I love making up little stories about the people I come across, playing out scenarios in my head. That guy over there with the girl on the bench – they’re on their third date and tonight, she’s definitely going to put out. You know how it is… right?
  5. I’m 100% sure the song Let It Go from the kid’s film Frozen is the theme tune to my life. Every time I hear it, which is pretty much every day when I walk to and from work, I want to throw my hands back in the air, open my lungs and belt the song out as loud as I can possibly go. I don’t, of course; I’d look mental.
  6. I once had sex in a boat on the beach when I went up to see my sailor-boyfriend have his pass-in parade. We met on the training that I later left, and had a brief but very passionate love affair. We were two 17-year old’s in the friskiest of states. The last night I was there I was caught with him, ‘fraternising’ in my bed space. The girls had given us privacy, and the PO on charge never usually went up to the girls’ room… Fucker.
  7. I’m currently lusting after the new Valentino So Noir 100 Leather Pump shoes, and I’m trying to work out how hard I’ll need to save in order to get them. I’ve not had a shoe-love for a while. Maybe I should just treat myself…?
  8. I smashed my iPhone screen and I no longer love it. I need to get it replaced on the insurance but it’s jailbroken and you can’t jailbreak the latest software, and it’ll come back with the latest software on, and that would just piss me off. You know? You’d think I’d know better seeing as I actually work in the mobile phone industry.
  9. I’m really struggling to come up with eleven interesting facts about myself. I’m actually really boring.
  10. Ooooh! No I’m not! I have bubblegum pink hair right now! 😉
  11. I really want to get my septum pierced but I’m genuinely concerned about how much that might hurt me. I’ve had both sides of my nose pierced and both times have proved to be interesting, unique and actually rather painful experiences.

Now I’ve got to answer the 11 questions set out by Single Guy in NYC:

Q: If you were a lofty emperor/empress of a foreign land, what wacky and frivolous law would you enact to keep yourself entertained?

A: Benefit bums are one of my biggest bug-bears and I hate the skiving, lazy little fuckers. I’d make the rules surrounding benefit claiming much better. And I’d have home-visits so that it could be proven one way or another whether or not they were getting too much. Unannounced visits will give them zero time to hide that latest, biggest flat screen TV and iPhone 5s.

Q: Boxers or briefs?

A: On a guy? Boxers.

On me? His boxers 😉

Q: What did your last received text message say?

A: ‘How was your wanks?

Not a joke. I had run out of batteries so the Bestie lent me a couple of his rechargeables.

Q: Top or bottom?

A: I like being on top. Does that count?

Q: What’s the one song that describes you best?

A: All Of Me by John Legend. Jock’s song for me. Every word ❤

Q: Name a political figure you hate. 

A: I don’t hate a political figure because I don’t follow politics in the slightest. Unless you count sex politics. I think Gordon Brown is one ugly fucker though.

Q: Do you speak more than one language?

A: Yes. Two others. One quite a bit, the other not so much but still enough to get me by.

Q: What’s your top 5 movies (in no particular order)? 

A: Hmmm… Top 5. How about this:

1 – Nine And A Half Weeks

2 – Sex And The City

3 – Shawshank Redemption

4 – The Notebook (standard)

5 – Secretary

Q: What’s your favourite physical quality in the opposite sex (or same sex)?

A: Eyes. Baby blue’s will get me every time. And generally, they do.

Q: What’s your favourite personal characteristic in the opposite sex (or same sex)?

A: A great sense of humour will win me over every time.

Q: What’s the cutest thing anyone has ever done or said to you?

A: My Louboutin’s ❤

And the nominee’s for this year’s Liebster Award are….

And here are their questions:

1 – When was the last time you smiled, and why?

2 – What underwear are you wearing right now?

3 – Are you really in love with the person you’re sharing your bed with?

4 – Where would you like to be in five years time?

5 – What do you drive right now?

6 – What is the one thing in life you can’t live without?

7 – What are you genuinely afraid of?

8 – What was the last thing you said to your Mum?

9 – How many times have you been in love?

10 – Are you happy today?

11 – How often do you think you look good?


The Inventive Blogger Award

I feel so bad for leaving this post as long as I have. I was nominated for the ‘Inventive Blogger Award’ back in February of this year by I Like The Smell Of New Things, and firstly I’d just like to say a MASSIVE thank you for this! Much appreciated! As all of my awards are! 🙂


There are some rules, of course. I need to nominate five other people for this award, as well as list five things I love about blogging… Don’t mind if I do! 😉

So, I shall start with the five things I love about blogging:

1 – Release

I love the release I get from writing down my thoughts and feelings. When I’m happy and I blog, I have a funny little smile on my face as I type the words. If I’m pissed off or angry when I blog, I get lost in the words, emotion rushing through me as tears stream down my cheeks. I used to find my release in self harm. Now I blog. So yeah, that’s why I love it!

2 – Anonymity

This blog is as anonymous as I can make it, and that’s for a reason. I write things here that I would never, ever say to another human being. There are some horrible words in this blog, and some lovely ones too. But I like the fact it’s my little space, I can say what I like, and no one can put a face to the name.

3 – Feedback

When someone comments on my blog, I have this little rush of happiness. Even the odd negative comment gives me a rush. I normally need to come out with some rebuttal, of course! I love it when people comment back – it’s like a little seal of approval.

4 – Obsession

It started off as a passion, now it’s a straight up obsession. If something big happens in my life (or small, to be fair) I immediately feel the need to share it with you guys. It’s mental. I think breaking up with my blog now would be worse than any breakup I’ll ever have in my life, that’s for sure!

5 – Nostalgia

I love looking back through the life and times of… well, me really. I’ve had some pretty good times in my life. I’ve had some bad times too, but the fact that I can turn around in on year from now and tell you exactly what I was doing 12 months ago actually makes me smile. I love looking back at old blog posts, old memories, old photos…. It makes me smile! 😉

So there you have it – the five things I love the most about blogging. I could probably name a thousand and one different things but that’s what you’ll have to put up with for just now!

Now for the five people I want to nominate for the Inventie Blogger Award…. Are you sitting comfortably?

1 – Thought Buffet

I love these guys, and some of the posts really make me laugh. I often find inspiration in their musings, and I think it’s well worth a read!

2 – #HartChronicles

Girlie, cute, real and funny. Do I need to say much more? 😉

3 – Life As Your Husband’s Mistress

It’s a pretty gritty story of what the title says really. It’s a bumpy ride, but an interesting one. Have a peek and you’ll see what I mean!

4 – Horny Geek Girl 

She’s a horny, geek girl. What more could you ask for? She’s sharing her stories, giving us advice and reviews, and generally, an all round fabulous kinda chick.

5 – Snarky Snatch 

Naughty, satirical and plenty of mature content. What’s not to love? 😉

So there you have them – the five bloggers I’m nominating here. There are a few rules you gotta follow:

1. Select the blog(s) you think deserve the The Inventive Blogger Award.

2. Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen- there are no minimum or maximum number of blogs required- and ‘present’ the blog(s) with their award.

3. Include in your blog post *FIVE* things that you enjoy about blogging.

4. Let the blog(s) that you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the instructions with them- (please don’t alter the instructions or the badge!)

5. Come over and say hello to the originator of the “The Inventive Blogger Award” via this link: http://DonCharisma.org/2013/12/24/christmas-awards-the-inventive-blogger-award

6. And as a winner of the award- please add a link back to the blog that presented you with this award, and then proudly display the award on your blog.

Congratulations to all the nominees!

And a big thanks to I Like The Smell Of New Things for nominating me! ❤

Questions, Questions, Questions… Again!

Many thanks to PiperBlue26 for directing me to the other nomination for the Liebster Blog Award so that I could answer those questions too! I seem to get lost in a sea of blogs once I start reading, so the assistance was much appreciated!

Carrying on the game, I am going to answer the 11 questions as suggested on The Liebster Award by Piper Blue:

  1. Cats or Dogs? I’m a cat person really, but I love certain dogs too! I am a sucker for a pretty kitty – I’ve had three Siamese cross breeds, and I’d love a purebred. I also love Bengal kitties, and the F1 Savannah cat, which is a ridiculous amount of money. Dog-wise, however, I want a Pug and a British Bulldog.
  2. What is your favorite city or country you have ever visited, and why? I love every place I have traveled to for different reasons, but my favorite would be Canada. It’s the most beautiful place in the world, with every scenic picture that you could imagine. There is nothing this country doesn’t have. The snow, the cold, the heat, the wind, the mountains, the wildlife, the outdoors-y way of life… Everything about this country I adored, and one very special part of it – The Big Love.
  3. Favorite beverage? I’m a sucker for a glass of champagne. I love Veuves Cliquet especially. I drink most things though, and I love a glass of wine. Throw me a Jaeger-bomb and I’ll show you how it’s done!
  4. What are your three favorite books/authors?  (If you’re not much of a reader, shame on you, but I’ll accept movies.) Ooooh this is a tough one. I love Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov. I touched on this briefly in another post as well. Number two would have to be fifty Shades of Grey – only the first one though; the final two books were very repetitive and lost the edge for me. The third one would have to be Bridget Jones’ Diary – for obvious reasons 😉
  5. What color are your eyes? Blue/grey – they change color a lot.
  6. What is your favorite thing about yourself, or your biggest strength? I am a very generous person and I would spend my last fiver on someone if it meant making them smile. I find myself too generous sometimes and it pisses me off – I seem to always buy lunches or drinks at work, I’m always giving someone a “spare” cigarette….
  7. Which of the 7 deadly sins fits you best – Lust, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, Pride, or Greed? LUST. Enough said.
  8. If you had to spend the rest of your life in either the Arctic, with below-freezing days and even colder nights, or in the desert, with temperatures above 100 degrees every day, which would you choose? I’ve done both of these within the space of a year. The war zone was hot and dry, and the other side of the world was bloody freezing. As much as I love the hot weather and a good sun tan, I loved the cold weather. This is a really tough one! I’m going to go with….. the Arctic!
  9. What is your favorite holiday, and why? I loathe and love Christmas at the same time, which is a weird place to be in. A lot of bad stuff tends to happen to me around Christmas, which is one reason why I hate it, but at the same time, I love getting dressed up and wearing ridiculous reindeer sweaters with bulbous flashing earrings, giving gifts and being with the ones I love. I think Christmas has been tainted for me over recent years, but here’s to hoping this one will be better!
  10. Who was your very first crush, and how old were you? My first crush, unless you are counting Tom Cruise from Jerry Maguire, who I had a major crush on in high school, was a guy I later fucked once school was over and out. This guy was Number 6. He was hot, tanned, ripped, a little bit of a nut job, and while we were at school, completely out of my league. At school, he was a bit of a jerk, especially to me. It turned out that he wasn’t that great in bed, and the night was soon forgotten about. Still, I liked him, I wanted him and I got him. I really am a spoiled princess.
  11. If you became immortal and had to be one age for the rest of eternity…what age would you choose, and why? I absolutely loved being 19 years old, but I think 21 is a better age to be. You are technically legal to do whatever you want, but at the same time, still young enough to be a fool. I wish I could be 21 again – there are so many other things I wish I had done!

11 questions, 11 answers – done! Another great set of questions! I love answering these little things as they really get me thinking. Let’s just hope there are more awards so I can answer more questions 🙂

The Inspiring Blogger Award!


I’m loving the awards that are being passed around right now, and I would love to say a big, in fact MASSIVE thanks to Prego and the Loon for nominating me for The Inspiring Blogger Award!!! I love that you are reading my blogs, and deeming them worthy of the most awesome awards, and I just hope that you love reading it as much as I love writing it.

So, the way it works is that I now have to provide 7 random facts about myself, and then nominate 7 other blogs for the award.

All About Me!

Seeing as this is in the Inspiring Blog Award, I have decided to be brutal and frank with my random facts, and not just write a list of “fluff.” I apologize in advance if this offends or upsets anyone.

  1. I have sky-dived, and I want to do it again. In fact, I want to do a 10,000 tandem jump next. I also want to bungee jump but if push came to shove, I’m not so sure I could step over the edge.
  2. I am a self-harmer and I have been for many years. It started at around the age of 12/13 and has been an on and off problem ever since. I haven’t hurt myself in about a year now, and I am very proud of myself. I have seen countless therapists and have been on a number of anti-depressants, but it’s a cycle I can’t seem to get out of.
  3. I was in an abusive marriage, and the things he used to do to me that were meant in a terrifying way now turn me on. He used to grip my throat and cut off my air supply, which used to scare me, and now I find it very sexy in bed. I’m scared this makes me a freak, and I don’t tell anyone.
  4. When I was getting stitches in my face in the hospital after my husband punched me, the Doctors tried to diagnose me with Borderline Personality Disorder and referred me to psychiatrists; something I never followed up with. When looking at the “common signs” of the condition online, I have most of them.
  5. I am very anal with everything. I can’t use pens without lids, the toilet roll has to fall down the back of the roll, and all of my piercings are symmetrical. However, I am also a rather messy person. It doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  6. My favorite movie is “Girl Interrupted” because it’s dark and sinister. I have watched it more times than I can remember, and whenever I’m feeling blue, I watch it to make myself feel worse.
  7. I fall in love far too easily and I consider it to be one of my flaws. In the past I have found myself saying those three little words far too early on, and it gets me into all sorts of trouble. I can see the pattern repeating itself with my current relationship, even though I am trying everything in my power to stop it.

So there you have them – the 7 facts about me. I like to think that my past has made me a better person, and although there are patterns of the bad stuff in my life, I have learned a lot.

Now for the 7 blogs that have inspired me:

  1. Free from Abuse
  2. My Life Refreshed
  3. A Lovers Lips
  4. The Better man Project
  5. Failed at Forty
  6. Blunt Rhetoric
  7. The Chronicles of Madame Blush

I hope you loved reading these blogs as much as I have! Let’s keep the ball rolling on The Inspiring Blog Award!


The Liebster Blog Award!

Ah! I would just like to point out that I am ecstatic right now. I definitely didn’t think I would get any followers on my blog when I first started writing it, and I most definitely didn’t expect to win awards and guess what ladies & gentlemen; I have won my second award! I want to send you all hearts & kisses right now! (And some of you; a friendly grope!)

The Eclectic Eccentric Shopaholic nominated me for the Liebster award so, of course, I MUST participate! I love the fact that people are reading my blog, and also deeming it worthy of winning awards. So for all those that read, comment, like and re-blog – THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!!!!


• When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
• Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (make sure you tell them you nominated them!) and ask them 11 questions.
• You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you! (You can Google the image, there are plenty of them!)
• PS: Make sure the blogs you chose have 200 or LESS followers


So… 11 Random facts about ME!

  1. I am a shoe-aholic. I buy shoes that are the wrong size, or ones that I would never be able to wear, just so that I could have them in my closet.
  2. I am a secret geek. I love the latest gadgets, and my addiction to gadgets is almost worse than my addiction for shoes. I have 2 top of the range cell phones, a laptop, a netbook, a desktop, an iPad, games consoles, media boxes, a whole bunch of hard drives…. I also build computers, and I can fix most computer and phone related problems.
  3. I live on Diet Coke. I detest drinking water, and although I occasionally drink fruit juices in a bid to be healthy, I cannot live without at least one small bottle of Diet Coke a day. I’m going to lose my teeth for sure.
  4. I can knit. Only kids clothes though, not adults. That takes too long and there are too many stitches to count. I make baby clothes, hats, gloves, booties, etc. for my closest friends when they have kids. It’s like my personal little gift to them.
  5. I have seen all six seasons of Sex and the City more times than I can remember and can quote nearly all of them word for word. I would give anything for Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. I also nearly bought the purple Manolo Blahnik shoes that Mr. Big put on her feet, “Cinderella style” in the movie.
  6. I can bring myself to orgasm in less than a minute.
  7. My favorite color is pink.
  8. I have 14 piercings and 3 tattoos.
  9. My favorite potato chips are All Dressed Ruffles. I can eat those bad boys all day long.
  10. I have a secret passion for serial killer books. I especially love Jack the Ripper ones.
  11. I can’t stand it when guys buy me flowers. They die, they make a mess, and they don’t do it for me. I would much rather they bought me perfume or shoes.

1) What’s the best part about being you? I have seen a lot of the world, and I have experienced a lot of stuff that people my age, and from my home town, don’t usually experience. This has made me a good person, and although I have things about myself I don’t like, overall I quite like the person I have grown into.
2) What’s the worst part about being you? I am a very jealous and paranoid person, and I sometimes make things up in my head – almost as though my imagination runs away from me. I find it very hard to trust people, and even when I’m defending certain people or situations out loud, in my head I know I shouldn’t be doing it.
3) What do you wanna be when you grow up? I always wanted to be a journalist, but that didn’t work out. I freelance write and do the whole blogging thing, so I’m happy that I’m putting some of my dreams down on paper. To be honest, I just want to be happy – whatever happiness may mean.
4) If you’re about to have your last meal, what would it be? Lasagne. I eat it every time I go to a restaurant. It has to be with garlic bread.
5) Most influential person in your life? I think my Aunt is the most influential person in my life. She didn’t have kids young, and although she’s now depressed, single and without ANY kids at the age of 45 (she can’t have them), I still think she is the most fabulous person I’ve ever met. She may be at rock bottom right now, but I know she’ll drag herself out of it, and she’ll be back to her glittering self again. She showed me how life could be, and what nice things you could have if you didn’t turn into a benefit Mom, and actually have dreams. She’s always going to be my role model.
6) Favorite book? Talking with Serial Killers by Christopher Barry Dee (I think that’s his name)
7) So I invented a time machine. What time and place would you like to visit? I don’t really know how to answer this question. I don’t have a period of time that I would like to go back to, and I don’t know if there is a place I’d want to go either…. I shall reserve the right to answer this question later.
8) Your idea of paradise is… Sunday afternoons, wrapped in a blanket, cup of tea in hand, snuggled up to my loved one, watching him play a video game on the Playstation. Lame but very, very true.
9) Favorite thing in your closet? My Christian Louboutin Pigalle shoes. Big heart.
10) If you can have one superpower what would it be? I’d be invisible because I’m a pervert and I’m not ashamed to admit it 😉 OR I’d read minds. However, I think the latter would bite me in the ass – would I really want to know what people thought about me? I’m already paranoid!
11) Can’t leave the house without your… 2 cell phones. They are my lifeline and have everything about me within them – I talk to my friends, do my banking, shop, my diary, all my contacts, photos… I’d be useless without my phones. They are also my safety net – if I’m feeling awkward or uncomfortable in public, I use my phone as my safety net – checking my Facebook, pretending to send a text message, reading a web page, etc.


  1. What’s your biggest sexual fantasy?
  2. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
  3. Do you have any fears? What scares you the most?
  4. What was your best sexual experience?
  5. Could you ever kill anyone? If you could get away with it, would you…?
  6. What’s your favorite song? Why is it your favorite?
  7. If you could save ONE thing from your burning home, what would it be?
  8. Do you watch porn?
  9. What is the one thing that annoys you the most?
  10. Where do you see yourself being in five years time?
  11. What is the one motto you live by?


  1. Fish Seeks Bicycle – This blog is one of the funniest I’ve ever come across and I’m always eager to read the next post!
  2. A Confederacy of Spinsters – Funny, truthful…. A brilliant read
  3. My Year of Living Openly – A sometimes troubled blog, it was one of the first that I followed and it always has my mind thinking.
  4. Young and Divorced – Again, another blog I love to read. I’m in the same position, and I love to read how they have dealt with it all.
  5. The Chronicles of Madame Blush – Brilliant, raw, bold and brilliant.
  6. What a Man Wants – This gives me a much welcome insight to the male mind.
  7. Diary of a Cheating Whore – Girl after my own heart!
  8. Clark Kent – Always thought provoking!
  9. A Lover’s Lips – Truthful, honest and sometimes a little tear-jerking. I love this blog!
  10. Lips Unsealed – Need I say more?
  11. The Daft Diaries – This blog has had me intrigued recently. I’m always looking for the next post and I love it!

I hope that you love reading these blogs as much as I do, and I also want to say thanks for taking the time to read mine!

Thanks guys! Love you all! 🙂

The Addictive Blog Award!

The Addictive Blog Award


When I saw that I had received this award, I did a little excited dance. I never thought people would actually read my blog, let alone get a wee following of viewers, and better still, get an award for it! I am so grateful for each and every read I get, and every comment makes me smile inside! To My Year of Living OpenlyThank you so much! You have no idea how much it means to me to get this, and your comments were lovely. Thank you!

My blog started as a way of getting my feelings out about sex, love and relationships and has turned into something else entirely. It has now become an addiction, and whenever something happens in my life, I now feel the need to write about it straight away. I’ve had more than my fair share of bizarre and wonderful experiences throughout my short life, and it was actually a very close friend that suggested I started writing about it. Without her, I never would have done, and all I can say to her is a great big thanks!

Award Rules:

Thank the person awarding you. Share a little about why you blog and how the journey started. Paste the blog award on your page. Nominate 10 other bloggers you feel deserve the award.


So, who are my ten blogs that I would like to nominate for this award? I don’t actually follow that many people as yet, but I think I have a list:

  • Diary of a Cheating Whore  Let’s be honest – we’ve all cheated. I love reading this blog, and what she gets up to. I also love the dilemmas that she posts about, such as where to find new men. All in all, a bloody good read!


  • What a Man Wants  This gives me a great insight into exactly that – what a man REALLY wants. Funny, endearing, and a lot of fun to read – I’m always excited to see what is coming next!


  • One Thousand Single Days  A lovely blog about someone that has chosen to be single and alone for a thousand days, as the name would suggest. A very good read for anyone on a journey to “find themselves” and funny too. Also featured on WordPress Freshly Pressed – Clearly a MUST READ!


  • Young and Divorced  As someone that has recently gone through the breakup of a very big relationship, and also trying to divorce the hubby from a few years back, I get a lot of what she says, and although a lot of what I read has been heart breaking, it is also one of the most brilliant blogs I have read. I want to give this girl a big thumbs up for her close to the heart writing. Thank you!


  • My Year of Living Openly  I know this blog has already won the award, but I want to return the favour. This was one of the first blogs I started following here on WordPress, and is one of my favourites to read. A troubling tale of an open marriage, it is both brilliant yet heart breaking at times.


  • A Confederacy of Spinsters  This blog has me laughing out loud and literally crying with laughter at times and I love it! I’m forever telling my friends about little anecdotes I have come across on this blog and I can’t wait for the next post!


  • My Jaded Parts A naughty blog that indulges my inner kink – this is a must read for anyone that loves sex!


That’s all I have for just now. I don’t follow that many blogs as yet so I couldn’t add more to the list! I will continue to give thanks and recognise awesome blogs that I come across though, and once again, thanks to everyone that has read my blog, left their comments, and enjoyed this as much as I have!