Historical Child Abuse.

I don’t know how to talk about this. I don’t even know if I’m ALLOWED to talk about this. But I really need to. This post is going to contain information about what the title states. If that makes you uneasy, you may want to skip reading it.

I don’t really know where to start. How about the beginning?

A couple of weeks ago, Number 42’s sister came into my work and told me something. She needed me to call her brother, get access to an account, and play around with some stuff. Oh, and 20 years ago, she was sexually abused by her step-dad. She’d blocked it out for 20 years and it’s just come popping back up in her mind.

Why the fuck would you just come out with that, like that? Why would you tell someone like me? Even if she did know that Number 42 and I had slept together, and that our relationship was no longer entirely platonic, she knew we weren’t in a relationship. We were friends on Facebook for fucks sake, she knew I was dating Someone New.

I didn’t know whether or not to bring it up with him, but he’d had a hard enough time with some other stuff I didn’t know about, so I figured I’d leave it alone for just now, and mention it to him if the situation ever arose.

Well, it did.

“I can’t talk about the shit going on, I’m so lonely and down though so just want someone to talk to me about normal stuff…”

My heart sunk to my toes. Although we fight like cat and dog, and we have a very odd kinda-relationship, I actually adore this guy. Maybe not in an I-could-be-with-him-way, but definitely in some way. He’s like one of my top five people in life, I reckon. I trust him. Not with my website, but with other stuff. He’s a trust-worthy person. I wouldn’t have fucked him otherwise. I do love him a little bit.

Well, it turns out, his batshit crazy sister hasn’t just accused their step-dad of sexually abusing her as a 13 year old child, but also her brother (Number 42) and another guy. He explained to me the occasions she had described, and the plentiful reasons why those situations couldn’t have happened.

I don’t believe it for a second. Honestly, genuinely, 100% will vouch for this guy. I’ve never met a more stable, responsible, decent human being. Don’t get me wrong, he can be a real cunt from time to time, but he’s a good guy. He’s one of the good guys. He’d be the shittest of boyfriends, and he doesn’t have a romantic, boyfy-like bone in his body, but as a father, he’s amazing, and as a man, he’s one of the best.

I told him what his sister had said to me, and he said a line that actually made me secretly shed a tear….

“OK, I’ll tell you what’s going on. I can trust you now. I believe that….” 

He actually said those words to me. Mr. UnBreakable has been broken. He TRUSTS me. To be fair, I’ve put in three years of patient-friend-time with this guy, but that compliment was one of the best I’ve received recently. If we had been face to face, I probably would have kissed him.

But, all that crap aside. What the actual fuck? OK, let’s just say this HAD happened all those years ago. I’ve slept with a sex offender. Well, that’s great. That’s an all-time low for even me. Number 42 told me that while he was at the police station willingly (I must add) answering all of their questions, the police woman handed him a counselling card for a charity helping paedophiles not to find children sexually appealing anymore. He’s not even been arrested yet, just answering questions, and they’ve branded him a sex offender – a fucking CHILD ABUSER already?! Surely they can’t do that. Why would they do that? Isn’t the justice system meant to be that you’re innocent until proven guilty?

Now let’s imagine he HASN’T done these horrible things she’s accusing him of. Things that I genuinely don’t believe happened. I can’t stress that to you enough. I don’t think he did those things. She is ruining his life. She’s put him in a situation where he could potentially get his little boy taken away from him. There’s a whole fucking story there too. Crack-whore mother, child appears at his door at like six years old or whatever, DNA testing, court cases…. He now has the kid, they have a brilliantly beautiful relationship although a little up and down, and he’s become an amazing man, and an amazing father. Why, fucking why, would she do that to him…?

I genuinely didn’t know what to say to him on the phone. Especially after a recent friend of mine and Bestie’s had just been sent down for a similar offence which again, we didn’t believe a word of. I probably shouldn’t have said that to him in hindsight, but I’m one of those real honest kinda gals that says whatever is on her mind. There is very little in the form of a filter going on between my head and my mouth.

But why on earth would she say that? Why would she accuse him of that? What the hell is going on? Surely this is just a big misunderstanding?

I don’t believe a fucking word of it.

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