On 29 May 2015 at 01:13…

As I lie in bed, watching Ghost, smoking, I realised something. Someone New isn’t the next chapter in my life. He’s barely a passing glimpse. I’m over it. He bores me. There’s no real substance to him. And every time I think he grows himself a backbone, he lets me down by saying something so adorable, I could almost vomit.

He’s a control freak and a hopeless romantic. How does that work?

The sex was good last night, but it wasn’t good enough to keep me for a second night. It’s not enough to keep me running back for more, time and time again. The problem is there is no problem. How are you meant to break up with someone when there’s actually nothing wrong? Because he’s done nothing wrong. I just don’t think we clicked.

He’s just not Jock.

He was manly and forceful, fucking me every which way I could want to have been fucked. There was the quickie on the couch, skirt pushed up to my thighs, cute white lace panties urgently pushed to one side. Those cute white lace panties were slowly and gently pushed inside me later on that night. He slowly and playfully pulled them out of me, inch by torturous inch, bringing me to a dangerously hard orgasm with his powerful tongue at the same time. Add those vibrating nipple clamps I told you about before, and you have a gushing recipe for success. Oooops.

He’s good at what he does and I’m pretty sure that’s what keeps me running back for more. When I’m in his presence, I just want him to be naked, and if we’re not naked, I’m bored. I was bored. We went for cocktails and I was bored. Thankfully dinner distracted us. But then we got back to his and I was bored. I kept willing him to slide his hands down the front of those little cute white lace panties and do that clever thing he does with his fingers, but he didn’t. He did give me a quick taster of what I’d be getting later by licking me through my underwear on his knees in the kitchen though. I would have done anything he wanted right there and then. But he stopped. And we went to watch TV, bored once again.

At times, he surprises me with lust, passion and a little something new, and I’m sure he’s OK for just now. Then other times, I can’t believe he’s managed to get through life this long with such a small personality. He has the potential to be a much more… Impressive person? I don’t know? It’s like he has all this bang on the outside, riding bikes and wearing leathers, being all dangerous. On the inside though, it’s not all that exciting. Or maybe I’m still just not giving him enough of a chance?

Jock was exciting.

Just saying.

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