Could Someone New Be Someone Special?

So I’ve decided I really should give Someone New a chance. He’s turning out to be a really nice guy, despite all those alarm bells that were going off earlier on. Yes he’s very controlling, I’m not denying that but I’m starting to wonder if it might just be old fashioned gentlemen’s charm rather than a total narcissistic fucktard like so many of my exes have been.

He went to the clinic this morning to get himself tested. It has been a while so it was about time he went and got checked out but despite that, I had my hissy fit and he said, “Yes dear” and did exactly what it was I asked. I tried to get Jock to go to the clinic for two years and he never went. Yes, he’s different from Jock but I’m starting to think this might be a good thing. Before all I did was miss that waste of space but now I’m kinda thankful I have this great guy I’ve got. That’s kinda cool, right?

He takes care of me. He fucks me good and proper when we’re in the bedroom, but out of it, he really takes care of me. He’s attentive. He listens. He pays attention. He buys me silly little gifts. All those little things I begged Jock to do for me and never did – Someone New does all of those. Maybe I need to open my eyes up a little here? Maybe I should give him more of a chance than I have been? Could I have judged this guy a little too soon?

He messaged Bestie the other day which, of course, made things instantly weird. He’s already ‘friended’ my Pops on Facebook, and they message each regularly by all accounts. Now he’s messaging Bestie too. No, no, that’s not how this works. Bestie freaked out, I freaked out because Bestie freaked out, Someone New got it in the ear the next time I saw him. I will introduce the two of them when I am good and ready and not a moment sooner. He will wait or he can show himself the door. I’m not rushing things this time. I like this happy little bubble we seem to have found ourselves in. I don’t want it to burst just yet.

It meant a lot to me – how quick he got himself to the clinic. No other guy has ever rushed his ass off to go through that torture for me, definitely not in two days. The Hubby waited until he had green gunk coming out of his cock and then went to the clinic because I pointed it out to him. He later told me he already knew he had symptoms but didn’t want to do anything about it in case I found out. What a fucking skank.

After everything I’ve been through recently, that cervical cancer scare with the awful LLETZ procedure that came hand in hand with it, if he hadn’t got himself tested, that would have been a deal breaker for me, I think. I think he knew that too, and that’s why he went and got himself there as quick as he did. I can’t take my sexual health for granted anymore and the other day, we had unprotected sex because the condom slipped off. See, that’s the awful thing about dating – all those pregnancy scares and STI worries. Fuck that. I hate all of that. And I fucking HATE condoms.

I’m starting to think there’s not a lot this guy wouldn’t do for me. And he’s already told me he’s falling for me. He’s ‘head over heels’ for me. His words. Maybe I should let him into my life a little? Maybe he’s not another bullshit guy? Maybe the time has come to finally get over Jock? Maybe it’s time that I actually accepted that no matter how much of a fairytale I thought we had, he’s never gonna come back to me. He’s never gonna be mine again. And even if he could be mine again, it would never be the same as it was before.

Could Someone New Be Someone Special?

Could Someone New be someone special? 

3 thoughts on “Could Someone New Be Someone Special?

  1. The only fairytale that would ever star Jock would be the one with Bluebeard.

    I am a little confused about how there has to be any kind of decision made about Someone New. He could be someone special, he may not be. You know me, I would have ditched him for the weird friending behaviour, impolite blow-job activity, and other control issues by now, but this is why I am single (and single is the way I like it). It is early days, why make any decision? I’d personally be in no rush to unman the barricades for what might still turn out to be a Trojan horse.

  2. Hahaha loved that comment, as always. The reason I think I need to make a decision is because I’m pretty sure the big “I Love You” is gonna come real soon. He’s edging closer and closer to it, plus he’s made it a million percent clear how much I mean to him already.

    • Never let another person’s feelings be more important than your own unless they are your child – and even then think twice. Just because someone loves you doesn’t mean you have an obligation to feel the same way, or even that you have to know how you feel. Many, many people use ‘I love you’ as a means to force your hand, or to fish you in/keep you hooked, or to make you feel better about yourself, or to future fake, or to solidify the relationship, or to…. well, you get the idea – the words may have an entirely different meaning to the person saying them than to the person hearing them.

      I read this today and thought of you (and me actually, but it’s much easier to apply to someone else, hahaha!):

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