While We’re Doing The Honesty Thing…

I’ve been mulling over how to write this for a couple of days. During one of our naughtier conversations, my Someone New divulged to me a little bit of information. I’m going to need to be careful how I word this, and I shall tell you why in just a moment, but we’re talking a pre-cum situation. As in, lots of it.

Just as we said our goodnights after talking about our “Famous five” (list of five celebrities we’d have a free pass to cheat with if we ever could) and I mentioned us having a naked duvet day watching nothing but Angelina Jolie films. He replied “I’d need to wash the duvet, couch and anything else I came into contact with if you were there and we were watching her in films” and left it at that.

I assumed he’d mean there would be spunk everywhere and replied with a cheeky “That’s what showers are for!” but apparently that’s not what he meant. Confused? I was. What did he mean? Is he going to make me squirt? Is that what he was casually implying? “Is it something I’ll do, or you do?” I asked, and at that point he changed the subject.

A few minutes later as we were saying our goodbyes for bed. He had screen-shotted a Google search which essentially said “a lot of pre-spunk juice”.

My blog has a habit of coming up on the first page of Google for the most random of keywords, so I don’t want to write what he wrote just in case he ever screen-shots it to send to another girl and I’m right up there on the first page. So I’ll avoid saying it completely. How about we call it LOPC – lots of man juice that comes before the actual man juice. Except lots wasn’t the word he used. It was “high quantities”. OK, we’ll call it HQOPC. PC = pre-cum, obviously.

What the fuck does this mean? Are we talking like walking around with it literally dripping out of him? Like I know pre-cum happens, it’s quite hot in certain circumstances, but what about high quantities of it? What does that mean? HQOPC? What’s a high quantity?!

Not one to flirt around the subject, I decided to have a Google and apparently there are quite a few young lads out there experiencing this. Surely this just adds to the situation like lubricant to make things nice and slippery? I know when a girl is wet, it’s a good thing so surely it would be a good thing if he was wet too? I don’t really know what to make of this. Unusually, this is something I haven’t had to deal with before. Oh and guess what else I found out too… He’s circumcised! Woo hoo! Could this be my next perfect penis…? 😉

I like this part of the relationship where you are still learning new things about each other. We’ve not slept together yet. In fact, we’ve barely done anything except a few stolen kisses and some childish hand holding. Oh and those times he put his hand on the back of my neck, My Mr. Grey-style, and when he put his hands on my hips when we were bowling. They may only have been the slightest of touches but they sent shivers down my spine. You know what it’s like when you REALLY like someone – everything they seem to do is sexy, right? But we know NOTHING about each other. I don’t know what he looks like naked. He doesn’t know what I look naked. I don’t know what his skin feels like, his tongue tastes like, how he smells as I get close to nuzzle his neck… It’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s anticipation. And there’s always something new! With Jock, I had to learn how to work with a small penis. With Big Love, it was circumcision. With The Fireman, it was his massive cock. One Ball – well, the name kinda gives it away, doesn’t it? With Someone New, we have a penis that bends slightly (apparently), circumcision and HQOPC. It’s funny how penises are different! 🙂

So yeah, what do I do with this information? I guess I won’t know what to do with it until I see it up close and personal, so to speak. But how much can there really be???

Another complicated chapter in my sex life, it would seem!! 

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