Date Number Two With Someone New.

*This actually happened on Tuesday 3rd Feb – I’m just lazy and didn’t post*

So we decided to go bowling for our second date. I got the bus there (because I’d already missed two trains) and had to pay a small bloody fortune for a cab back because I couldn’t find my bus ticket and there were no more trains. Despite this, I had such a good time. Oh, and I got drunk… again.

We’ve been on two dates and both times I’ve been drunk. The first date I was a tad tipsy and last night, I can’t even remember how many drinks I had, and I definitely don’t remember much about coming home. Apparently I took provocative photos of myself on the bed that I never ended up sending to whoever they were intended for. I also fell asleep next to three slices of pizza. What is fucking wrong with me? I’m sick, not meant to be drinking, trying to make a really great second impression, and on one of the best dates I actually think I’ve ever had, and I go and get white girl wasted. Well, not completely white girl wasted but definitely not as sober as I should be.

He drank too and he suffered today, just as much as I did. In fact he had a migraine and sent me a photo of his puffy, sore face in the dark to prove it. Maybe we both overindulged more than we should have done? I know this much – it was a fucking fantastic night!

He guided my hips with his hands to ‘teach’ me how to bowl, and held my hands, clapping and laughing when I scored my one and only strike. Apparently I’m shit at bowling. I am good at shooting though – I hit the target almost every time when I was playing on the shooter games in the arcade, and then we raced bikes together. Finally we played air hockey, and as we were looking at each other from beneath our lashes at either end of the table, I realised something. I really, really wanted this guy. Yeah I like him but more than that, I’m in lust with him! We kept stealing little kisses off each other throughout the night and every time he did, I was caught off guard. I’m almost one hundred percent sure I actually fell into his arms at one point. Yep, actually fell into his arms.

If our circumstances at the end of that night had been different, there’s no way I wouldn’t have fucked him. Maybe I am a second date kinda gal? We’re in the process of planning our third date and we’ve both made it clear we know what the following fourth date has to offer. We’ve already discussed condoms, me going back on the pill, and what we want to do to each other in the most polite way I’ve ever had text-sex, and we both know that date four is going to be our first sleepover. And you know what that means – the first time we fuck.

Date three is meant to be Tuesday. I’m going over to his new house to help him “potter” about and make finishing touches before he finally moves in. It’s a day-date – we’re going to potter, take a walk around town, perhaps get some lunch and then the best bit – a good cuddle on the sofa. Apparently we are both 90 years old now. I can’t wait to cuddle on the sofa with my Someone New.

The only problem is I now want to have sex with this man so much, I’m thinking about him whilst my hands wander at night. Literally imagining what it would be like to be in bed with him – what he would say, how he would touch me, how he will kiss me, how his lips will feel against my skin… I can’t help myself. I like the way he talks, I love the way he walks, and now I want to find out how he dances! I want to make him lust after me as much as I’m lusting after him and if I’m honest, I’m not sure that our third date won’t be THE date. You know what I mean – if it’s just me and him in his little new house, there’s no way we won’t end up naked. Do I really want to be his third date girl though?

Date number two went well, despite the raging hangover that came after it, and I’m now too excited for date number three. The question is…. What kinda underwear should I wear? Regular, everyday stuff in the hope that he doesn’t undress me? Or really nice, sexy stuff in the hope that he will?

Decisions, decisions… 😉 

Date Number Two With Someone New.

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