Petty Yet Satisfying.

I’m slightly calmer today. I think that’s because my irrationally angry side has now been replaced by complete and utter CRAZY. This morning, for example, I went through every photo over the last year and a half on my Facebook page and slowly but surely untagged Jock from each and every one of them. He can’t be bothered to find out if I have cancer, he doesn’t deserve my great photography on his Facebook page.

Petty? Yes.

Satisfying? Totally.

Cue bitchy smile.

Hey, at least I’m smiling! 

Last night I went through my closet and swapped the leftover summer shit for winter shit. I also donated a bag of clothes to charity too. Got rid of any leftover ex’s t-shirts like that white Harley Davidson one that I had somehow accumulated from Big Love, and the Christmas presents I had bought Jock – tee’s, hat’s, etc. The smaller things I had started off getting before he turned into a complete and utter cunt.

It is time for a revamp. Since the colonoscopy and a few minor diet changes (plus more drugs) I don’t actually feel like shit quite so much. I’m still signed off work so instead of turning to my trusty Mac and doing the work I need to get paid for to make it through the month, I have been working out instead. Why not? I gotta win the breakup war. I gotta get buff and let’s face it, the last few weeks of sitting on my ass and feeling sorry for myself have done nothing for my waist line.

I’ve bleached my hair. Back to Barbie blonde 🙂

I need to get my nails done but I can’t do that until we’ve figured out what’s happening with the whole cancer thing. I needed to take off my falsies when I had the colonoscopy and I would imagine I would need to take them off again if I need further treatment or whatever. I’ll wait until after I’ve had the pathology results.

I’m cleaning out my life, getting rid of the bad hair, bad memories, bad clothes. My room might look like a bombshell now but trust me, once I’m done it will be fine. I have so much shit. I don’t need most of it. So I’m getting rid of it just like I did the useless boyfriend.

I haven’t heard from Mr. Libra or Mr. Aries at all this weekend although Mr. Libra has been on POF a couple of times. I’ve given up on both of them. I think I lost Mr. Libra somewhere around the potential cancer and piercings (I so need to talk about this some more!) and Mr. Aries ran off when he found out I had been married before. Well, I had only one more message from him after that so I’m assuming that’s what it was.

POF isn’t a great idea for me. I don’t need to replace Jock. I need to sort my life out. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna spend the next two weeks (signed off work) sat in front of my Mac. I’m going to earn as much moolah as I can to pay off old shit and get the people that actually deserve it, the gifts I actually want to get them for Christmas. I’m going to start putting money aside to get the ink I want to get. I’m going to start working on the website I have to make them more profitable so that I can think about quitting my job. I’m going to make it my aim to get as much stuff paid off as I can before 31st December. 2015 is going to be a great year for me.

That’s the plan anyway.

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