#OnlineDating: Mr. Libra vs. Mr. Aries

I seem to have started some kind of #OnlineDating series at the moment so while I have some inspiration, I’ll roll with it. I don’t know if you remember but in one of my last posts, I discuss the two guys currently taking up my interest on POF.

One of them has dyslexia, has a whole bunch of really good looking tattoos, is growing the cutest beard I’ve ever seen, and has these eyes I want to fall into. He’s Mr. Aries and he’s 32 years old. He works for a fashion company I think, and he travels around looking for bad guys that lose the company money, firing them as he goes. That must mean he’s powerful. Powerful makes my vagina yearn for him even more. He’s gorgeous too. Not conventionally gorgeous. I can’t put my finger on it. I guess I’ll figure it out when I meet him. He’s kinda asked me out on a date on Saturday but I’m kinda letting him hang before I let him know because we have this little joke going on… Insider jokes already? That’s gotta be a good sign, right? Oh he also travels with his work too. He’s looking for a companion. I could give up my job and write full time and just follow him around the world…. Stop it. I’m getting carried away again.

The other is massive. Like proper “hench”. He looks adorable with a baby in his arms and that particular photo on his profile makes my ovaries jump. I keep looking at it. He’s 33, has a passion for shoes, has just started his own art business painting shoes, loves to travel and is stunning. Blonde haired, blue eyed, rippling muscles – stunning. He’s told me that he kinda likes me and doesn’t want to share me with other men, and this controlling part of him has made my heart swoon with the badassness of it all. He’s Mr. Libra.

Dark eyed, dark haired, inked up Aries vs. blonde haired, blue eyed, rippling muscles Libra. Dark against light. Day against night. Good against bad?

I thought Mr. Libra and I had been kinda dwindling but he told me today that he liked me so didn’t want to share me, plus that he was trying to muster up some nuts to actually ask for my number. He hasn’t actually asked yet. I haven’t given it to him yet either. He makes me laugh. I reckon he’s kinda goofy and I love that in a guy. Plus he’s cute. Seriously cute. I want to kiss him.

Mr. Aries however, he’s kinda darker I think. I want to kiss him but I want to do so much more too. I want to fuck him. Never even met him yet and I already want to get him in between my sheets. Or his. Preferably his. I hate bringing guys into my personal space. It freaks me out.

He leaves me waiting a bit longer. He keeps me hanging. He doesn’t give it all up. He’s playful and fun and I want to do bad things to him. Very bad things to him. He excites me. We’ve not even started to get onto the realms of number swapping (although he’s already bagged Saturday as date-day) and already, I’m excited.

See, I like this part of online dating before everything gets weird and I realise he’s not what I was expecting at all. That’s not always a bad thing of course. I didn’t expect Jock to be half the man he was. Well, at the beginning anyway. As much as I want to punch him in the face now, he sure was a lot of fun at the beginning and man, did we have some really good sex.

So yeah – Mr. Libra vs. Mr. Aries. So far…. Mr. Libra has asked for my number and we’ve been chatting for a little while. But I think I like Mr. Aries more. Gosh they are like buses – you wait forever for one and then two come along at once!!!

4 thoughts on “#OnlineDating: Mr. Libra vs. Mr. Aries

  1. Hmmm. When it rains it pours. I always have that too, but then all of them evaporate. I’ve never really figured that out. The big relationships tend to just pop out of nowhere, without all that anxiety between a few possibilities that fall on you at once. It does feel the universe jerking your chain sometimes, but I never understand the message. You put them in a good light, but as a guy, eh, they strike me as non-committal. I get that sense because they are making you feel a bit like they are too good to be true. Some dirt bags will say anything to get laid and they know exactly what to say. Some are just ok joes that let their penis do the talking. Penises know exactly what to say too. Sometimes as a guy you realize you thought you liked someone, but it was just your cock talking so once you conquer it fades.

    My vote is for Libra. Dark tempts us all, but the strong desire to kiss someone, it’s a sign of something stronger, more intimacy I think. You can teach someone that loves you to be a little darker in bed.

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