But I Had Sex. YAY!

I had sex. I had great sex. I had four minutes of pure, unadulterated climax-seeking, and I found it with a big explosive ending that left my legs wobbly and my sheets wet.

You’re gonna be pissed at me but it was with Jock. I don’t even care. I needed it. And let’s be honest – there would have been no point in having sex with someone new because then I probably wouldn’t cum at all, or I would have had to do it myself and then what would have been the whole point?

We have barely spoken all week because we’ve both been busy. He was working and getting new cars again and I was laying in bed in front of the laptop because I’m too lazy / exhausted / pissed off with running to the loo every ten minutes to actually leave the house. You know, it takes up more time than you’d think.

I applied for a job on his behalf last week. He got an invitation to an assessment day which happens to be today. He messaged me to thank you and asked for my help with some of the forms seeing as I’d filled the application form out for him. This sounds really creepy – it’s not, I promise you. He has been talking about this job for months and never applied for it because he doesn’t have a laptop. I still know most of his login details for everything so I just did it for him. It’s not like I’ve had anything else to do is it?

We made a plan that he would come over last night and bring his things. If he stayed, he stayed. If he didn’t, he didn’t. I’m having a colonoscopy in four days time, and I’ve not had sex in ages. Plus my period is due at some point soon and I kinda wanted to get laid before my life turned to shit.

Sadly, just as we were getting into bed, I popped to the loo and found that red that made my heart sink. My period was already here. Awesome. I wanted to cry. He was in my bed, we’d had a half decent evening, and all I wanted to do was fuck him. See, girls will know this – the beginning part of the ‘monthly’ isn’t always that bad, is it? You can get away with not noticing…. So I went to bed and pretended I knew nothing about it. He went to go down on me and I pulled him up and whispered in his ear “Please fuck me”. He gave me four minutes of hardcore pounding in which we both reached our happy ending. I really fucking needed that. I had been horny all evening. The second he turned up he was kissing my neck and grabbing my hips, grinding himself into my backside and walking around with his erect cock hanging over the top of his trousers. It took all my self control to say no. I was making him wait. Clearly he had arrived with the same intentions I had. Except I was in control this time. He’s lost weight though. He was wearing the clothes he wore when we first started dating because he could fit into them again and when he turned up, clean shaven and with that cheeky grin on his face, I couldn’t help but giggle. That face though. Sigh.

We had a fight at 6am this morning when he woke me up. We had a couple of fights last night too. Not bad ones, just little ones. He woke me up this morning because he hadn’t filled out the forms he needed to the night before. I was furious. You just don’t wake me up at that time in the morning, especially without a cup of tea. He didn’t turn up until 8pm last night either. I was furious that he kept me waiting all that time. And then I was just pissed off in general so started another fight. Only a little one – like five minutes max.

I have missed having him around. It always feels like I’m the adult and he’s the naughty child and yes, it is exhausting but it is also a lot of fun. I’m in fits of giggles 99% of the time we are together. We have so much fun. And we have really good sex. REALLY good sex. We proper click. He knows how to play my body, and I know how to make his toes curl. We know how to push each others buttons and that’s not a good thing. That’s why we haven’t spoken for like four months. We just need to get that under wraps and I think we’ll be good. That’s if we’re even trying. I’m not. I just wanted to have sex with him. There was something different about him when he turned up at my front door though. He was nervous. And he looked good. He’s been making an effort. He says he’s trying to do that for me. Maybe we’ll see.

But I had sex. YAY! 🙂 

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