Another Penis Pic?

What is wrong with people? Well, men really. For once this is not a Jock-related post. We’re actually sailing along just fine. We’re kinda talking and seeing what happens I guess. We’re not together. Well, I don’t think we are.

I was chatting to the beautiful man – Mr. T. but it turns out he’s not much of a conversationalist. I put him in the “Unicorn Box” of men. You know the box – those unicorns; men that are so beautiful that you daren’t actually sleep with them because then three will be something wrong with them and they won’t be as hot anymore.

The thing that pisses me off is that every time I put him in the Unicorn Box, he starts up a conversation with me again. “Hi babe” and “Hey gorgeous”. Up pops my interest again and then fifteen minutes later, he ignores my last sent message for at least 16 hours. No joke. I don’t even get two blue ticks. He doesn’t even READ my message even though he’s online. How fricking rude?!

He’s definitely in the Unicorn Box now… He sent me a penis picture last night. Ugh I had such high hopes for him and he’s gone and ruined it now, hasn’t he? He was beautiful and he looked like a gent and he wears suits and is very David Beckham-esque. And now he’s the prick from POF that sent me a picture of his penis before we had even met up for our first dinner date. It was a simply stunning penis though. Wow.

I can’t date him now. I can’t even meet up with him for dinner on Tuesday like we had agreed. I know he’s after sex even though he did massage to rumble up a half-hearted apology that I got the impression he didn’t mean. I can’t meet up with him. He thinks he’ll get laid, and I’ll be a prick tease if I don’t put out because you know, he sent me a picture of his penis. I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

I fucking hate dating politics.

Plus I’m pretty sure tonight is Jock’s last night shift so he’s going to want to hang out in the next couple of days. When he came over last week (and didn’t stay, I must add) he said he’d come and see me for his days off, especially as he blew me out last Sunday too. The twat. Every time I start up a conversation with another dude on POF, all I can think of is how much I’m missing the grey old man I left behind. My stupid old man that makes such terrible life decisions.

I’ve figured out what I want though. I want a tall tattooed man with a fit beard and hot abs. Is that really too much to ask? Where are these guys? Why are they always everyone else’s boyfriends? Hardly fair…

One thought on “Another Penis Pic?

  1. Yeah – I really do think there are a “personality challenge” that could be called sexual Asperger or sexual autism. The inability to understand the thoughts and feelings of “your prospective sex partner” or how I should put it. My experience of “the game” (a terrible term) is that you should not make the woman angry, or unhappy, or disgusted and grossed out. It is counterproductive at least.

    Not even the women on the advanced dating sites for “free sex” like to have a guy waving his thinking rod in their face.

    As for myself, I don’t want to spoil the element of surprise. “Not open before X-mas”, sort of 🙂

    About abs. I had them when I was competing in cross country skiing. “Some” time ago… But I am strongly against tattoos. You don’t go to the art museum with a marker pen and doodle on the statues and pictures? It means injecting poisonus chemicals under your skin. And when you change your mind, it will take years of repetive medical treatment to take them away, and the skin will never look like beofore. And it will cost you a fortune – even here in Sweden, as it is not covered by the health insurance. (Type “Obamacare”.) Only chance is to make a psychiatrist certify that you are suicidal because of the tattoo. Then maybe the government will pay for the treatment in my counry, at least.

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