Things You Don’t Realise About Getting A New Tattoo

As the proud owner of a brand new spanking tattoo on my leg, I feel the need to talk about it. I’d love to show you but it’s pretty personal and has a couple of names in it, and as you well know this blog is meant to be anonymous. Lol… for good reason! 😉

Anyway, it’s a colourful tattoo and it took around two hours to complete. Eventually it will continue up my leg (turning into a full leg), up my hips, on my rib cage, and up to my neck. That’s the plan, anyway.

This is now my fifth tattoo, and it was also the longest I think I’ve ever had to sit for one. My other inks aren’t exactly small, but are fairly simple, and took around an hour to complete each time. The aim of the game is to incorporate them all into bigger, better tattoos. I want to be covered. I love the colourful art on my body. What they say is right – tattoos are an addiction.

This is one of the things that you don’t realise about getting a tattoo… I’m sure I’m not the only person that has realised this!

1 – As soon as you’re finished getting this tattoo done, you’ll be right back online or on your phone looking for ideas and inspiration for your next colourful creation. You’ll create a backlog of ideas that you’ll probably never get around to.

I do it all the time. I have at least… (I’m counting) … seven other ideas for large tattoos on the rest of my body. I want a full nautical sleeve, I want the Barbie logo tattooed on my neck with a diamond beneath it. I want Angelina Wrona art work tattooed on my other leg. I want a “Girl Power” tattoo on other rib cage. I want the Beauty & The Beast Rose somewhere on my body. I want Christian Louboutin’s signature on my foot. I want a chest piece too, but I’ve not finished putting together ideas for that one.

2 – You’ll be IN LOVE with it the moment she first puts that needle to your skin. Or he. Last night was my first female tattooist and honestly, I think she’s the best. A proper butch lesbian, I have a little bit of girl love for that woman right now after the incredible handiwork she left me with.

The very first second she put that needle to my skin, I knew I was gonna love it. She freehand drew the idea that we created together. The finished product looks nothing like the idea I went in there with, but it’s stunningly perfect for me, and looks a thousand times better than I could ever created. You should trust your tattooist. If he or she is a good one, and you have done your research beforehand, you should end up with something that looks better than you expected.

3 – They are expensive. If you want good work, be prepared to pay that little bit more. You might save some money by going to a friend-of-a-friend in someone’s front room, but in the long run, you’re not going to be happy with what you got. There are some AMAZING spare-room tattooists out there, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting one of them on the other side of the world, but the chances of that guy and his dodgy needles being one of them are slim to none.

4 – You won’t be able to stop staring at it. Honestly, it’s ridiculous. Anyone would think you just had a baby, the way you are expressing your love for such a beautiful piece of art. You’ll look at it. You’ll look at the reflection of it in the mirror. You’ll catch glimpses of it out of the corner of your eye and it will make you smile. This will carry on for a while too. It’s not a fleeting phase.

5 – Following on from point number 4, you will plan your outfits in a desperate bid to show off your new artwork. You want people to ask you about it. You want to talk about it. If it’s on your leg, you’ll start wearing shorts. If it’s on your arm, you will wear short-sleeved t-shirts or vests. Get the idea? You want people to look at it.

Getting a new tattoo is a pretty life-changing event. You’re not going to be the same once it’s done. You’ll want more and more and pretty soon, you’re going to turn into a person that you didn’t even think you were. The good thing is that tattoos are fashionable right now. I dread to think what will happen if tattoos fall out of fashion soon… I’ll be fucked! 😉


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