I Slept With Your Husband. Wanna Know How?

I have slept with my share of ‘taken’ men – men that have had girlfriends, wives, lovers at home waiting for them while they were enjoying their fun and no-holds-barred fun with me. Take Number 26 for example; apparently a happily married man with one kid yet he slept with me on a couple of occasions. He enjoyed my blow jobs on plentiful occasions. I’m pretty sure that’s what kept him coming back.

Cheating Ex.

I slept with him because I crawled my way in. I was the girl that he could drink beers with. I was the girl that he could finish an entire 18 inch pizza in front of and not get judged. He was the girl that didn’t want him to pick up nappies or baby milk on the way home. I didn’t expect him to pay the bills or provide a roof over my head. I had my own soldier for that. Between us, it was just sex. Have I failed to mention that I was married too?

I was the chunky girl with no self-confidence or esteem because my husband beat me so the closer I got to your husband, the less anyone cared, or noticed! You were the beautiful and a tiny size zero chick with the big brown eyes and the perfect rosebud lips. You were tiny and so cute. Annoying but cute. No one would ever have believed that I had slept with your husband. I was no threat to you at all.

Cheating Ex.

That’s what worked between us. The late nights that he spent at mine drinking beers and playing video games – those nights actually happened. He never lied about that. What he did fail to mention was the clothes-rippingly great sex we had at the same time, usually at the end of the night. When did he last rip your clothes off? When was the passion between you so great that you literally couldn’t wait to get each other’s clothes off? That’s what he had with me – passion.

I really wanted his cock in my mouth when I was sucking on it; deep-throating it as far as it would go to impress him. He’d push my head down and listen to the little gag noises that escaped my throat. When was the last time you let him do that to you? He fucked me in the ass on the living room floor while I played with my Rampant Rabbit, toying my clitoris off to an toe-curling orgasm – his hands covering my mouth as a I struggled to keep it quiet. When was the last time you let him do that to you?

Cheating Ex.

That’s the thing – these ‘taken’ men… They are looking for something they no longer find in the comfort of their own relationship. It’s exciting having to keep things on the down-low. I remember the night that you knocked on the door as he reached his climax in my mouth. We were watching some shit TV documentary together while you were taking care of his baby downstairs. You asked if he was still at mine and I said yes he was, did you want him? You said no, you were just checking where he was as he hadn’t text you back. How could I tell you that I had pushed your husband’s phone down the gap in the side of my chair cushions to stop it making a noise while I was sucking on his balls?

From my point of view, his interest in me gave me the boost I needed. He was choosing to fuck my mouth that night rather than worshipping your tiny size zero body. He looked at me with lust in his eyes during that water fight in my living room, moments before he ripped my sweater off with his teeth. He wanted me. I wanted him. I had him.

I’m sorry for fucking your husband. I’m sorry for all the husband’s I’ve fucked along the way. Number 28 was another prime example. He told me all the stories in the world about why he was fucking around behind his wife’s back. Back then at 18 years old I believed them. A few years later, with Number 26 – your husband, and I knew he wouldn’t leave you for an instant. I wasn’t that naive. I didn’t want him too. I just wanted his beautiful cock in any which way I could. And I got it.

Cheating Ex.

You’ve broken up now and you both have new partners. Maybe you should know what happened between us. Maybe, deep down, you already know? What about the two girls he cheated on you with while he was away with work? Did you know about those? I knew the rumours were going around but I never knew if you knew. That’s the thing about guys that cheat on their wives – they’ll think of any excuse. Sometimes it’s warranted, sometimes it’s not. One thing I learned from my cheating husband who I later exacted my revenge on was that he would never change his spots. Apparently nor could your husband. I’m glad you’ve learned now.


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