Stood Up.

I’ve been a bad blogger, I apologise. I didn’t realise it had been so long since I last blogged. I’ve been a busy girl! I had a birthday and I’m now officially 28. I had a week off that didn’t end up being a week off with a three-day training course. I also got stood up by Jock. Here we go again. Let the 6-day silence begin…

I hardly think this one was my fault. We woke up on Father’s Day, a tad hungover from the World Cup game the night before. He kept me awake snoring ALL night. Like literally all night. Then his phone went off at 8am. It was the Ex. After that, things went dramatically downhill. He asked if I wanted tea. ‘No thanks, I’ll make it later’ was my response. He ignored it and made me tea anyway, waking me up one more time in the process. At this point, it was 10am and I had slept for about three hours. I was now in the throes of a raging hangover-headache. You know the one’s I mean. For someone that NEVER drinks, I seem to have an awful lot go hangover’s recently…

Now, a week previous to this, Jock and I had gone to my Papa’s house for them to meet for the first time. Papa invited us over for the Father’s Day BBQ and the two men finalised plans. We reiterated these plans last night with my sister during the football game too. 2pm was when we would head over there. At 12 o’clock, he decided to go see the step-kid. You know, because the Ex had clicked her fingers again. It takes 45 minutes to get there so it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that he was never going to be back in time to make it to my Papa’s. By this point, with the lack of sleep, the hangover-headache, and the boyfriend that was just about to stand me up for his Ex and her daughter again, I was fucking fuming.

He got that first phone call at 8am. He could have gone to see them hours before he did. I had to change everybody’s plans because of him. I called my sister to see if her and her boyfriend could come and get me as my other half had so spectacularly stood me up. Then I got to my Papa’s and I was met by a very disappointed face. Jock and my Papa have a shared love of bikes and my Papa’s pride and joy (Ducati) was with the mechanic last time we were there. He was so desperate to show it off to Jock and then he didn’t show up! I didn’t make a big deal out of it – he went to see his daughter, sorry he couldn’t be here. I was fuming though and I think my Papa could tell, and I could tell that my Papa was kinda disappointed too. He bought so much food for the BBQ, and got the bikes all ready with their new tanks and exhausts to show off for Jock not to arrive.

Stood up.

I can come over when I’m finished here. I know where your Papa lives” was Jock’s answer to it all when he finally got around to messaging me back. Na-uh. I’m fuming now. Don’t you even dare bother coming over late. You knew what time it was, and you chose to go to your Ex’s late. I know it was to see the kid but honestly, I’m getting fucking hacked off with this.

I didn’t hear from him all day after that. Clearly he was having a much better time with the woman he keeps fucking me off for. I’m starting to wonder what the point is. We had a really shitty few weeks and we had only just got ourselves back on the straight and narrow again and then he does this? It was all my fault too for not letting him turn up late. That was the fight we had just before I got into bed. The bed he was meant to have been sharing with me. I find it funny that he would blow me out like that when in a couple of weeks he’s in court with the threat of losing his license. Just to put things into perspective, he got 6 pounds for driving without insurance (which was an accident), and then got two further lots of speeding points. He misread the letters he received and thought he had longer than he did to do those courses they make you do when you get caught speeding, and is now running the risk of going to court and having a further 6 points… 12 points = a ban, right?

He’ll lose his job. We’ll barely be able to see each other because I can’t drive. Well, I can. I just never took my test. I don’t like driving. It scares me. Too many prats on the road for my liking. Despite all of this, he’s still fucking me off for her. This is the guy I’m thinking about having kids with… Maybe I should reconsider? 

I wouldn’t mind but he waited a full four hours before he decided to fuck off. He could have left at any time. We had the 2pm-going-to-Papa’s conversation at least three times in the last week; how could he not have known what time we were leaving. I knew what time we were leaving and I smoke so much pot, my memory is shredded. How could he stand me up like that in front of my Papa? How could he humiliate me like that? 

So yeah, that’s where I’ve been. We’re fighting again. Is it me or is this turning into an all too regular situation?

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