Blast From the Past: Meet Number 1. My First Time.

I happened to be at work the other day and the girlfriend of my very first ever “proper” boyfriend came in. She was served by a colleague of mine, but I recognised the name, and who she was currently dating from Facebook. Good old Facebook.

I enquired about her by simple asking “Sorry to ask but I think I know you in a roundabout sorta way… Are you dating XX?” I didn’t give a clue as to who I was, or how I knew him, but she still felt the need to blurt out “Yes… and I’m three months pregnant with his baby!

I’m not entirely sure why she felt the need to tell me that, especially as no one else knew yet and it wasn’t even Facebook knowledge. It was like she was marking her territory. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I had been there and done that. That would just be mean of me, wouldn’t it? I can tell you guys though, right? 😉


My First Boyf was the guy I met when I was 14 years old. We dated for almost a year, which is a long time at that age, and I lost my virginity to him. I remember him fingering me on the floor in his bedroom, about five or six months into our relationship, and I blurted out “We should do it. We should have sex!

He got up, closed the curtains, and crawled back to me. Pushing my underwear to one side, he entered me, and it was an absolute fucking nightmare. I wasn’t wet enough and he forced in, causing his “banjo string” to tear at the same time. There was blood everywhere. We had to throw his underpants and jeans away, simply because they were covered in so much blood there would be no chance of us washing it out. He was in so much pain and it bled for so long, I almost thought we were going to need to take a trip to the local accident and emergency! We didn’t, but it was still pretty terrifying.

My first time; my first attempt at sex, wasn’t a particularly great one. Neither was my first ever blowjob, which he also had the fortune of being on the receiving end of. He was meant to have warned me when he was about to climax so I could figure out what I intended to do with it. I didn’t get that luxury. He blurted his load down the back of my throat so fast, I didn’t have a chance to do anything except swallow and gag. It put me off for years. Luckily I got over it, and now it’s the one thing I seem to be renowned for.

The news of his baby was a shock to me. If my very first boyfriend is having a baby, does that mean I should be doing it too? Should I be settling down and reproducing? Every time I sign on to Facebook I’m met with another “I’m Pregnant!” announcement. Ugh. They piss me off.

Believe it or not, he never once took my underwear when we fucked. He just used to push it to one side. For years I had such an issue showing a man my most intimate areas, and even now, I’m not overly comfortable with it. Was that because of him, do you think? It just goes to show the things that you believe are normal when you are that age. I wonder if he would ever have gotten around to actually taking my underwear off…? A year we were together, and for half of that we were having sex… Not once did my panties come down. That’s a tad odd, right?

At the time, he was the most beautiful person in my life, and even though he was ashamed to admit he was with me at the start, he soon softened and the news of our relationship came out. When you think about it, it’s not the greatest of starts either. Let’s just add to this the fact that he actually punched me in the form room at school, and was attacked by every guy in there, and you have about the right idea for how our relationship went. He was overbearing, jealous, controlling, and nasty. I smoked back then, and he was forever “banning” me from doing it. I know it was only for the sake of my own health but I’ll say the same thing now as I did back them – if you don’t like it, you can just fuck off. I was never allowed in the cafeteria without him. I wasn’t allowed to do very much without him to be fair. It was as though we were joined at the hip and although part of that was his fault, it was my fault too. Neither of us knew any better.

It’s funny how the first relationships in your life set the path for the relationships to come, isn’t it? I wonder how much of my life he ended up affecting just by being my very first proper boyfriend. There were guys before him, of course, but he was the one that I would consider to be my first proper boyfriend. In fact, my first proper love. I think…? Can you be in love at 14 years old?

Anyway, it was such a blast from the past, I just had to write about it. I can hardly believe that it was 14 years ago we dated. And how far we have both come. It’s funny because he still works for the same company he did back then. He’s just the manager now. And then there’s me, bouncing her way from guy to guy and job to job. I bet my sex life is more exciting than his though! 😉


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