The Best Laid Plans…

Have you ever noticed how life has a funny way of fucking stuff up? Take my weekend for example. I have three days off – Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I managed to get all of my freelance writing stuff done last week, in the hope that everything would be paid up before my three beautiful days off with Jock. He’s always skint, so if I don’t have money, we don’t have money and life is boring. It’s as simple as that. As much as we can have fun without doing anything, it’s nice to have an outing or whatever every now and again, right? We were gonna get our matching tattoos and go to the zoo. We were going to go out for dinner and maybe even fit in a cheeky night out. Although that should have been last night… Ugh. Things never go to plan for me.

Well, to start things off, I have a couple of websites with a work colleague that were actually making us money. These websites needed to be closed down before the beginning of the new financial year because the niche we were writing for (bad credit) started to get regulated, and because of this, we couldn’t keep them up and running. In short, my plans to quit my job before the end of the year and become a full time writer have been shot to shit because I’ve lost a massive amount of earnings. Anyway, things get worse. We still have payments coming from those websites. Well, he does. Apparently I don’t. He has now held my payments for 13 days. What a cunt. Between him, and the clients I’ve been chasing for money for the last couple of weeks, I’m about a thousand pounds down, in fact it’s probably even more than that.

Why does this shit always seem to happen to me? When I make plans, and arrange my financial situation to work with those plans, they always fall apart. I never get paid on time, which I know is something I need to learn to deal with in my line of work, and on top of that, my part time job wages haven’t been right for about six months. This is a point that I bring up constantly with my manager but yet he seems to want to do fuck all about it. To be honest, he’s a prick too, but that’s another story for another day. To be honest, I don’t even see the point in making plans because whenever I do, something goes wrong. Every damn time.

I’m in such a bad mood today. I was meant to have gone to Jock’s last night but couldn’t because everyone seems to enjoy not giving me money that is owed to me and seeing me suffer. According to the work colleague, the affiliate scheme “didn’t pay out”, despite the fact that it clearly says they HAVE on the website… 13 days ago. Even if it was a slow bank transfer, it still would have been done within 2/3 days. Bestie works for a bank – I have this on good authority. To be fair, he did fuck all with the websites. He built a mainframe, gave me the logins and every single word on BOTH websites was mine. I spent HOURS on it. Literally hours. Every night I worked on it, and most of my spare time whenever I was away from work too. There wasn’t a day that went by when I didn’t upload or schedule something. The 50/50 split that we had wasn’t fair from the start, and now he’s not even giving me the money that he owes me. Apparently, he emailed them but wouldn’t CC me into the emails. I wonder why…?

I guess I’m just frustrated. Frustrated that shit never seems to go my way, and I’m always left not being able to do the things I want or even NEED to do because there’s always someone withholding something. I worked for about a week straight to make sure everything was done for these three days off with my beautiful Jock. I worked extra at work and still came home and wrote every night, some nights until 3am, to get up at 6am, to start work at 9am. I’m not adverse to a bit of hard work, and in fact, I actually enjoy it. Writing is my passion, so coming home after a long ten hour day at work and banging out a few hours of hardcore writing is something that actually de-stresses me. If I worked so hard to get everything done, why can’t people just pay me on time? Why do they need to make me wait days, weeks and on some occasions, months for payment? I wouldn’t mind but one particular client has already OK’d the articles I wrote for him, and put them on his website…. Yet still he hasn’t paid me yet, despite my emails?

So yeah… that’s how my three days have started. Skint, pissed off, and waiting to rip the Work Colleague a new asshole. Oh and not seeing my Jock 😦


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