What They Don’t Tell You About Losing Weight! (Part Three)

Right, we’ve come to the third and final part of the series. In case you missed out on Part One and Part Two, I shall list them below:

12 – Your boobs will change.

Sorry ladies but things are going to happen to your boobs. They are going to get smaller. I was lucky and I didn’t lose too much cleavage when I lost the weight, but some girls lose practically all boob before they start to lose weight anywhere else. It’s sad but true. I managed to retain a lot of chest but they deflated a little bit. I now have stretch marks and crepey skin that I hate. It’s a small price to pay but for many women, it’s a really big deal. It does bug me but I’m learning to live with it. And spending a small fortune on toning creams that promise to give you a better bust. I don’t think they are working.


13 – You WILL get stretch marks.

You’ll think you’re going to be one of the lucky ones that don’t get stretch marks but the reality of it is this – you will get stretch marks. You might get a few, or you might get a lot. You will get stretch marks. It’s as simple as that. Bio Oil and Baby Lotion and all that crap – it does help but it won’t get rid of the whole problem.

14 – Body confidence!

You will literally wake up one day and realise that you look pretty good. You like the new muscles you’ve got in your arms and the fact that you can see your collarbone now. Out of nowhere, you will find this body confidence that you never thought you could have. You’ll try different clothes than what you would normally wear. You’ll have a different look about you. You’ll have a sort of swag when you walk. You won’t mind walking into a packed room by yourself anymore. It’s weird. I’m enjoying it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s definitely not something that’s easily getting used to, trust me. You won’t notice you’re doing it and then all of a sudden, you will catch yourself being devilishly witty with a handsome chap who works in IT, and you’ll wonder where the fuck it came from. It feels good but it’s kinda off-putting.


15 – You won’t notice the weight loss.

See that’s the thing. One day I woke up and my size 16 pants didn’t fit anymore. I literally needed to RUSH out that day and get new pants. I bought a size 14. A bit loose but comfortable, and you never know, I might get fat again.

The next thing, it was a couple of weeks later and they were too big for me. I put them on one day and looked like a sack of shit. That’s literally what happened. I RUSHED out again to buy new jeans and this time I bought a size 12. Well, no. I tried a size 12 on and ended up buying a size 10.

My weight loss was mental and almost overnight. It was very odd. Most women that I’ve spoken to have said the same thing – they were dieting and exercising for ages and nothing happened and then, as if by magic one day, it just happened.

16 – Friend or foe?

The one thing that stood out to me almost immediately when I lost weight was the attitude of other girls around me. I went to a party recently and was chatting to a guy at the bar. It was me, Bestie and him, laughing and joking and having a jolly good old time. Out of nowhere she bounds up to us, stands directly in between me and him and loudly introduces herself as “HIS GIRLFRIEND”. Fucking hell woman, calm yourself down. I don’t want to fuck your boyfriend. Christ.

She hated me immediately, out of nowhere. To be fair, I was wearing THAT dress but it’s not the point.

In the same night, girls that I had hung out with MANY times but barely had a conversation with were all over me like a rash. We were laughing, joking, dancing and having again, a jolly good old time, whereas before, they never even gave me a second thought.

What’s all that about?

17 – Things will get better…

You don’t have quite as many body issues so, as a person, you will be much more relaxed. You will find that you are less bothered by what people think about you, and your sex life will go through the roof. You will have great sex. You won’t be afraid to get on top. You won’t be all that bothered about sex with the lights on. It’s weird the effect that losing weight can have on you, but it’s one that you don’t want to complain about, that’s for sure!

18 – Sex gets better!

I feel that this deserves a bullet point all by itself for the reasons I mention above and more. Se helps to burn calories so more sex can only mean better things for your body. When you add to this the fact that good sex releases feel good endorphins that make pain go away, prevents and helps with things like anxiety and depression, and brings you closer together with your partner, more good sex can only be a positive thing when you think about it.


19 – The vicious circle…

People think you have lost weight because you have been healthy, and in turn, you MUST be healthy otherwise they’ll know you didn’t put any effort in. If anything, it just encourages you to be much healthier. I definitely eat more salads because people expect me to eat more salads. It’s hardly something to bitch about really.

20 – You’ll have more motivation.

This year I found the motivation to sign up to do a 26 mile marathon next year, make a plan to quit my job and become a full time writer, get myself out of debt, and more. You feel good; it’s that whole feel good factor. You feel good and in turn, good things happen. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of positive energy, isn’t it?

21 – You’ll become ridiculously paranoid that you’ll get fat again!

Whenever I put on a few pounds around THAT time of the month, or my trousers feel a bit tighter than they did yesterday, I freak out to a point where my Bestie almost needs to slap me around the face and bring me back to earth with a bump. I’m petrified that I’ll put the weight back on again so I find myself not eating certain things, especially if I’m creeping a few pounds higher on the scales. I’m assuming, nay hoping, that this is something that will fuck off as I get used to it. That’s the hope anyway.

So there you have it – the things they don’t tell you what will happen when you lose weight. I’m not complaining, I promise you, but I certainly wish someone would have prepared me for some of the things that ended up happening. If I think of any more, I shall be sure to add them to the list! 😉


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