The Lesser-Spotted Lethario

I recently moved into a house share which I thought I would hate, but I’m actually really enjoying. I’m now living with the Bestie, I’ve Never Had a Dalliance With, plus two more guys – The Lesser-Spotted Lethario and another guy… I’ve not come up with a name for him yet.

It’s the Lesser Spotted Lethario that I want to talk about. LSL for short, perhaps? He’s young, younger than me anyway. I’d say early twenties. He’s black and he’s kinda cute. He’s got roses tattooed up one arm, wears a suit for work and does something with mortgages, and dresses like your typical young black guy when he’s not at work – New Era caps and high-top sneakers. You know the drill. The fact I’m trying to put across here is that he is actually kind cute.

He literally has a different girl every time I see him. My room is on the bottom floor of the house so I see everyone coming in and out. It’s like I’m running my own little neighborhood watch over here. Seriously, I’ve turned into my Nan. Anyway, I don’t know how he does it, but there is always a string of girls wandering in and out of my house. We’ve all commented that we are going to get one of those machines that spits out numbers on little pieces of paper for Doctor’s waiting rooms and suchlike for the girls in our shared living room.

He has a steady girlfriend, and we know this because we’ve heard them arguing about his infidelities before. I want to run up to her, slap her and tell her to turn on her heels and flee in the other direction. He’s no good for her. She knows what’s going on. Why won’t she just fucking leave him? Then we might all get some peace.

Anyway, on top of his steady girlfriend, the brunette, he has another two girls that we’ve spotted for sure. Two very bubbly, very ditzy, slightly chunky blondes. There’s another brunette with straighter hair that we’ve seen too. The other guy in the house said that he doesn’t think he’s sleeping all of the girls, preferring to play the “friendship” card, but I’ve heard them fucking when in my bathroom below them.

Now, I don’t have a problem with what he does with his life, but honestly, his treatment of the women he’s “dating” or whatever offends me. His girlfriend is clearly upset by his behavior but yet he does it anyway. I can only imagine what must be going through her head knowing that he now has a pretty, slim blonde living in his house. That’s me by the way.

74524ddf9ff4f07836b0c51f9636eda2If I was to have a string of men coming into the house, I’m sure they’d all have something to say about it. I’d be dubbed a slag in no time at all. But because it’s him, and he’s a guy, its acceptable to treat women like a piece of shit; something to use and abuse and throw away when you’re done. Double standards really piss me off.

I hope it turns around and bites him in the ass. I also hope he’s bagging up with the five or six women we’ve heard and see him come in with, or his penis will fall off. It pisses me off to see men play women like that. He pisses me off.

And then he went and broke the fucking washing machine. Now I’m really pissed off.

4 thoughts on “The Lesser-Spotted Lethario

  1. Well…penis falling off maybe not…herpes…almost a sure thing. Too bad…often men carry it when it is not that active, but women pick it up more easily so tend to get the worst of it. I dodged that bullet, but I never liked sleeping around…monogamous sex is best. You can blame him, but really I blame the women. It’s not like all of them don’t know exactly what he is…yet they do this anyway. My peeve was women spent their 20’s chasing dipshits like this, then in mid thirties want me to pick up the pieces. Screw that. To all women, there are good guys…find one and keep him… Is women becoming as slutty as the men really what the social revolution was about? Go to match or okcupid and see the giant wasteland of these women over 33… I will have to google Peaches Geldof by the way. I am not very hip. :p Sorry for your loss…

    • Hahahaha you are so right. Don’t get me wrong, I went through my slaggy phase but when I did, everyone was aware of what was going on! I never lied, hid anything, etc. He is purposely lying to his gf, and she’s going along with it. I guess it’s her own fault. She’s clearly aware of what’s happening after all…. Women in their 20’s eh? Bloody idiots if you ask me 😉

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