RIP Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof Peaches Geldof was one of the inspirations behind the daisy chain tattoo that I have designed (and is due to start soon) running all the way from my ankle, eventually going up the leg, over my hips, and to my shoulder. The aim of the game here is to have the people that I love the most’s signatures in the centre of the daisies, and I’ll have things around the flowers that resemble my life. For example, my nickname is something to do with a bumblebee so there’s gotta be one of those in there. A hummingbird for my beautiful Jock has gotta go in there somewhere too. A ladybug… well, just because I like them really.

Anyway, I digress, Peaches Geldof has always been a little idol of sorts. I think she is, sorry was, a fabulous young lady, and had grown up with such shit, yet still ended up being this fantastic mother, and all-round classy lady. I loved her sense of style and regular tried to recreate various outfits I had seen her wearing. I loved her wild child side with the tattoos. I adored the way she wore her hair. I just loved the girl, that’s all.

When the “Breaking News” report popped up on my phone, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had seen her Tweet just the day before, and follow her on regular social networking platforms. I liked everything about this girl – the fact that her dad is Sir Bob Geldof, the fact that she had such a trouble childhood and yet still became the girl that managed to almost beat Katie Hopkins (Google her!) in a war of words on daytime TV, defending the way she cares for her children.

As yet, we still don’t know what happened to that poor young girl. She was just 25 years old. That’s almost three years younger than me. She has two beautiful kids, and the youngest of those isn’t even a year old yet. That poor child is going to need to grow up without a mother, just like Peaches had done herself.

There has been speculation of course – she committed suicide, was a wild child once therefore must be on drugs again, etc. However to me, it just seems a bit fishy. I don’t believe she committed suicide. Nor do I believe she was off her rocker on drugs. Something doesn’t feel quite right here, but I do know that I have lost someone that I genuinely looked up to in the media. She was a writer as well as TV presenter, and I regularly caught up with her work. It saddens me to know that she has died.

I can’t imagine the unbearable pain that her father, and the rest of her family, must be going through right now. How much shit can one family possibly go through? First the sad, early death of Paula Yates and her battle with drug addiction, and now the seemingly-mysterious death of her daughter, aged just 25… It all seems so much to bear. Even more so with the fact that it shall be spread around the media for years to come, and I’m sure there will be much more speculation before we finally get to the bottom of what happened here.

All I can say is that I wish her entire family all the most loving thoughts in the world that I could muster, and also pray that her children grow up knowing what a doting mother she was to them. And to her poor husband that now needs to bring up two children single handedly, mourning for the love of his life and mother of his children.

What a sad cruel world it is. And what a terrible waste of such a young and beautiful life that had already turned things around once, it would seem?


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