I Knew It!

93ba2e8f54e00b1b638c2e8c59f2bde2So…. the crazy fucking ex played right into my hands, just like I knew she would. I can’t quite remember where I left off with you guys so let me just recap for one moment…

Remember I was really pissed off about the crazy slut of an ex that seemed to be making my life a misery by taking up too much of his time, and his energy? Well, I had an angry outburst when I was on my period, resulting in Jock speaking to her and basically asking her to back down; something that, at the time, she agreed to, and even apologised to me at the same time.

Clearly this crazy bitch has been discussing the situation, and what was said, with her equally batshit crazy friends, and they have been spinning things into an entirely different way than what was said.

Jock tried to keep things a tad quiet because he knew I’d hit the roof when I found out. Apparently, the ex has told him that he cannot see HER daughter anymore; she doesn’t think its right, all of a sudden. Literally, within two days of her being fine when he had that conversation with her, she flipped and turned into an utter nutjob. What is up with these women? Christ!

d9cbecb42eca625f3df7fbda9ead2626So, I had to drag it out of him over a couple of days, but from what I can work out, this is basically what has happened: she has banned him from seeing her daughter, apparently I’ve “banned” Jock from talking to her, I’m wearing the pants in the relationship, he’s a pussy, I’m a cunt… Yes, she actually called me that. What a classy lady. It’s okay though, she called him that too.

Apparently, the torrent of hatred started when he was still at mine, but he didn’t want to tell me in case I went mental, so he chose to ignore it instead. From what I can make out, he hasn’t responded to her in a day or so, so who knows what’s going on? I know he still hasn’t got to see his kid.

The thing that pisses me off the most is the fact that she’s turning this entire thing around to Jock and making it appear that I’m the crazy bitch. I’m the one being unreasonable about her weird need to cling on to him. I’m being the cunt. Sorry, I’ve used that word twice now. But that’s actually what she called me. Can you believe it? How dare she say those things? I’ve never been anything other than respectful to her. When Jock and I first started dating, I kept things so quiet, no one knew about us. I didn’t put anything on Facebook about our relationship. In fact, I didn’t even add him on Facebook until we had been dating for a few months. The Facebook request is not something I hand out willy nilly. Na uh.

53166ff380881e832aa898fdb9c78e0aI was so respectful of her, her feelings, and her fucking daughter, right from the very start of our relationship. How can she now turn it around and call me the fucking C-word? How dare she?! I’m his fucking girlfriend. Every fucking time I put something on Facebook about Jock and I, she goes fucking sick on him again. It’s every fucking time. Guess what happened right before she went nuts at him this time… Yep, you guessed it; I put up a picture of the steak dinner he had cooked for me, and tagged him in it. This resulted in her unfriending him on Facebook, and telling him that she didn’t think they should have anything to do with each other anymore. How fucking childish is this girl? No, scrap that; she’s in her thirties for fucks sake. She’s a woman. She should have her shit together by now. Fucking moron. Wow she makes me so freaking mad!

The thing is we have a dilemma here, boys and girls. On the one hand, I’m only a paper-thin sliver away from absolutely blowing my top at her, and probably Jock too. I want to be the cool, understanding girlfriend and make life easier for my wonderful boyfie but she is making it so damn difficult. He is too – I know he doesn’t want to rock the boat too much with her because of the kid-connection, but this is taking the piss, well and truly. How much does he expect ANY girl to handle? I’m probably a bit “touchier” than the average girl; a little high maintenance, if you get my drift, but regardless of this, I can’t imagine less feistier women being fine with the amount of involvement she still has in his life either. What does he expect? I’m a woman! What woman enjoys having another (ex) woman sniffing around her man. I’m starting to wonder if things are really over between them, or if I’m just a passing phase; his little 20-year-old Twinkie, making her jealous so she comes crawling back. That’s probably a little exaggerated but you get my drift.

d99e744c5b1ffac98f3d126f5ee93c7dI don’t know what the hell I’m gonna do about this bitch. One thing is for sure, this cannot carry on, and if it does, I’m out. I love this guy but I’m not getting involved in unfinished business. I just gotta find my biting point I guess. Or realise I’m over-reacting. I’m sure I’m not, but I have been known to from time to time…

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