So… What Happened?

Let me just take a moment to remember where I left off last time… Oh yeah, I was waiting for him to text back, and hoping for him to offer to come to mine. I was livid at him but I really missed him, and my lust for his smell came over my need to be angry at him.

I messaged him in one last bid to save my weekend…

“I guess you’re busy tonight too then.”

We had a brief chat, mostly me telling him how pissed off I was, and how much of a dick he was, and we even had a fight, resulting in me hanging up on him. Well, I say I hung up on him, but the reality of it was I tried to but I couldn’t get my phone to light up so in order to hang up, I needed to take the back off my Samsung Galaxy S4 and remove the battery. It seems to be a bug that constantly happens on my phone – it doesn’t light up when I’ve finished with the call so I can’t access the on-screen buttons in order to end the call. It’s a pain in my ass and it makes angrily hanging up on someone a rather hilarious moment. I’m pretty sure I could hear him laughing because he knew exactly what I would be doing, and my angry face whilst I was doing it.

It wasn’t long before he asked if he could come and get me. He loved me, he wanted to see me and he was sorry; so sorry that he would be willing to drive 22 miles just to spend less than 24 hours with me. It won me over and I hopped in the shower…

The second I got into his car, I was calm. The second we got into his trailer, I was relaxed. The second he wrapped his arms on me on the couch, I was in my happy place. He has a very soothing effect on me, considering how excitable he is, and he had well and truly soothed me right back to peace.

We spent a very relaxed night together, and I gave him a mind-blowing blowjob. Mother Nature had come to visit, quite spectacularly, after being a week late. One sick day from work, almost two boxes of tampons, and one million and seventy-four furious outbursts later and I still wasn’t quite finished with my period, so sex was off the menu. We haven’t done that yet, the whole sex on your period thing. Just so you know.

I did dry-hump him like a fifteen year old chav, however, getting myself off quite nicely. Hence the mind-blowing blowjob. It was “toe-curling”. I know this because he told me. Awww. Love his face. 

The next night, he came to mine. He has a potentially-losing-his-job situation going on involving his driving license. I don’t have one so I don’t have a clue what he is talking about. I know he got some points, and when he sent the license off for an address change, they sent it back without some of the big license things on the back, meaning that he couldn’t do his job as a recovery truck driver, but aside from that, I don’t have a scooby-doo. Anyway, he isn’t working right now. That’s why he came to mine.

He cooked me dinner. He cooked me steak and potatoes and baguette and stuffed mushrooms! Fuck steak and blow job day, it was steak and dry-hump day. And I bet it was still better than any steak and blow job day you guys had! That night, we went to bed and dry-humped some more. I slept better than I had done for days. I had been fed, I had been cuddled and I had cum. Life was complete. I was happy. I’m so primitive.

We are back to being very much in love. That’s the thing with him; I’m never mad at him for long. He has this funny little way of bringing me right back to Lovers-ville with an almighty bump, and I simply adore him for that fact alone.

So yeah. That’s what happened.


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