Well, That Backfired (& Other Ex-Related Bullshit)

So I had the hump with him. Jock I mean. The ex was poking her nose in everywhere and I was not impressed. Well, I exploded at him on the phone two days ago, and although technically he did what I asked, we had a big fight, haven’t spoken again for another 24 hours, and I didn’t get to see him this weekend. I am now incredibly pissed off, with myself though; not with him, and I miss him terribly. How do I undo this?

So what happened?

Well, I bitched at him down the phone for about an hour. I told him all the things I hated about his ex, and once I was done, I hung up on him out of anger. He tried to call me back and messaged me a few times but I ignored it and got high instead. When I didn’t answer, he took things into his own hands (finally) and went and spoke to the bitch. And what a fucking bitch she is.

Now, I’m either very, very wrong about her, or she’s much smarter than I thought because, instead of taking the offensive like we both assumed she would, she apologised to me through him, and even suggested that I meet her daughter. Then she told him she would love for us all to get together over the summer for BBQ’s and suchlike.

What the fuck?!?

Now, clearly I have underestimated this chick. I haven’t got her wrong; she’s a bitch. We all know that. Even Jock says that… when he’s not defending her. She’s playing a very smart game here, isn’t she? She’s playing Miss Nice Girl and I look like the crazy, psycho girlfriend bitch from hell. She gave him hell when she found out he was dating me… Now she’s inviting me over to hers for a BBQ and telling him I should meet their daughter.

What the actual fuck?!?

Well anyway, still having a hard time understanding what side of the crazy coin she (and I) are coming from, and my period gets nasty and turns me into a hormonal ball of utter bat-shit crazy. I told Jock the other day that  wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to see him this weekend. I was skint, I was going to need to write to make money, I owed Bestie money (not a lot) and I’d let him know what was going on. On Sunday, he wanted us to go and see his friend in the Big City. I had told him to plan on going on his own, but I’d let him know either way. The idea was for him to come forward and offer to give me some of the money back that he STILL owes me. He didn’t do that. Thanks mate.

Saturday came and went and still my invoices went unpaid. Boo hoo. I told him that I hasn’t been paid and I wasn’t able to go to the Big City and see his friend, but he could come over to mine that night, and go and see his friend in the morning. He declined because his friend in the Big City hadn’t gotten back to him yet, and the newlywed Redneck and his other half were due to be coming home. Jock had been housesitting for them, you see.

Now I had the hump. I had rearranged my schedule to fit him in that Saturday night. I had downloaded the second Anchorman film for him because I knew he really wanted to see it. He had just turned me down. Was he playing me at my own game? I didn’t like that idea much.

I ignored him for the rest of the evening. Firstly, I was pissed that he had just blown me out after  I had rearranged stuff for him, despite me telling him in the first place that I would let him know what was going on. Secondly, fuck him. I got high and watched the second Anchorman film with the Bestie instead.

When I woke up this morning, I was just as pissed. He tried messaging me a few times… (I didn’t reply to any of them)

12.53: “I love you”

13.53: “Still love you”

14.23: “Still now too”

14.42: “And even now too”

14.50: “Yep u guessed it”


By this point, he had well and truly softened me up. I gave it a bit longer… I wanted to calm down a bit more first. He had really pissed me off.

At 17.75, he text me “I take it u still got the hump”, to which I responded “I’m writing”. His rebuttal – “Yes would appear so

Right, he pissed me off agin. Why would he do that? Just give me a break. I’ve had to deal with all your ex stuff, and shark week, I’m flat broke, you owe me money and you blew me out. Give me a break.

I told him that he had made his plans and I was just getting on with my shit. Apparently, to him, I flat-out told him “no” even when I made it clear I was going to “let him know”. Wow… He just keeps pissing me off right now. Is he going the same way that One Ball went? Are things heading south with us? I do hope not… I don’t like the idea of that, at all. Bestie seems to think its following that pattern. Shit. What do I do?

I’m hoping that this is all down to shark week. I’m also hoping that despite the fact its almost 8pm, he still manages to come over and see me tonight. I miss him so much. I know I pushed him away this weekend and got more than a little huffy with him, but I really do miss him and I really hope we can make something out of what, so far, has been a totally shitty weekend.

He hasn’t replied to my last ranting message about how much he doesn’t listen to me, and how I kept telling him that I’d let him know what was going on. Fingers crossed he gets back to me soon. I really, really want to see him.

Well, that backfired. 


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