What Are Your Flaws?

588bf74047e32638034a44bccb7f82adI wrote a post last week called 10 Things it’s Still Okay to do at the Age of 27… and within it, I discuss how I’ve accepted being messy as a flaw of mine. It got me to thinking – what are my flaws? Do you know what your flaws are? Should I know by now what mine are?

Obviously none of us like to admit that we have flaws but there are a few bounding ones that jump right out at me. I decided that, instead of running away from them, I should try and write them down. Maybe then I can try to make the effort to fix them.Honestly though, most of my flaws have been with me for forever so change seems like a non-existent hope! 

I am NEVER on time

I am never on time. Never, ever. I couldn’t be on time for anything if my life depended on it. I am always late for work but luckily I work with a pretty laid back bunch who are never on time themselves. I know my lateness frustrates people and I HAVE tried to change things. I wear a watch every day and I have so many gadgets with various alarms on. Honestly, my bedroom is like a vortex of time whenever I’m getting ready to leave the house. 

There is a running joke between the Bestie and I that if I say 12/1pm for us to meet, it means 2/3pm. He gets me, it’s fine. Jock is learning to as well! 🙂

I am too easily persuaded

If you come up with a bad idea, I’m normally the first person to say “Let’s do it!” I have learned to calm this down over the last few years but it still rears it’s ugly head from time to time. I live my life on a whim, doing whatever I feel like when the mood takes me.

Sadly this has it downsides. As well as having a pretty exciting life, I fear I will never be able to give up smoking as my work colleagues keep encouraging me to smoke and it doesn’t exactly take a lot of encouragement. There’s very few drugs I’ve turned down too. Thankfully I’ve never become a crack addict but sometimes I wish I had more will power when it comes down to saying “No!”

My personal life is a disaster zone

My family is a mess, my room is a mess, my life is a mess, my finances are a mess. Honestly, I’m a joke. I live in this bubble of organised chaos. I hate how messy my room gets regardless of how hard I try to keep on top of things. I’m just a disorganised person… which is very odd seeing as I’m so anal about so many things. 

I will never be in control of my own weight

My weight has a mind of its own. When I struggle to fit in the time to work out every day, eating as healthily as I can, I don’t lose any weight. When I forget about losing weight and do my own thing, I drop 4 dress sizes in the space of 9 months. I don’t get it but I’ve accepted that this is something I’m never going to be in control of. I had blood tests and everything has come back as fine… I guess I just need to accept that NOTHING in my closet fits anymore. 

I will always fall in love too hard, too fast

I know this. I accepted this fact a long time ago. When I fall in love, I fall in love very quickly and in such a way that it spirals out of control right before my very eyes and I am powerless to stop it. None of my “true” love affairs have been anything other than furious, passionate, incredibly vicious and insanely sexy. 

I will always be a bit of a slut

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t go around spreading it like peanut butter but I have been know to put it about a little bit. I’ve slept with too many men (and women) and I know this. I have accepted that my list (What’s Your Number? Updated…) would probably shock the average woman but whatever. Equal rights to men and all that bollocks. 

One Ball and Jock are, so far, the only two guys I’ve been truly faithful too. In the long list of relationships I’ve had, the last two have only been the truly faithful and honest ones. I’m a bit of a slut. It’s okay – I lived it, I learned it. I’m also really good in the sack 😉

I will never be satisfied with what I have

I don’t think it’s wrong to want more and more but a few people have suggested that perhaps I am never happy with what I have. It doesn’t matter what it is – my laptop, phone, clothing, men, food, money… I always want more than I have. I don’t really think this is a flaw and put it more down to human nature but a lot of people seem to disagree with me. What do you think?

I will never be happy with the way I look

This is, again, something that I have come to terms with. The weight thing and the fact that my eyelashes won’t ever go the same on both eyes. My hair won’t ever look like I want it to. I will never find a bra that fits my curvy breasts perfectly. I will always have those stretch marks because I lost a lot of weight too fast. My butt will never be as dimple-free as I hope it will be and my hair won’t ever grow as fast as I wish it could. I’m always going to bite my nails and my toes will always be just a little bit ET-like. 

I have flaws and body hang-ups just like the next girl. I’ve gotten a lot better with things over the years but I still don’t have the confidence I should have for a twenty-something girl that has just got the target weight she has always desired. 

I’m sure as the days and weeks go by I will think of more and more to add to the list so maybe I will update as necessary. 

Do you have any flaws? What about other people? Have they told you about your flaws but you refuse to believe it? Come on… Own up!


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