Jock = Deja Vu?

So I’ve recently realised something that I felt the need to share with you guys… Jock is exactly the same to me as a previous man in my life: Number 24 – The Older Guy.

I’ve mentioned him before in T-Minus 1 Sleep. Meet Number 24. Why not go check it out while you’re here?

There are a lot of comparisons between The Older Guy and my Beautiful Tattooed Jock. For a start, they both have lead military lifestyles. Secondly, they are both older than me by 15 years and 8 years respectively. They both had a beautiful motorbike (even though Jock’s isn’t on the road) and they both had beautiful baby blue eyes that I fell into.

The dates I went on with The Older Guy almost ten years ago were exactly the same as the dates that Jock and I go on now. There are the seaside arcade dates, the lunchtime “nice” dates, trips to the supermarket late at night, kissing and giggling, holding hands as we walk around.

I was his bit of eye candy. It was the classic “Beauty and the Beast” scenario. In fact, this beauty and the beast thing has been going on throughout my relationship with Jock too, and our cute “NYE” photos had a similar hashtag on Instagram.

c11a85da74ff6403e9a77d1211a92fb2They both loved the attention they got when they were out with me. I’m not a regular kinda gal. I’m a cross between punk-rocker and 50’s Rockabilly pinup. I’ll let you figure it out… I’m blonde haired, blue eyed, busty, 5 ft 4 girl and now I’ve lost so much weight, I have that Jessica Rabbit hourglass thing going on – I have a tiny size 10 waist, wide hips, and a 34DD bra size. I know I look good. Just like I knew I looked good when I was with The Older Guy. There are so many similarities; I don’t get how I didn’t see this before.

I got the same out of both relationships – I felt protected and taken care of; they were/are my father figures. They relish being in control, “fathering” me, and I lapped it up like a good little girl.

I reignited both of their sex lives, and they both told me that. I dressed up in cute underwear and played the part I was supposed to play – innocent girl with a badass, dirty side. I was the same back then and I am the same now.

The Older Guy and I never really had an ending. To be honest, I’m still not entirely sure what happened. There was the baby that sprung up out of nowhere, plus the fact that I was only seven years older than his daughter. We just drifted apart. I just hope that same thing doesn’t happen to Jock and I. Saying that, I barely felt anything for The Older Guy. Nothing compared to now with Jock anyway!

Just thought I’d share my thoughts of the day… How’s your Wednesday been?


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