Is it Fate?

I’m not really the type of person to believe in fate and destiny and all that crap. I talk about it briefly in “Happy First Birthday! Do You Believe in Signs?” and I’ve decided I want to talk about it again. I hope you don’t mind.

FateI don’t know if I believe in a pathway that your life is set to go down, but somewhere along the line I like to think that certain things happen for a reason. For example, everything seems to have flowed quite nicely in my life. I met the Hubby, moved to another country, went to the War Zone, left him, went to the other side of the world with Big Love, had some of the most amazing experiences of my life, came home and now… we have Jock. Things have flowed well for me. I always seem to land on my feet somehow. Things are taking a little longer than anticipated this time around but I’m getting there slowly. Things are starting to go my way again.

Jock came into my life and good things started to happen. I’m losing weight and people are noticing and this is making me feel really good about myself. I got promoted at work. My freelance writing is doing really well, apart from the odd hiccup or two. Things with Jock are sailing along almost perfectly and then, the Big Love makes his life private and I finally get the closure I have been so desperate for.

Is it fate? Has fate closed my chapter with Big Love right in time for my beautiful Tattooed Jock to come in and kiss all my pain away? He has told me that he thinks I’m his princess and he’s my prince. He’s mentioned the fact that you need to kiss many frogs before you find your prince on more than one occasion. And a little while ago he told me that he thinks he’s the one that is meant to restore my faith in men, so to speak. I’m starting to wonder if he might be right. Maybe he knows something I don’t?

It’s stupid little things that are happening right now, but they are all really good little things. For example, the Bestie and I had planned to meet up the other day that we both had off work together. This was the one day that the heavens decided to open and let rip with rain. I left my house, headed out to meet him anyway and the second I stepped out of the house, it stopped raining. The entire time we were out, it didn’t rain. Three or four hours later, I put my key in my front door again and the heavens opened. It literally stopped pissing down with rain from the second I left the house to the moment I returned. We even sent messages about it to each at exactly the same time.

You can’t tell me that’s not fate?!

There are other silly little things too. I kept getting cramps before the weekend and I thought I was going to have my period while I was with Jock. I would have been livid if this had happened as we hadn’t seen each for weeks and I was dying for some sexual healing.

Well long story short ladies and gentlemen, and my period managed to hold out until exactly one hour after Jock dropped me back at home after our beautiful *Click* weekend together.

See – things are always going my way these days it would seem.

I know these are stupid little things that don’t mean anything but there are lots of these stupid little things happening at just the right time. One of my freelance writing payments had been delayed for example, and I feared my weekend with Jock would be crap if I was poor. The night before he picked me up, I got paid from one of the clients that had previously ignored my messages for a week. The first day I was there, I got paid for another two projects. And the day he dropped me home, I got paid for another project again. It was almost as if everything had literally worked out perfectly for me and I couldn’t have been happier about it!

Do you see what I mean yet?

Jock has done something to my world. The Bestie likes him already and he normally hates every guy I date. He’s always right to hate them, to be fair, but this time he’s not hating. He’s loving. It’s weird for me. I don’t know how to take it. My Mama and Little Sis think he could be perfect for me, and most of the people at work (who have only met him once or twice) think we are great together.

Is Jock that important to me? Is he that important in my life? I always thought if I met the “one” for me – the prince for my princess, the one to kiss all of my pain away, I would know it straight away. I always imagined it would be love at first sight. Was it love at first sight with Jock? No, it wasn’t. It wasn’t fair off to be fair, but I think that had a little more to do with lust than love.

I’m still not sure if he is the one for me. He seems pretty adamant that we are right for each other, and other people seem to have a good opinion about things too. My female work colleague, for example, said that she believed Jock would be the one to change my mind about having babies. She’s been right about a few things that she’s had these “feelings” for in the past. Could she be right about this too?

Is it fate that I met Jock when I did? Let’s face it; he popped into my life literally hours after OB and I broke up. I certainly didn’t plan for that to happen. Nothing that happens with Jock is ever planned and yet somehow and most of the time, things have a funny way of turning out for the best.

Maybe Jock is my fate? Maybe if all that destiny crap is true, Jock is mine? He’s certainly bowled me over and swept me off my feet at just the right time – one chapter closing and another beginning. Is Jock my next Big Adventure?

I have a funny feeling in my stomach that I think could be excitement. I’m definitely looking forward to finding out.

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