Yesterday’s Angry Post.

I forgot to upload this yesterday morning. Ooops my bad!

I woke up this morning in a really angry mood. There was no message from Jock. He had gone out with his buddy; the Columbian, and I was pretty much forgotten about. When I go out without him he wants to know where I am, if I got home safe, etc. When he goes out, I don’t hear a peek. That pisses me off, especially as he blew me out to go out with his buddy last night.

I told myself if he messaged me before 10am, I would get ready and go hang out with him. He didn’t message me until 10:06am. I told him that I had too much shit to do and I wouldn’t be able to see him today. He said “It’s cool”.

I’m really annoyed now. I work really hard and I try super hard to make sure I can accommodate him in my life. He doesn’t work hard to fit me in it at all. He blows me out regularly. There was the time when he blew me out for the (step-)daughter, which I don’t really mind about. This is generally why I don’t date guys with kids. Then there was the time that he fell asleep on me for two hours. Then last night he blew me out to go out on the piss with the Columbian. He isn’t working hard to accommodate me in his life at all. He couldn’t get the time off when I had my week off. He didn’t pull the sickie on the day that me and the rest of his housemates begged him to.

I switch days around for him. I put off writing work for him. My writing work is my life – I love it. It makes me extra money because I’m an expensive kinda gal. I don’t see the Bestie for him. I have switched shifts, cancelled projects, you name it to see him when he clicks his fingers and tells me he is free. I was so excited to see him, especially after our washout date earlier on in the week. I decided to play him at his own game and blow him out today. I’m trying to regain some of that power.

He didn’t even try to contest it. It’s cool. Whatever. It’s probably because he feels like shit as his night was “messy” to use his own words.

And what fun is my boyfriend going to be when he is hungover? Why would I want to spend my day off with that? Also – should he even be driving in his current state? Do I want to be in a car with a man that had a messy night the night before? On top of that, what gives him the right to wake up, click his fingers and expect me to come running when he so spectacularly blew me out the night before?

Gosh I was mad when I woke up this morning.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Angry Post.

  1. Guys are so cut and paste, so hard for them to see things our way until there on that side. Anyway i wanted to say Please keep writing I love your blog!

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