Did we just have our first fight?

If you’ve been reading, you’ll know that I recently spent my first two-day sleepover with Jock; my Scottish love interest. Our first 2-day sleepover. While I was there, we kinda had our first fight. I think.

I had taken a super cute photo of us while we were at the seaside. In the middle of taking this photo, he shoved his ice cream in his mouth and the photo was ruined. It pissed me off. I told him so and walked off. I didn’t storm off, but I did walk around the pier. I took some photos, sat and pondered for a bit but eventually, I knew he’d coming looking for me. And he did. It was a mock-huff – the test-huff, if you like? He came running – that’s good enough for me.

Stay in My HeartThe next morning I looked back at the photo and played around with some of the effect apps that I have on my phone. Once I had finished, it looked kinda cute and I thought to myself – that’s our first public photo. I asked him if it would be okay for me to post that on my Facebook because it would be the first time that people would be made aware of him, and that would mean that we were really in a relationship? I was basically asking him if it was in it for the long-term. I didn’t say it very well. I haven’t really dated properly ever. I don’t know how these things are meant to work. I think he took offence to this. I didn’t want to offend him but all of a sudden he started asking me why I cared about what people thought? Inviting him into my life is a big deal for me, and putting him on my Facebook when we aren’t even friends on the site yet, is a fucking big deal for me. I want to show him off. I’m proud to call him my man. I wanted to shout about him from the rooftops. I’m proud of him. I like being with him. He makes me so damn happy.

We ended up having a bit of a mini-fight and it upset me a whole load more than I ever thought it would. He left to go to the store and get supplies and I got ready and put my makeup on. He bought me the cutest little sparkly sponge while he was there as he knew I didn’t have a sponge there yet. It was so lame yet so cute. I guess he felt bad about the fight too.

I put the photo up. I suddenly realized that I didn’t actually care. This guy is something special to me.

After all, I love him.

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