Talkin’ the Talk.

On our last date, Jock slipped something into the conversation:

“I think I need to tell {my ex} that I’m with you.”


It’s been just under eight weeks since we met. We’re already throwing the whole Rawr/L-word thing around like it’s a game of ping pong. Now we’re rushing into telling the ex already.

That’s not all, folks. He said something else:

“Next weekend, depending on what days you have off, do you want to meet {(step-)daughter}? I need to see her but if you only have certain days off, I want to see you too.”


How is this happening to me already? Eight weeks. We’ve not even quite gotten around to say the L-word to each other properly and he wants to tell his ex and introduce me to his (step-)daughter. He’s told me he thinks I am perfect for him. I’m starting to think he actually believes this. This is all happening so fast and it’s freaking me the fuck out.


That was the only response I could muster and I think it took him aback. He looked at me with big shocked eyes. I think he has seriously underestimated my disliking of children. Well, not all children. Some of them are alright. But most of them I fucking hate.

I felt the need to explain myself. His ex has only just agreed, a year and a bit later on, that he can have the (step-)daughter for a sleepover. Why would he fuck that up and potentially risk causing a massive fight and not having his kid for the first time in so long overnight, just so that the ex is aware he is dating someone new? He had the usual rebuttals – he thinks she is seeing someone else, he doesn’t want her to find out from anyone else, he hasn’t really dated anyone properly since they broke up so they haven’t needed to deal with this sort of stuff yet, he doesn’t want her to find out from one of her back-stabbing, bitchy little mates, etc.

Blah blah blah. I don’t want the ex to know yet. I am enjoying the little bubble we have right now where practically no one knows about us and things are somewhat sexy and secretive. I don’t want to start inviting stupid pressures from other people into our relationship. It’s not ready for that yet. What is up with the guys trying to back us ladies into a corner these days? Isn’t it meant to be the other way around?!

You know she’s going to kick off when he tells her about me. When she realizes it was the girl that she saw him with a few weeks ago (see I’m Fucking Falling for You.), she’s going to be even more pissed.  I would imagine the fact that I’m 5/6 years younger than her probably won’t help things either. I’m an ex-girlfriend. I know how bitchy the exes can be. I know how bitchy I’ve been. Fuck that. She looked like a nutter when we saw her the other night. I don’t want to be on the wrong end of that. I bet she could be a really nasty piece of work if she wanted to be and honestly; I don’t have the time for that. Nor do I have the patience. And I really like Jock.

And then we have the kid-factor all over again. See this is what happens when you get to my age – the 25-35 bracket; the guys that you date have already copulated so no one is brand spanking new anymore. I hate dating people with kids. Why do I always find the guy with kids? This one’s not even his –girls like me just can’t get a break! And I can’t be the only one just like me, right? Tell me you hate kids too!

Also – does he seriously think the ex is going to let him introduce their kid to his new girlfriend? He’s going to be springing the fact that he’s seeing someone on her; he can’t just spring the introduction on her as well! That’s freaking mental. I actually think this guy has a couple of screws loose. Either that or he’s seriously thinking I’m something damn special.

Moving too fastI’m trying not to go into this at the speed of light but he is making it so damn hard and what makes things worse is the fact that I’m getting carried along with it! Two months and I’m thinking of saying the L-word already. Well kinda. I introduced him to a couple of my work buddies. He’s met my Mama, Lil Sis and the Bestie. Him and the Bestie are actually getting along. This is weird for me. Very weird.

I think I’ve managed to put him off telling the ex and introducing me to the (step-)daughter for a little while; another week at least. But what about when next week comes? How am I going to be able to put him off for another week? And then maybe another week after that? Am I really going to be able to pull this off? This guy isn’t playing around!

It’s never just easy, is it?

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