Well That’s Never Happened Before…. Date 7

Jock and I have had four sleepovers. Two of those, I was on my period for and we didn’t fuck. Two of those, we have fucked. The two times that we have slept together, I have noticed something – he isn’t exactly springing up “on demand” if you get my drift?

Now don’t get me wrong; this hasn’t caused any problems. It’s just something I’ve noticed. The first night, when we were camping, I noticed that, at one point in the middle, he went a tad limp. We had been drinking though so I just put it down to that.

The second time was our last sleepover – Date 7. It seemed to take him longer than usual to get hard. Again, at one point during the middle when the switching up of positions was happening, it went a bit soft again. I know these aren’t major scenarios here, but they are scenarios that worry me. He already has a smaller than average penis; is the little hint of ED problems going to prove too much for me to handle?

Now, don’t get me wrong; I know I am jumping to some pretty massive conclusions here but ladies – when we’re right about this, we are right about this, aren’t we? We know when something isn’t quite as hard as the ones before, and we do not appreciate it when our men go soft on us. I managed to get him hard again fairly quickly, but even when I was sucking him off to a pretty impressive climax in my mouth, there were periods during that 4/5 minutes that I’m sure he went a tad flaccid.

The problem isn’t enough of one to cause us any problems. It hasn’t stopped us from doing anything that we want to do. It just means that I have to spend a tad longer than usual giving him head before I choose to jump on top and ride him. Or he has to go down on me for a little bit longer before he can come up to my level and penetrate me. Honestly, that’s not exactly a bad thing, is it?

Oh and remember in The Tale of the 24 Hour Third Date when I mentioned that certain positions were difficult because of his smaller-than-I’m-used-to manhood? Well, he has started doing this “thing” that gets me off every time. He sort of “bumps and grinds”, and that’s the only way I can describe it. Whatever it is that he does, it works marvelously well for me. I guess it just took him a couple tries to get right – it really isn’t the size of the worm that matters; it’s the way that you wiggle it! He seems to have things down to a fine art form now, managing to get me off with his cock, hands and tongue all in the first month of dating. Now that IS impressive by anyone’s standards, right?

The thing I’m worried about with the possible limpnicity (*yes I’m making up words again) of his manhood is how it will make me feel later on. I have only just managed to build my self-confidence up to a point where I’ll show a hint of cleavage in public, walk around slightly more naked than usual with my men-friends, and wear shorts that could possibly show off my leg-scars in public. I don’t want to lose my self-esteem again and I’m fearful that after a while, if he continues to go soft on me, I will think that it is me and see my confidence go down the pan again.

At the same time, this might not even be a problem at all, right? I mean it’s only the second time that we’ve actually fucked. I know I’m still a tad nervous around him; trying to find out his likes and dislikes while making a good impression. Maybe the same applies for him – perhaps he’s just a tad nervous. The problem with this is that he is a pretty arrogant and cocky bastard, and the thought of him having insecurities with his own performance as a lover just doesn’t ring true.

This brings me very nicely to my next point – this guy is a fucking fabulous lover. He laps my clit with his tongue better than any other man I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying cunnilingus with. He finds my clit with his tongue every time and laps around it in circles, laps up and down across it, blows it, sucks it….. Imagine all those things you wanted to say to your ex-lovers about the way you want to be licked? Well he did everything I could have possibly written down. Except use his fingers. I’m missing the finger action and I made him aware of this today. He plays with my clit with his fingers; he just doesn’t use them to penetrate me and if he wants the oral sex “Big Finale” that I think he does, he’s going to need to learn to multitask and find my G-Spot at the same time.

The way he touches me, kisses me, strokes me, scratches me, nibbles me… all of these things drive me stupid crazy. But good crazy. His fingertips leave a trail of fire all over my skin. Last night was the hottest night of the year and on the new gold satin sheets (I know, I know – cheesy, corny, 70’s style porn, but somehow he pulls them off) we had the most passionate, tender, hot, steamy sex that I’ve had in a long time. It was respectful yet erotic. We were both sweaty and clammy. There was feeling in our sex last night; it was slower, more passionate, more erotic than it had been before. Last night meant something to both of us, I think. We have crossed a line – we aren’t just dating now. I think we might be lovers. And I’ll be honest with you now – I don’t think it’s going to be very long before we are “in love”

He was sat up, I was straddling him. He held my arms behind my back so that all I could do was glide forwards and backwards over his cock. He was kissing my neck, I was breathing heavily into his cheek. The satin sheets were making it difficult for me to get a rhythm on top of him but somehow; it bought me off to a fantastic climax that I don’t think he will be forgetting anytime soon. I shuddered to what felt like the longest orgasm of my life. That sex meant something to me. It wasn’t just sex anymore. I’m starting to get very real and very serious feelings for this man.

So despite the potential limp penis problems and the fact that all day I have been considering whether I’m enough of a superficial bitch to break up with someone because very occasionally they go limp in the bedroom and their cock isn’t over 5/6 inches like most of the recent ex-lovers have been, I’m sticking with what I got. This guy rocks my world for now. I just hope he lasts longer than the most recent guys that I’ve gotten bored of in around 4-6 months.

Keep your fingers crossed for me guys and girls!

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