50 Things I LOVE!

Following on from the previous post – 50 Things I Can’t Stand, I decided to write about the 50 things I love the most. I’d love to hear your views and the 50 things that you love the most!

Let me know when you list them. I’m expecting at least a hint of naughtiness! 😉

So, are you ready? Are you sitting comfortably? Here are the 50 things I LOVE!

1. Christian Louboutin – everything about him and his footwear

2. Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream

3. Diet Coke

4. Jennifer Lawrence

5. Lasagne

6. The color pink

7. Forever and Ever by Dior perfume

8. Men that wear Jean Paul Gaultier cologne

9. Unexpected gifts

10. Big romantic gestures (secretly)

11. The smell of vanilla

12. Iron Fist shoes

13. Sex to hot, steamy music (Like Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon)

14. Tattoo’s & piercings on boys and girls

15. Glitter

16. Rollercoaster Tycoon – the PC game

17. Old fashioned men with old fashioned manners

18. My mobile phone – the Samsung Galaxy S4

19. New phones in general

20. Being checked out by a hot guy

21. Red nail polish

22. Vintage, shabby chic décor

23. When something goes wrong for an ex (I’m sorry – don’t judge me)

24. Angelina Wrona art work

25. Big costume jewellery

26. Intense kisses

27. Brian Viveros art work

28. Kittens

29. Post-sex hormones

30. Champagne – preferably Veuves Cliquet (spelling?)

31. Quavers

32. Sitting in the car in the summer with the radio cranked up and the windows down

33. Strawberries

34. The skin on the chicken of KFC

35. New pens

36. Vera Wang Princess Perfume

37. Sex and the City

38. The film – 9 ½ weeks

39. My Mama

40. Disney films

41. The butterflies you get with a new man

42. Blake McGrath – Relax (This song rocks my world)

43. Rayban Aviator sunglasses (on me and men)

44. Hot men in suits

45. The Saw Movies

46. First-time sex nerves

47. The noise a Ducati motorbike makes

48. The Big Bang Theory

49. The way a man smells when he has been working on a car all day (Grrr!)

50. Chicken & Bacon sandwiches with mayo

So there you have them – the 50 things that rock my world. I’m waiting for yours!


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