The Zoo.

I’m in serious trouble. I spent another fucking amazing 24 hours with Jock and I can honestly say that this guy absolutely rocks my world. I definitely wasn’t this happy with OB at the beginning. The only person I can compare him to right now is Big Love. And that just spells trouble, right?

The reason I know I’m in trouble is because when I look at him, I don’t see his little flaws anymore. It doesn’t matter that he’s not all that well endowed. I don’t see the red, tired eyes and unshaven face that he seems to be oh-so-apologetic for. I don’t see the grey hairs or the bitten fingernails. These are all things I definitely noticed at the beginning but right now, all I see is a man that I have the most amazing time with.

I don’t see the fact that he is almost 8 years older than me and people look at us funny. I don’t see the belly that he hates. I see a cushion that my head rests on perfectly, and a hairy chest that my fingers just love to run through. He’s a real man. He’s my kind of man. He’s my older man.

We went to the zoo. Not only did he pay for my YEARLY ticket so that we could go back to the zoo anytime we wanted, he also paid for a lush steak dinner afterwards. We are also looking into spending a few days in a tent on a safari experience next month. It will basically mean that we get a large tent to ourselves and wake up right next to the watering hole where we will see rhinos, ostriches, deer and a whole bunch of other safari creatures having their morning drink. This sounds like something I would love to do – I’m a big fan of the zoo and animals. I can’t wait to start planning it.

I stayed at his last night and we went to the zoo this morning. He ended up finishing work quite late so didn’t pick me up on time as we had hoped. This didn’t hinder our fun though – we went to the local grocery store, picked up food for a picnic and basically munched out at midnight, on the couch, watching motorbikes race on the TV. It was absolute heaven.

We went to bed and of course, Mother Nature had come to visit so there was no sex for us. He got a blowjob that rocked his world and I dry humped him until I came… twice. Once was about 4am – I didn’t look at the time; I just remember being woken up by kisses and a wandering hand in the middle of the night. I sure wasn’t complaining.

The day was filled with laughter and photos, touching and caressing, holding hands and publicly making out. It was perfect. I couldn’t have wished for a better day. Everything that I could have imagined in my head actually happened – I actually can’t find anything wrong with this guy at all. He talks a lot but to be fair, I don’t mind it. I love listening to his stories about his past lives. I actually think he is the most interesting man I have ever met.

He told me today that he didn’t see me as a short term thing. He said that it wasn’t a long term thing yet, but he did talk about making plans with me a year from now. He also told me that when he is around me, he is happy and all he wants to do is make me smile. He loves my smile. He also has a thing for my eyes, especially when I smile. I think he can feel whatever is going on here too – perhaps not as much as I am, but he’s definitely on the right path.

Everything so far feels like it has slot very nicely into place. The zoo trip was only our fourth date but it was another 24 hour one. In 4 dates, we have managed to fit in over 60 hours of play time. Surely that’s gotta be more than 4 dates worth?!?

I miss him already. He dropped me off about an hour ago because we both have work in the morning, but we are both off on Sunday so tomorrow night once he finishes work, he’s picking me up and we are spending a quiet night at his with a bottle of wine, followed by a homemade Sunday dinner that he has promised me. Can this guy do anything wrong??

I’m smitten already. I’m well and truly sucked in and it’s terrifying me. Part of me wants to run away and hide. I shouldn’t be feeling this comfortable with him already, after just three weeks or so of dating/hanging out/whatever it is that you want to call it. After just four dates, I already can’t get enough of him. It feels like my head is rushing everything along and I’m battling with myself. Firstly, he can’t know how much I already like him because it will freak him out and he might run away. Secondly, it’s been four dates. How the fucking hell can I be obsessed with this guy already. Obsessed is probably too strong a word to use but I can’t think of anything else right now. Besotted? Smitten? Who knows? I know this much – I felt like this about Big Love in the War Zone…..

I can’t wait for him to come and pick me up tomorrow night. I can’t wait to spend another night in his arms. I’m craving his touch. I’m also seriously praying that Mother Nature will have fucked off by then but to be honest, I’m not holding my breath. This shit never goes my way, does it?

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