50 Things I Can’t Stand

I found this post from Hellibob a while ago – 50 Things I Dislike – and I loved it. So much so in fact, that I decided to keep things going and have a bash myself. So… Here are 50 things I dislike.

Why not have a go yourself?

  1. Bad kissers
  2. Rude people
  3. Bananas
  4. Old people that try to learn new technology but fail miserably
  5. Yellow – the color makes me cringe
  6. The fact that I’m always late for everything
  7. Girls that wear really thin leggings as pants – girls; I can see your fucking underwear through the ridiculously thin material and I would appreciate it if you could cover your fat asses up
  8. Bees and wasps
  9. Bad manners
  10. Star Wars
  11. Spiders
  12. Big gold jewellery
  13. Waiting
  14. Anti-gay protestors – what’s the point?
  15. Racists
  16. Tomatoes
  17. The sound of a baby screaming
  18. Joop! Cologne for men
  19. People that borrow stuff/money and don’t give it/pay it back
  20. Fake designer handbags and shoes
  21. Guys that wear black shoes with white socks, or just bad footwear in general
  22. Talking to people first thing in the morning
  23. Cucumbers
  24. People that can’t spell
  25. Peppers on my pizza
  26. The dark – I’m scared of the dark
  27. Bad customer service
  28. People that hurt animals for no good reason
  29. When you have an outfit in your head and it looks nothing like that when you actually put the clothes on
  30. People that have full-on Facebook dramas
  31. Even worse than that – people who say something really profound on Facebook and then refuse to explain why, instead choosing to put something along the lines of “I’ll PM you in a minute Chantelle”
  32. Hay fever on the way to work that makes my eyes water and my makeup run
  33. Random and strange people that talk to me in public, especially charity muggers
  34. Really hot men that have absolutely no personality
  35. THAT time of the month
  36. People that chew their pens
  37. Judgmental people
  38. People that use the words – “aint”, “innit”, and also those that get “your” and “you’re” wrong
  39. Complete silence – it totally freaks me out
  40. Boys that just can’t take a hint and fuck off
  41. Paper cuts
  42. Guys that cry at really awkward moments… like break up’s
  43. People that interrupt me mid-sentence so that I have to trail off and pretend I wasn’t saying anything in the first place…..
  44. People that ask me a questions and then answer them for me before I have even had a chance to open my mouth, which happens to me a lot at work
  45. Failing
  46. Clingy men that want to be around ALL THE TIME
  47. Bad hair days
  48. Being put on the spot
  49. Bad breath
  50. Missing phone calls from people you really want to talk to

That’s not so bad, right? I know there are a few weird ones in there but I guess we all have our odd, quirky little ways. So come on then – What are the 50 things that you dislike the most?

5 thoughts on “50 Things I Can’t Stand

  1. #21 cracked me up…because I also can’t stand to see people wearing white socks with black shoes. About a year ago when i had to go to court regarding a restraining order that I put on Mr.Crazy, I was on one side and he was on the other…..as he sat down I glanced over at him……and of course, black shoes with white socks. I was embarrassed and then the first thing that I thought was “Thank God I don’t have to deal with that moron every again……seriously who wears white socks with black shoes!!!!”

    • OH MY GOD! That’s hilarious! There is nothing worse. Unless you are making some sort of Michael Jackson reference, the look is unacceptable. Not even David Beckham can pull of this look and he was once seen in public wearing nail polish and got away with it. Seriously. Ugh. The thought of it puts me in a bad mood!

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