The Tale of the 24 Hour Third Date.

I have been meaning to upload this post for a couple of days now but I’m only getting around to it. I know, I suck. This was from Thursday 27th June:

We went on our third date, Jock and I. I had an idea for camping to be one of our coolest dates. Turned out, it happened.
I was at work. He rushed around and got everything sorted, ready to pick me up in the evening. He booked the campsite; got the tent, got everything we needed for the trip and even went as far as finding solar powered fairy lights to put in the tent as he knows I’m scared of the dark. While I was at work he literally did everything – the tent was put up, camp fire ready to light, firewood collected…. He basically picked me up, took me to the surprise campsite which we ended up having completely to ourselves, and told me to sit back, relax and enjoy myself. Enjoy I did….

We bought BBQ food and beers and we drank, talked, laughed and then the rain came. We moved the entertainment inside the tent. I had music playing and we were talking about songs that turned us on. I spoke about Closer by Nine Inch Nails and I found the song on my phone. We barely managed a full thirty seconds into the song and we were making out. The next thing I knew, I was straddling him. He laid me down and I took his top off. Before I knew it, we were naked, hardcore making out to sexy music playing from my phone, the rain pattering down on the tent and a lot of heavy breathing going on.

He was aware that receiving oral is an intimate thing for me yet somehow, I was comfortable enough to let him do it. I was also comfortable enough to climax. Multiple times. His tongue found my clit with no feedback necessary and I was right – his tongue does things so much more magical than just kissing.

It wasn’t very long before the tent was well and truly steamed up and things started to get a lot hotter. It was dark, he was naked, I was naked…. I have another man to add to my list – What’s Your Number? Updated… Yes, that’s right. We fucked.

I’ll be honest; the sex was awkward but it didn’t matter. He’s not the biggest guy in the world but he’s definitely not the smallest. I guess I’ve just been spoiled in the penis size department. I was a tad disappointed but his tongue and hands worked magic on my skin, and we soon found that me on top worked much better than him on top. The way I rode him turned him on so much, it wasn’t long before he climaxed. He had already paid so much attention to me and making sure that I got my end of the bargain that this wasn’t a bad thing. I used these skills in the morning just before we left the campsite, and I think I have pretty much figured out how to make him climax with me on top. This is good for me – I could barely make OB climax in any position. I like the new powers that I seem to have over this man. His words were – I make him tingle all over and just one look from me gets him hard. Apparently he’s an eye man – he seems to be able to read my mind just by looking in mine.

I think he might be circumcised too – I was fairly tipsy last night and I didn’t exactly get a great look at it but from the way he felt in my mouth, I’m pretty sure he is. This works for me just fine. He even shaved for me!

I can’t get enough of this guy and not even a smaller penis is managing to put me off. Spooning sex isn’t easy for us – it brings us back to that awkward thing again but I guess it’ll just take some adjustment. I’m used to bigger guys – The Lapdog, Big Love, Hubby, The Guy I Couldn’t Get Rid Of and OB were all fabulously well endowed. I’m trying not to let it put me off but I can’t help but feel that niggling feeling – is his manhood going to be enough for me? We all know how demanding I am when it comes to sex, and I have things that I feel I can’t compromise on. If he had been any other guy, this would have been a deal breaker for me but there is enough about this guy to keep me gagging for more.

He is very attentive in other areas. It’s as if he knows he hasn’t got the longest cock in the world and therefore makes up for it in other ways. He has even gone as far as to make me well aware that my pleasure is his pleasure. Sex isn’t all that important to him but pleasuring me is. I don’t understand why this isn’t a deal breaker for me.

I don’t think Jock is going to be a short term thing. I can see this going far…. I hate admitting as much after just three dates and the first time we slept together, but something is going right for us. We don’t ever have awkward silences and we’ve got so much in common, it’s unreal. We have the best fun and for the most part, it has just been us two. Aside from when I met his housemates briefly after camping, and when he met the Bestie in the pub that one time, it’s just been us. In three dates we have managed to cram in 40+ hours of fun and frivolity. Today we went shopping, visited an art gallery, played in the arcades, took a walk with ice creams along the sea front and chatted for hours. We managed to be able to fit a lot in our afternoon and I won’t lie; it was frickin’ fabulous!

He dropped me home exactly 24 hours after he picked me up. Once he got back to his house, the texting commenced and we’ve both agreed there is something more here than just plain lust. We have a serious connection. He said to me that he thought I was dangerous and he could see himself really liking me and me breaking his heart. I definitely don’t plan on it.

There is definitely something here. I’ve clicked with this person. Very much so. I know I liked OB when we first started dating but this is something entirely different. OB wasn’t a big love story; he was more of a blip I think. The older guy is the way forward, it would seem.

I’m hoping for our next date to be next weekend. He has the Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and I’m going to try and arrange my work patterns so that I can accommodate a night at his. Keep your fingers crossed. We can always see each other before then but there will be no more sleepovers until a more appropriate time. My work schedules and his don’t work well together apparently. I hope this doesn’t cause the demise of us like it did with OB.

I know it’s still a very early stage but this guy has turned into an obsession. I think about him 24/7. When he’s at work and can’t text, I miss him. Now we’ve fucked, I’m craving his touch again. The things he can do with his tongue and fingers are out of this world. The whole combination of the rain, the tent, getting close to stay warm, the beers, the music and the way our bodies reacted to each other made it an experience I’m not likely to forget.

We did make one massive boo boo. I bought condoms and we forgot to use them. We simply got carried away. It was stupid of both of us but thankfully, I went back on the pill once OB and I had broken up so at least pregnancy isn’t a problem. We are both getting tested now so we can prove to each other that we are both fit and healthy. I know I’m good, unless OB sent something nasty my way, and I very much doubt that.

So for now, I guess we will watch this space. I have high hopes for this turning into something quite impressive. He’s definitely going to be a lasting figure in my life, regardless of how things work out for us. One thing is for sure – we have the Zsa Zsa Zsu, in the words of Carrie Bradshaw! 🙂

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