So…. Today was shit.

Following on from my previous blog post (Dear OB…), I thought I’d best explain the need for such a fiery letter.

When I got home from work, rather than going to see my Papa for Father’s Day, I had OB turn up at my door, shouting and screaming like a fucking nutter. We had agreed to go for a drink to talk and smooth things out, as well as giving each other the things we had left behind. Well that didn’t happen – we didn’t make it that far. We had a raging fight.

It’s funny; he gave me a cup, half empty bottles of shampoo, crap, etc. He didn’t give me the iPad back, though. Not that I would ask for it because I don’t really need one but considering he put everything he could have possibly found in that bag of stuff to give back, including Valentine’s Day cards, stockings, and even a phone case, I would have thought he would have put it in there. The Bestie thinks I should report it as “lost” so that it gets blocked. My Mama agrees. I don’t. I’m not that much of a bitch. But still, he was so petty and stupid, what a fucking ass.

I’m livid. He text my family too, after our fight was done. Apparently he also doesn’t understand why I can make time for the Bestie and not him. Fucking idiot. I don’t have time for the Bestie. I wish OB saw what was really happening, rather than what he thinks he can see. Well I guess we are well and truly over now. I’ve told him via email not to contact my family again and that I will be removing him from Facebook. If he can stand at my front door and shout and scream for all to hear, imagine what he will do on my Facebook wall. Fuck that.

Moving along and I found out today that Big Love didn’t buy the house. He is apparently telling everyone that he bought the house, but when my Bestie on the other side of the world messaged me today, her hubby went to the house-warming party last night and the actual owner of the house told them that Big Love and his girlfriend are just renting it from her. What an actual bellend. Why would he tell everyone that he had bought a house when he was just renting it? Well this will be funny when it all goes tits up and he has to admit to everyone that he didn’t buy the house at all. Maybe he didn’t win the breakup war…..?

My Jock is still keeping me well and truly entertained although we were both working hard today so we barely messaged each other. We spoke on the phone last night and I realized a few things.

First and foremost, he has exactly the same voice as My Mr. Grey. The second he opened his mouth on the phone, liquid silk poured right out and touched me in places that only that kinda accent can. I love that accent.

Secondly, he talks like My Mr. Grey – the words he uses are the same, the way he talks is exactly the same. This is getting spooky.

He used to be in the Military – SEEEEEEEE! Even when they aren’t in the military anymore, I’m still attracted to them!!!!!!!

He’s getting hotter and hotter. Seriously, he’s just ticking all of my boxes. I bet he looks nothing like he does in the pictures. I bet he’s ugly. That would be so disappointing. Or he has a tiny penis. That would crush my spirit right now.

So, still in a pickle and still not sure what to do. Oh well… 😉


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