It Was Short. It Was Sweet. But We Tried.

Today was hard work. Let’s just say someone got sent to prison and it was the most gut-wrenching thing that I ever saw. The devastation of the people that were left behind, even if it would end up being for only a few months, was heart breaking to watch. It was a situation that I wished I hadn’t gotten involved in but I had no choice. I know I’m not giving much away but trust me, I had no choice.

On the way home from the court following the sentencing, all I could think about was telling Big Love about what had just happened. I really wanted to message him on Facebook and let him know. I didn’t, of course. I probably should do, shouldn’t I?

I heard a song today. The words in the song were exactly the words I wish I could say to Big Love.

It was short. It was sweet. But we tried. Yes, we tried.

One Ball and I are just going along as we do. He’s meant to be down my way tomorrow but he’s staying with his Best Friend who has, thankfully, been quiet. There has been a text or Facebook message or post every day since OB left, which sort of lead me to think that maybe he was thinking about me too, but then I put this down to sheer stupidity and the crush is kinda disappearing. Thank God.

I feel really deflated tonight. I want to write so much more but I haven’t got the focus to put it all down in black and white. It’s been a pretty brutal few days and I’m actually quite looking forward to going back to work tomorrow to give myself a break from everything else that’s been going on. I just wish OB hadn’t sprung the fact that he was going to be down tomorrow for just over a week, especially with my impending house move…..

I just want to sleep.


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