Another Pregnant Bitch.

Remember in Dear Big Love, I spoke about the wedding of Miss. N (Now Mrs.) and Mr. C? Well, my Bestie on the other side of the world sent me a message at vodka-o’clock this morning:

“Did you see that Miss. N (Now Mrs.) is preggers?! Just saw on FB!”

Of course, I scooted right on over to Facebook, unblocked her and him, and had a good old stalk around their pages. Hers is completely private (bitch) but on his I saw something that I honestly never thought I’d see:

“Making it official. I’m gonna be a daddy. 13 weeks and counting.”

Holy fuck. Mr. C is having a kid? Shut up. I mean I know they got married and stuff in November last year but already, she’s pregnant? Holy shit. That’s not the Mr. C I knew and hated at times. If even the likes of Mr. C are having babies, why the fuck aren’t I having them yet?

Of course, my mind immediately sprung to the Big Love. He must be in bits right now. A little stalk on his FB and not a mention on there. He still hasn’t responded to his girlfriend’s FB “I love you” post either. Weird.

This must be killing him. He has always been jealous of Mr. C and idolized him like nothing I had ever seen before. His relationship with Mr. C was a very odd one. I remember one particular moment where Mr. C pulled me to one side to tell me to be careful about Big Love. WTF? Who does that? That’s his best friend right there! He told me that Big Love had stolen from him before in the past and a lot of people disliked him which meant that they might dislike me too. Apparently people thought Big Love was a douschebag.

Miss N. (Now Mrs.) and Mr. C were always slagging Big Love off yet still he went running back, like a kicked out puppy. His relationship to Mr. C was very different from what he thought it was. He classed them as the best of friends that told each other everything and didn’t do anything without each other. In actual fact, although they were good friends, they weren’t as close as he made them out to be. Mr. C was a bit of a back-stabbing bitch to be fair. Worse than any girl I’d ever come across.

Big Love never saw this, despite many of us telling him exactly that. He always wanted what Mr. C had – the big house, the good toys, the booming bank account, the puppy, the doting girlfriend, the occasional night out with the boys doing a bit of coke. Big Love had a life plan that he would be married with a kid at least on the way by the time he was 30, and he is nowhere close to that. He doesn’t have that sort of relationship with his current girlfriend – everyone can see that. Yet here Mr. C is with everything that the Big Love wants. I can see this going downhill and very, very fast.

I know I still talk about him a lot but I’m definitely not thinking about him as much as I used to. Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I were back there and I realize that it would probably be exactly the same was what it was when I left. We would still be doing the circle of life – making up and breaking up. We wouldn’t have gotten things together enough to be in the same position as Mr. C and Miss. N (Now Mrs.) – married and with a baby on the way. I am genuinely happy for her – she now has everything she always wanted. She wanted him enough to almost stalk him into getting back together with him (he admitted this too) and it worked, and now she has badgered him into getting married and having the baby. Badgered is probably too strong a word – deep down I think he wanted those things but just not with her, more with his ex who was, quite frankly, a crazy bitch. I wonder if they planned the pregnancy….

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