Paranoid Prick.

Again I have left it too long until I blogged. I’m sorry folks. What’s been happening? I know you’re all dying to hear whether or not I met up with My Mr. Grey and f***ed the crap outta him, right?

Well I didn’t. And although I’m proud of myself, I’m mighty pissed off about it.

I decided that it wasn’t a good idea. One Ball is worth so much more than that and I don’t want to be THAT cheating bitch. The one that made him fall in love with her and then broke his heart. Yeah, I didn’t want to be that girl. So I wasn’t. I was the faithful girlfriend and I ignored practically every text message My Mr. Grey had sent me. With every message that popped up from him I wanted to shout “I’ve just been paid, let me get the train and come f**k you!” but I didn’t. It took all my restraint though. It almost drove me crazy.

During this weekend, I barely spoke to One Ball. I was working a lot and I met up with the Bestie I’ve Never Had a Dalliance With and got baked. We went for a picnic. It was cute. We just hung out and reminisced in the sun with our picnic, watching the world go by and getting far too paranoid about being arrested for getting baked in a public place. We didn’t get caught but we did have fun.

Anyway, OB decided that my chill time was the perfect time to have an overly paranoid obsessive fit that quite frankly, pissed me right off. I had seven missed calls from him because apparently I had ignored him. I had spoken to him – there weren’t hours between communication or anything like that. I was just quieter than usual and he couldn’t stand it apparently. He knew where I was and he knew who I was with. The Bestie and I were at my house hanging out and then we would be going for a picnic the next day. Despite this he not only left me so many missed calls that I thought one of his children had been hit by a bus, and text me more than a few angry text messages asking if I had gone and seen My Mr. Grey and why the hell was I ignoring him, but also decided to call my Lil Sis trying to find out where I was. She clearly panicked – thinking all sorts had happened to me. What a knob.

I called him in a panic – 7 missed calls and I was going to be worried, right? What was wrong? Was everything okay? What was happening?

“Why the fuck are you ignoring me?”

Huh? Ignoring you? I’m not ignoring you, you stupid asshole. I’m having some down time with my best friend. You see – in a fit of honesty, I told OB that My Mr. Grey had mentioned that he was coming down. I also told him that I wouldn’t be going. I guess this just means that he doesn’t trust me, choosing to let his paranoia overtake the fact that I had said I wouldn’t.

I was livid. Calling my sister? Yeah, that’s going too far in my eyes. I gave him hell, of course. He apologized and then apologized some more. I think I made him feel bad. Good. That’s what I wanted to do. I can’t be in a relationship where I’m constantly checked up on. Do I really come across as that sort of girl?

To be honest, I get the impression that me and OB are on the out. He’s gone all boyfriend-y on me, and this was something that I really hoped wouldn’t happen. Unfortunately, it’s happening right in front of my eyes.

On the other side of things, I was well behaved when it come to My Mr. Grey. I think the weekends down at my end of the country are going to become a regular thing. He has made it very clear that him and his girl aren’t going the way he wants them to go, and he misses me sexually. He’s doing some work on race cars when he’s down my way apparently. This means that he will be driving down in his race car. His race car and I get along splendidly. Without saying too much, when the car is doing a particular amount of revs over those yellow bumpy lines in the road that they love to do over on this side of the world, the vibrations do things to me and when I learn forward in a specific way, the vibrations do things for my clit too. Yes ladies and gentlemen – it happened. I have cum in his car. I guess I said too much.

I have been faithful this time but how long is it going to be before I give in to my basal urges and just f**k the shit out of the man I love so much but can’t seem to get it together for? All I have thought about this past weekend is what his fingers could have been doing to my body – the way the lightest of his touches gives me electric style shocks. That hand on my ribs and around my neck. I just can’t get it together right now! I’m sexually frustrated and it’s not for my boyfriend. What the f**k?

Well that’s what’s happening with me. Oh and the Big Love still isn’t responding to his girlfriend’s public Facebook displays of affection. She wrote a massive “I love you” post and he couldn’t even muster a “like”. Something’s not right there…

Hope you guys and girlies are doing okay. I’ve missed you. Spring’s here though – that’s good news, right?


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