10 Things it’s Still OK to do at the Age of 26…

To see a photo taken by someone else with a picture of your Mum’s hands and really, really want a cuddle right at that very moment!


To see a huge bar of chocolate, have a couple of squares and still want to eat the entire bar even though you know it’s wrong and very bad for your waist line. There’s no one to stop you and no one would know, but you still battle with yourself of whether or not you REALLY want to.


To still have that one spoon that you love to use when you eat. You know the one – it’s the odd one in the drawer and just feels…. Nice. It’s also OK to shout out “Where’s my favorite spoon???” to your boyfriend like it’s the end of the world when you can’t find it.


To still run out of money at the end of the month even though you are 26 years old and probably should have your finances sorted by now.


To have a favorite film that no one has ever heard of. Mine is a film called “Love and Sex” that came free with Glamour magazine or something similar when I was much younger. It’s like a familiar friend that’s always there when you are in bed alone after you have had a huge fight with your boyfriend/husband.


To still watch re-runs of Sex and The City even though you have seen every episode about 100 times and you know the entire episode word for word, laughing before the funny moment has even happened. It is also OK to still make your boyfriend sit through them as well.


To secretly have a crush on Mike – the Situation, from Jersey Shore. Even though he’s a slime ball and if he came up to you in a bar and was the best of a bad bunch, you would still think he’s a creep.


To act like a complete high school kid with every relationship problem you encounter. It is still OK to eat a ton of ice cream once you have had a fight, or to think it’s the end of the world when there is a chance that you might break up. Even though you know he doesn’t really mean it, and you both know that you don’t.


To wonder what if………?


To secretly sometimes want a baby even though the timing is completely inappropriate, you have a volatile relationship, no financial stability and definitely no room in your life for responsibility. Even after all of that, you still think about it from time to time.


Images Sourced from Weheartit.com & Pinterest.com

7 thoughts on “10 Things it’s Still OK to do at the Age of 26…

  1. Totally! Eating Ben & Jerry’s with our favorite spoons. That’s what it’s all about in your late 20’s….. 😉

    • OMG really?!? That’s epic! I still reckon this should have been a much bigger hit. No one has ever heard of it but I love it! I’m totally watching it tonight! 🙂

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