The Ghosts of Valentine’s Past.

After a slightly depressing last post, I decided to move things to a more upbeat nature. I detest being miserable for long. Life is too short to dwell on the old times, right?

So what’s been happening with me? Well Mother Nature has come to visit. Seriously, this bitch wants to fuck off. My uterus hurts and I want to snuggle with OB but he’s hours away from me. Of course, this instantly makes him an asshole. He did, however, surprise me by giving me the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. Well, almost perfect. They weren’t Jimmy Choo’s. He got me a massive Soap & Glory gift set, and he had a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to my house at lunchtime on V-Day. They were amazing, and not a red rose in sight. I think red roses are so tacky and cliché. OB got my flowers spot on. Well, the florist did anyway. He even bought me a card with a badge. I didn’t wear the badge as I didn’t leave the house, but I fucking love badges.

I was pissed off that he went to spent Valentine’s Day with his kids, but he more than redeemed himself so my Huff is finished with.

It made me think about some of my past Valentine’s Days but to be fair, I can’t really remember that many. My first V-Day with The Big Love sprung to mind of course. Only I could find a hotel in a War Zone, manage to have a beautiful white stocking and suspender set delivered to the War Zone, and give him a night that he would never forget. Admittedly it was a couple weeks too late because he went on holiday to Australia for a month, but still, it was fucking fantastic. We had a lot of sex, I remember that. I also remember how nervous I was when I text him on his return saying “Meet me at our spot. I have a surprise for you!” I then remember him texting me saying he was there. I sent him back a text giving him step by step directions to the hotel…. and then the room…. and then him tapping on the door…. and then me answering it, dressed in a white corset which made my boobs look super awesome, a white thong, white stockings with white suspenders. The look on his face was golden. He kissed me and pushed me back into the room, and we fucked all night long. Literally. I was so in love with him that night. It was amazing. It still makes me smile. That’s one of our good memories. I love remembering those little things you used to do with exes and smiling because the moment gave you that “Feel Good Factor”

The other Valentine’s Day we were together, he bought me home white roses because he knew that I believed red roses were tacky and cliché. It’s funny how both him and OB bought me white roses. Maybe that’s a sign that OB could ne my next great love? Remember that scene in Sex and the City where Charlotte was telling Carrie that the magazine in the dentist’s said that you can only have two great loves in your life? Maybe OB is my second. Maybe I should try harder to cling on to him?

I don’t think I remember any V-Day’s with The Hubby. He was probably away somewhere, neck deep in hooker-clunge. I don’t really remember any other V-Day’s. I think this one with OB will stick in my mind.

It’s going to be 2 weeks until I see OB again. It seems to be going so slowly. I actually really miss him. Even when I’m just writing and he’s just playing the X-Box or whatever behind me, it just feels really natural and I love it. I hope the next two weeks just fly by.

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