You Smell Good, You Do!

Someone bought OB cologne for Christmas even though he doesn’t wear it so he decided to leave it at my place to wear when he is down here with me. It happens to be one of my favorite male fragrances and has a tendency to sink me to my knees…. It smelt delicious on him. I sprayed it on myself before bed in a bid to feel comfortable and hopefully sleep the whole night through. I can’t sleep when someone is not in the bed with me and when I finally get used to it after coming home from the other side of the world and The Big Love, OB comes along, spends two out of three weeks with me in my bed, and fucks it all up. I’m back to no sleep. Not even after a lot of weed 😦

I sprayed the perfume on myself and it did bring me to my knees, but not for the reason I had expected. Instantly I was back on the other side of the world, on the freezing cold balcony having a cheeky cigarette, smelling The Big Love as he made BBQ pork chops behind me. I suddenly remembered why I loved the cologne – It was his. The Big Loves.
Paco Rabanne – One Million was the culprit. I bought it for him, and he later bought me the female version for our anniversary. It became our fragrance – his n’ hers. All of a sudden I remembered why I liked it so much. 
I loved that The Big Love was as into beauty and fashion as I was towards the end. He was hopeless right at the beginning, much like OB is now. I fix them up, that’s what I do. He had a very impressive perfume collection that almost rivalled my own and he always smelt fantastic to me. Every fragrance he wore instantly became sexy. He had a few signature smells that still drives me insane now.


This begs the question though – when OB sprayed himself with Paco Robanne – One Million, did I jump his bones and feel myself gush because it was him wearing it, or because he reminded me of The Big Love?
Perfumes have a habit of attaching me to the men in my life. For example, The Bestie I’ve Never Had a Dalliance With wears Jean Paul Gaultier. That’s what he’s worn the whole time I’ve known him. I once bought him the classic Hugo Boss too so this will always remind me of him. The Jean Paul Gaultier fragrance also reminds me of my Papa Smurf. I don’t ever recall The Big Love ever wearing it. I know he had it and he wore it from time to time, but that fragrance doesn’t make me think of him, which is weird.
Number 4 (The Fireman) will always be Fahrenheit by Dior. Spicy, intense and testosterone drive, this perfume drives me fucking crazy. It could be the scabbiest guy in the world wearing it and I’d still become instantly aroused. I bought it for The Big Love but it doesn’t remind me of him either.
Number 20 (The RAF Guy) will always be Kourus by Yves Saint Laurent. It’s an out dated fragrance now but it still makes me smile whenever I wear it.
The Hubby will always be Cerruti 1881 for men. Maybe Jean Paul Gaultier from time to time too. He had a few fragrances but he rarely wore them. It was usually for my benefit when he did. Cerruti became our fragrance as once again, he had the male version and then later bought me the female one.
Lynx Africa will always remind me of The Lapdog. This isn’t a good association but somehow, for him, it works. I bought him Carolina Herrera – 212 Sexy for Men for his birthday but I never got to smell him in it. It will still remind me of him though, in much the same was as Diesel – Only The Brave Tattoo will always be the one I associate with The Guy I Couldn’t Get Rid Of because I bought it for him for his birthday.
Smells are very important to me because of the associations I create with them. This technically means that in order for me to associate OB as being a big part of my life, I would need to put a smell on him too. The thing is his natural scent drives me fucking crazy, which I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. Is this then going to be “our” smell? How am I ever going to be reminded of it if it is only him that has it?
I need to buy OB a perfume that matches him and drives me crazy too. He isn’t into fragrances at all. He has an old bottle of Joop! that he’s had for years, and now the One Million one as well, but aside from that, he’s a natural smell and shower gel scent kinda guy. Finding him a fragrance is going to be a difficult task. I need something playful and fun, simple yet complex, spicy yet sweet. I need to go smell shopping.
Damn! What a shame 😉

5 thoughts on “You Smell Good, You Do!

    • Is funny how it all works eh? Sometimes it makes me smile and sometimes it makes me cry…. It’s crazy how much power one simple smell can create!

  1. I’ve just started working on the fragrance department of a department store, and kept walking past and smelling Diesel – Only The Brave desperately trying to work out who it reminds me of! Finally realised it was what my ex wore when we were together and now on every shift I have to have a sniff. It’s funny how powerful a memory a scent can evoke, completely agree

    • Ohhh really? Good memory or a bad one? I love the scent and I think OB would smell great in it, but I don’t want to get him a fragrance that I have associated with someone else… I want him have his own scent – one that has nothing to do with anyone else.

      He’s special – I love him because he is unique and not like anyone else I’ve ever dated. I want him to have his own special fragrance. Sad huh?

      • No definitely not sad! I completely get it, because the association is so strong you don’t want to have it blurred or marred by an association with someone else.

        Hm… good memory I think. I like it because it reminds me of us being together which was a really happy time for me, but then I don’t like smelling it constantly because it reminds me of him and how much I miss him… no win!

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