Fuck me. I Love You.

Fuck I’ve been dying to update my blog for ages, and I apologize ladies and gentlemen but I have had company! (If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you’ll know!)

So, One Ball (or OB as I shall call him from now on to make things simpler) has been staying with me. He came down on the 2nd of January and left today. As much as I am enjoying the time to myself once again, I fucking miss him already and I only said goodbye to him 10 hours ago. Now to fill you in on what’s been happening for the last few days…. I don’t even know where to begin!


So, with him he bought the Electro-Sex Controller and Pads – Sextreme. Holy fucking cow! We started off by trying them on my nipples. Then we moved them down to my groin. Not my actual vagina, of course; neither of us were brave enough to give that a go just yet. Let’s just say that they made me very wet. Incredibly wet. I don’t even know how they got me that wet but they sure do fucking work! And for those that still aren’t sure – they aren’t as scary as you think they are and you should most definitely give them a shot!

We have had so much sex the past few days that I don’t even know where to begin. We even made love. I have wanted to say The “L” Word about a thousand times to him over the past few days but I still haven’t found the balls to actually say it. Yesterday, for example, we went walking to an old castle and beach near to where I lived. We walked for ages and took photos – me with my new SLR camera and him with my old one. I love photography you see but I’m not every good at it because I don’t use my cameras half as much as I should. Especially not when the camera on the iPhone is so good! Anyway, we walked, talked, held hands, kissed, took cute photos, played around, went to a pub and then went out for dinner in a nice restaurant. Then…. HE INTRODUCED ME TO HIS MOTHER AND SISTER!

He has been saying for ages that he didn’t want me to meet them yet, but somehow he changed his mind and apparently, they love me. This comes as quite the surprise for me as most Mothers’ of my boyfriends usually detest me with a passion. Apparently I’m a horrible person.

He let me pick out clothes for him when we went shopping. We went to the barbers and he let me pick his new haircut. He really is my newest Ken-doll! I loved it! He seemed to love it too which of course, made me ecstatic. I’m thinking of getting him a cute Tee that says something along the lines of “My girlfriend picked this out for me”  – what do you think? 😉

I don’t even know how to explain the last few days. It has been naughty and nice, all at the same time. It’s been a weird combination but one I sure do fucking adore! Last night, he asked to watch Nine and a Half Weeks as he knows that film turns me on immensely. We barely got five minutes into it before my remote controlled love egg was lubed up and shoved into my soaking wet pussy; his fingers gently caressing my clit and his mouth around my nipples at the same time. It was heaven. Remember that aching muscle feeling I spoke about in “Warning! Explicit Content!” with My Mr. Grey? Well I have that now. I have climaxed so much over the past few days, I don’t even know if I could take anymore. Well actually I could and the reason I know this is because I jerked off just an hour ago! All those memories of OB. Sigh….. 😉

One night he took my panties off r-e-a-l-l-y slowly, massaging my clit as he did so. The next minute, he was shoving my own panties into my pussy, forcefully biting my neck at the same time. I didn’t see it coming at all – he sure does keep me on my toes! It was amazing – everything I wished every other guy had done, he did. He played with my nipples for hours. He gently caressed my clit for what felt like forever. He went down on me and I SQUIRTED ALL OVER HIS FACE! I decided that it was time! Fuck it! He wants it; let him have it! He said that mouthful was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted and I melted in his arms right there and then.

He doesn’t care that I smoke weed. In fact, he loves how “snugly” I get when I am high. He sat on the bed watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory while I did my Freelance writing. He also hung out with my family members while I had to go to work. This guy is positively perfect. There were stages where he got clingy and I thought I couldn’t handle it, but I soon got over it. He’s in training after all – I’ll teach him when enough is enough.

I slept all night in his arms for 4 nights in a row and I didn’t hate it. We even managed morning sex once. One of those nights we didn’t even have sex; we just cuddled all night until we eventually fell asleep. I can’t keep up with him – he’s sexy then he is cute, aggressive then sweet, hot and then cold. He keeps me on my toes and keeps me guessing and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

The good thing about our long distance relationship is the fact that when we do see each other, we appreciate it a whole load more. And we have the most amazing sex I’ve ever had in my life. He came in my mouth. We didn’t manage it from head yet, but I got him “there” and then he finished himself off into my mouth. He even made a video of me sucking his cock – something to remind him of how good my mouth feels when he is back up the road, alone in his room. The noise he makes when he comes into my mouth, mixed with the way that his legs go rigid and his toes curl up – HOT!!! I am starting to think we are very well suited for each other indeed.

I’m starting to think that we really could be the real deal, you know. The sex is mind-blowing and I know there is nothing I could mention that he would turn his nose up at. He’s never tried anything with regards to his ass, but I think he’s even coming around to that. I have warned him – at some point during our relationship there is a good chance that my fingers/tongue/toys will end up in his ass and he is going to love it. I think he’s slowly coming around to the idea. He shoved his finger up my ass this weekend, but we didn’t go as far as full anal. I’m holding that one back for a while – I learned my lesson by doing it too early with The Guy I Couldn’t Get Rid Of.

I have come to the conclusion that OB makes me very wet. I’m sure I’ve never been this wet with any other guy I have slept with, at least not that I remember. He makes such a big deal about it as well – it turns him on a great deal and he makes no attempt to hide that. The way he whispers “You feel so fucking good!” into my ear while I’m slowly lifting myself up and down on his cock drives me crazy. He gets so hard and so big that it feels amazing inside of me, and we found a new “thing” that we both love. His cock is not inside me, but I slide my soaking wet pussy up and down the length of it, straddling him. It’s my way of teasing both of us at the same time, and it drives us crazy. He bit my shoulder when I did this and as I look down; I can still see the outline of his teeth. I destroyed his soft skin too – his shoulders are covered with my bite marks and his back is covered with my scratches. He loves it when I bite him, which is odd because every other guy before him has hated it. It is something I have trained myself not to do and my orgasm seems to hit so much harder when I am allowed to sink my teeth right into his shoulders as he is pounding deep into me. Oh, did I mention we measured his cock? He seems to think that he is pretty average. Pfffft. Average is most definitely not over 7 inches long and 5.5 inches around. That’s not average at all; that’s my perfect penis. Minus the foreskin of course, but I’m getting used to it again.

I did have a few moments of pure paranoia while he was down. He had promised not to read my blog when I had been “outed” but the search term “Not So Sex in the City!” was used and lead a British viewer to my blog. Of course my mind went into overdrive – it just so happened to be at the same time that he went to see his best boy-pal, Mr. P. (I have met Mr. P. once, briefly at work. He’s pretty hot!) Anyway, for a split second I freaked out and thought that maybe OB had told Mr. P. about my blog to encourage him to read it. The next morning I said to OB that although he had promised not to read my blog, he couldn’t get someone else to read it instead – that would still be against my rules. He promised he wouldn’t. I guess time will tell.

Anyway, in conclusion I have had a pretty fucking awesome few days and I can’t wait until the first weekend in February when I can go and see my boy-toy once again. I am travelling to his end of the country again next time – I crave the mini adventure and getting lost in the Big City again!

If I had any doubt in my mind before, I definitely don’t now. I love him. Very much. Now all I need to do is tell him. If only it was as easy to say that to him as it was to squirt all over his face….

Love Sex

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