10 Things I Vow to Stop Doing in 2013

After reading 10 Things I Vow to Stop Doing in 2013 by the Thought Catalog, I decided to create my own take on this. We all make New Year’s Resolutions, but how many of us actually stick to them? Rather than focusing on giving up smoking, losing 30-odd pounds and getting into 2 dress sizes smaller, I’m going to focus on sorting my life out – stopping doing the things that prove to be self destructive.


*I need to stop falling in love so easily.

I have a feeling I’ve already gone past this point with One Ball, so I shall amend it ever so slightly. Instead, I want to stop being so blind-sided by love. When I am in love, I get walked over. Every single one of my relationships has changed from me having all the power at the beginning, to me being completely washed away by a wave of “I must do everything for my man”! I need to keep the power throughout the relationship, rather than handing it over. I must remember this for my relationship with One Ball.

*I need to stop holding on to past loves

I’m still very much hung up on Big Love and anyone with half a brain, or have read my blog, will see that. I need to let him go. I need to quit stalking his Facebook page and hoping he has broken up with his girlfriend. Forgive and Forget – that’s what it’s all about in 2013.

*I need to stop getting high and having the munchies!

I love to smoke weed and yes, I know it’s bad for you blah, blah, blah. I get stressed out and turn to a doobie for relaxation. I need to stop doing this – I have put on ten pounds over Christmas and I wholeheartedly believe that’s because I was high. A lot!

*I need to stop spending more than I can afford

Let’s just say that I have a certain kind of lifestyle and not enough money to fund it. That’s my first priority – pay off old debts and get back onto a level playing ground. I’m not talking about thousands or anything like that – I just need to get everything in order and in one place, you know?

*I need to stop being lazy

I’m not talking about a shit ton of weight – I’ve lost the majority that I wanted to get rid of. I was 210/220 pounds at my heaviest and I went down to 160. I currently stand at about 170/175, depending on what time of the day it is. I want to get down to 145 approximately. This year is going to by MY year – I am going to get 145 if it kills me!

*I need to stop being so hard on myself

That leather dress I bought that I’ve only had the balls to wear twice, the bodycon dress that I bought for New Year, the outfits I keep finding on Pinterest, etc. I’m not skinny but I’m definitely not the fat girl I once was; I just need to get my head to remember that. Rather than wearing smaller, more flesh-showing clothes when I lose the first bit of weight, I’m still wearing baggy stuff. I want to have the balls to wear a skin tight dress and be proud of it.

*I need to stop thinking about self-harming

I’m not saying that I want to cut myself every minute of every day, but the past few months have been touch and go for me. There were times that I was so distraught with my situation and how lonely I was feeling, I thought about hurting myself. I didn’t and I am immensely proud of myself for that, but I need to try and get those thoughts out of my head completely.

*I need to make more time for my friends and my family.

I may bitch about friends and family sometimes but I love them all dearly, and really I should make more time for them. I seem to spend so much time rushing from home to work, and back again to do laundry and freelance writing, update my blog, or have a doobie and chill out that sometimes it feels like I don’t make enough time for the people that keep picking me up off the floor when I’m down. I vow to start making real time for them.

*I vow to divorce my husband.

This stems from needing to move on and not holding on to the past. Things weren’t in my favor with regards to letting go of the hubby once and for all – traveling, finances, etc. This year I am going to be rid of him, in the nicest way possible. He doesn’t deserve any more of my time and while I wish him all the happiness in the world, I need my old last name back.

*I vow to give myself a break

Sometimes I make mistakes. Sometimes I make bad choices. Sometimes I jump to conclusions and automatically think the worst has happened. I need to quit giving myself such a hard time. I’m an OK person – I’m funny, spirited, alive…. I need to start living my life and not putting so much pressure on myself to be just perfect. I’m never going to be perfect – let’s all give ourselves a break, shall we?

What do you want to stop doing in 2013?

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