T-Minus 4 Sleeps.

Things are getting a bit tense. I am going to be seeing One Ball in T-Minus 4 sleeps. Wanna know what a girl has to go through before she meets her guy in a long distance relationship? Come into my world guys and dolls….

I need to shave my legs. Do I do it tonight so there won’t be so much to get rid of the night before I see him? Or do I save it so I can avoid those annoying red bumps you get when you shave your legs twice in a couple of days. My bikini line definitely needs some work too. But crap! I’m going to need to shave in 2 days time anyway because then it is New Year and I’m wearing a dress. Twice it is.

I need to seriously tidy my shit up. My room is a bomb site of half finished stuff and dirty laundry. I was going to do it tonight. I decided to get high and update my blog that hasn’t had any exciting news for ages. Tomorrow I will definitely clean my shit up.

I have writing work to do otherwise I’m going to be broke when he’s here. By writing work I mean freelance writing; something I do in my spare time to subsidize my earnings which have never been enough for my high maintenance life.

I need to make sure I have all the *important* stuff together in one night neat place – I need to have tied the ropes underneath my bed and around the head-bit before he gets here. He’s mentioned this a few times and I’m wondering if he’ll remember and look for it. I’m doing it anyway. He promises to tie me up. I need to make sure that all of my sex toys & lubes etc. are in an easy to reach spot on his side of the bed. He’s going to want them this weekend for sure, and I don’t want to have to run around my room in all my nakedness looking for toys and watching his flailing erection. I need to have a clean towel to catch the drips. It’s disgusting but it happens. It has to look “in place” as well. You know ladies; hidden but visible at the same time. I need to make sure I place a scarf on the computer chair to the right of my bed. He’s going to want to blindfold me and my leather blindfold doesn’t cover my eyes in quite the same way.

I need to de-fuzz my top lip. Enough said.

I need to change and clean my sheets. Oh and make my way through the masses of dirty laundry I have scattered around. And get it dried. And put it away. And put my clean clothes away that I get out every time I change items thirty or forty times before I settle on the first outfit I picked out anyway.

I need to finish painting that bookshelf and put my shoes and bags on it. I was meant to have gotten this done the last time he was around my way…. That was months ago.

I need to clean the kitchen and the bathroom, and vacuum the stairs and hallway. I need to remember to put the garbage bags out.

This is the EASY stuff!!!!

We still have the “L” word problem. We haven’t said it but we have suggested it to each other in our own little ways. I found a word – Forelsket. It basically means in the first throes of falling in love in Danish. It seems very apt. I wanted to send it to him but didn’t quite have the balls.  He also sent me the following picture:


I asked him outright – “Did you just “L” word me?”

He replied (after five minutes) – “What time are you going out with the Bestie you’ve never had a dalliance with?

Right. Awesome. Cheers buddy. We are still playing this damn game are we?

Not that it matters because there are a few things pissing me off at the moment. He sent me a picture of himself wearing a shirt that he got for Christmas and he looked horrific. He sent me the picture above. He is counting the days until he comes to see me. He sent me two long emails – a story of him ravishing me. Basically, he’s going to tie me up and force-fuck random parts of my body. It was hot but… Worst spelling, grammar and punctuation I’ve ever seen in my life. I have turned into one of those people that find PROPER English sexy. One sentence alone was about five lines long. Pffft.

I told him I wanted to try those sex electric pad things that you can get. It’s interested me for a while so I mentioned it in one of our conversations that still hasn’t ended in Skype sex. He ordered one to be delivered to my house the morning he gets to see me. I get that he’s excited to try them out but he was up and ordering those bad boys the minute he got paid before I had even stirred in the morning. Wow. Right on in there eh?

I think it’s all getting a bit much but I haven’t the heart to say that to him. I still adore him, don’t get me wrong, but it’s getting too…. Eager? I’m hoping this feeling goes away when I do actually see him.

Remember the guy I spoke about a while ago that I work with? Check out – Dipping Your Pen in the Office Ink? Well… things are getting heated there too and I wasn’t even aware that it was happening. He’s been down with work and his general situation for a while now, and I’ve been trying to cheer him up at work. We were having a late night text marathon one night and I suggested something that had a musical artist in it. He sung me a song lyric – an obscure song that I don’t think he thought I would have known. I sung the next song lyric back. He said he wanted to see him live, I suggested a gig that was coming up soon. The next conversation followed this:

Him: Promise me something?

Me: What’s that?

Him: When we get hammered at the gig and end up having sex, you won’t feel sad that all the other guys you sleep with aren’t as good as I am.

Me: Oh, so it’s going to be that easy to get into my underwear?

Him: Well, the gig, me, you, the musical artist, plenty of beer and my personality – I’ll give it a shot.

The conversation went on for a little bit longer, mocking how work would feel if we had slept together, and discussing how he thinks I could be a bunny boiler. I protested my innocence, of course, but he came up with the one definition that I thought was very apt and couldn’t even argue with:

“You’re the worst kind of woman. When a woman like you wants something she always gets it, no matter what she has to do to fucking get him there!”

This is so true – I do ALWAYS get what I want, whether it’s being spoilt by family at Christmas (which I was) or getting my guy to do pretty much whatever I wanted. This is something I will return to another time I think – make sure you remind me!

So I’m now thinking that maybe there is something in our professional relationship that was more than just professional. I haven’t really thought about him in that manner since I turned him down for sex when he outright asked me at a fellow work colleague’s birthday party. I guess it’s becoming a recurring pattern – we ARE going to fuck and there’s not a lot that either of us can do about it. Bugger. I can see it coming.

So the Festive period is almost over and my recently quiet and peaceful life is coming to an end. That’s probably for the best; I was running out of things to talk about on my Blog. I almost welcome the excitement and mini-dramas that are going to come as a result of my confusing life right now – the guy at work, One Ball, thinking about sleeping with the Bestie (a story again for another day) and wondering how to hide a Facebook status from My Mr. Grey.

Apparently guys, I’m back!

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5 thoughts on “T-Minus 4 Sleeps.

  1. Loooooong list! Cracked up at the bad grammar, that can be a turn off! As for the Facebook thing, you can sort that easy, I do it all the time 😉 sounds like you’re in for some fun!

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