What do YOU want for Christmas?




It seems that every day I am being asked this damn question. And every day I find a new way to avoid answering it. I’m at a certain age now; if I want something, I go out and buy it. I don’t wait a couple months to put in the “Christmas List” to send to people that clearly don’t know how to read the list, and buy me something hideous instead.

When I came home and rolled my joint, I began to think about this question with a little more depth. What did I really want for Christmas? As in really, really want?

I want perfume. I love perfume. I want Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb, Miss. Cherie Dior, Forever and Ever by Dior, Black XS by Paco Robanne, Loverdose by Diesel…. This list will prove to be extensive if I carry on.

I want shoes. All shoes – I want boots with fur around the top, and high heeled shoes that I’m never going to be able to afford. I came across a pretty stunning pair on Pinterest before. Well Santa, I’ve been a very good girl. They are Louboutins, of course.


I want happiness. Or maybe even contentment. Perhaps a healthy balance of the two? I want to be able to be thankful every day. Not all day, every day, of course. But a little of each day would be nice.

I want to have a family that would stop fighting long enough to appreciate the fact that we all have each other. It doesn’t matter how long my Nan and Mama may go on not talking for; at the end of it all, when push comes to shove, they are Mother & daughter, and nothing on this earth is big enough to completely crush that bond. The same applies for my Mama and I – we have recently stopped talking for around 2 or 3 months, and we started talking again just the other day. Before that, we stopped talking for 2 years because of the Man she is still having problems with. There is a chance the dick could end up in jail soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that.

I want a French style furniture set that I have recently come across in a local store. It is a beautiful set – all white and fancy looking. It would go perfect in my bedroom.

I want Yankee Candles in any scent! These candles are a particular favorite of mine, and their scents make my mouth water. In fact, I love any scented candles.

I want all the stuff that girls want I guess – new pretty pink and white bedding, anything pink or glittery, cushions, clothes or vouchers, jewelry and accessories, canvas art work for my room; particularly Angelina Wrona’s, money for tattoos & piercings, anything vintage, furniture that I can restore (a particular hobby of mine) books…..

I’d quite like a really hot guy for Christmas too…. but for now, I’m good with One Ball 🙂

What I REALLY want for Christmas is to spend it with the people I cherish the most – My Gramps, Nan, Aunt, Mama, Sister, One Ball (I cherish him right now – that counts, right?) and the Bestie I’ve never had a dalliance with. However, Nan doesn’t talk to Mama, Gramps doesn’t like the Bestie I’ve never had a dalliance with, Aunt doesn’t like Mama’s BF, the Bestie isn’t a fan of One Ball – see where I’m going with this?

Last Christmas was very difficult for me because of the situation with the Big Love. We managed to throw together a few decorations and a tree, which he erected and I decorated. He bought me the Louboutin book for Christmas. It threw me off – if he didn’t want to be with me, which is what he said at the time, why would he buy me a $200 book? A turkey dinner for one, and no presents to give to each other on the actual day because we had thrown them at each in other in fights of fury in the days leading to Christmas, and a fight later, and I was thankful that for that year at least, the festive period was over. I would very much like this Christmas to be a very different affair. I just want it to be quiet and drama-free, with happiness and peacefulness around me.

I think I deserve a good Christmas and I am making it my mission to give myself one. I’ve bought a few small Christmas presents – money is still tight and I told everyone I couldn’t afford a big Christmas. I am also working all through the festive period in a bid to keep myself busy. I’ve started listening to Christmas songs, and I’m even getting bits and pieces prepared to dress myself up at work – you know what I mean; Christmas stickers on my name badge, tinsel in my hair, a festive flashing set of earrings, etc.

I hope that you guys all get what you want for Christmas. What is it that you really want? Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we are on Santa’s Nice List this year, instead of Naughty 😉


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