Questions, Questions, Questions… Again!

Many thanks to PiperBlue26 for directing me to the other nomination for the Liebster Blog Award so that I could answer those questions too! I seem to get lost in a sea of blogs once I start reading, so the assistance was much appreciated!

Carrying on the game, I am going to answer the 11 questions as suggested on The Liebster Award by Piper Blue:

  1. Cats or Dogs? I’m a cat person really, but I love certain dogs too! I am a sucker for a pretty kitty – I’ve had three Siamese cross breeds, and I’d love a purebred. I also love Bengal kitties, and the F1 Savannah cat, which is a ridiculous amount of money. Dog-wise, however, I want a Pug and a British Bulldog.
  2. What is your favorite city or country you have ever visited, and why? I love every place I have traveled to for different reasons, but my favorite would be Canada. It’s the most beautiful place in the world, with every scenic picture that you could imagine. There is nothing this country doesn’t have. The snow, the cold, the heat, the wind, the mountains, the wildlife, the outdoors-y way of life… Everything about this country I adored, and one very special part of it – The Big Love.
  3. Favorite beverage? I’m a sucker for a glass of champagne. I love Veuves Cliquet especially. I drink most things though, and I love a glass of wine. Throw me a Jaeger-bomb and I’ll show you how it’s done!
  4. What are your three favorite books/authors?  (If you’re not much of a reader, shame on you, but I’ll accept movies.) Ooooh this is a tough one. I love Why Men Love Bitches by Sherry Argov. I touched on this briefly in another post as well. Number two would have to be fifty Shades of Grey – only the first one though; the final two books were very repetitive and lost the edge for me. The third one would have to be Bridget Jones’ Diary – for obvious reasons 😉
  5. What color are your eyes? Blue/grey – they change color a lot.
  6. What is your favorite thing about yourself, or your biggest strength? I am a very generous person and I would spend my last fiver on someone if it meant making them smile. I find myself too generous sometimes and it pisses me off – I seem to always buy lunches or drinks at work, I’m always giving someone a “spare” cigarette….
  7. Which of the 7 deadly sins fits you best – Lust, Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, Pride, or Greed? LUST. Enough said.
  8. If you had to spend the rest of your life in either the Arctic, with below-freezing days and even colder nights, or in the desert, with temperatures above 100 degrees every day, which would you choose? I’ve done both of these within the space of a year. The war zone was hot and dry, and the other side of the world was bloody freezing. As much as I love the hot weather and a good sun tan, I loved the cold weather. This is a really tough one! I’m going to go with….. the Arctic!
  9. What is your favorite holiday, and why? I loathe and love Christmas at the same time, which is a weird place to be in. A lot of bad stuff tends to happen to me around Christmas, which is one reason why I hate it, but at the same time, I love getting dressed up and wearing ridiculous reindeer sweaters with bulbous flashing earrings, giving gifts and being with the ones I love. I think Christmas has been tainted for me over recent years, but here’s to hoping this one will be better!
  10. Who was your very first crush, and how old were you? My first crush, unless you are counting Tom Cruise from Jerry Maguire, who I had a major crush on in high school, was a guy I later fucked once school was over and out. This guy was Number 6. He was hot, tanned, ripped, a little bit of a nut job, and while we were at school, completely out of my league. At school, he was a bit of a jerk, especially to me. It turned out that he wasn’t that great in bed, and the night was soon forgotten about. Still, I liked him, I wanted him and I got him. I really am a spoiled princess.
  11. If you became immortal and had to be one age for the rest of eternity…what age would you choose, and why? I absolutely loved being 19 years old, but I think 21 is a better age to be. You are technically legal to do whatever you want, but at the same time, still young enough to be a fool. I wish I could be 21 again – there are so many other things I wish I had done!

11 questions, 11 answers – done! Another great set of questions! I love answering these little things as they really get me thinking. Let’s just hope there are more awards so I can answer more questions 🙂

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