So, I Got Turned Down…

So… I got turned down.

Yesterday I got a text out of the blue. It was from Number 3. Turns out he lives just around the corner from me, and was at a loose send last night. Did I want to go over for a drink? Yes, of course I did. He had a huge cock, and knew how to use it. It would be just sex. It always was. It happened once every now and again. Although recently, not so often. I hadn’t seen him since I came home from the other side of the world, it was about time the text came.

I rushed home from work, showered, shaved, primped, preened, moisturised, curled, made up and spritzed with my sexiest perfume. I found my nicest lingerie, wore my hair how he always told me he liked it and I walked right on over there.

We talked, reminisced, drank more wine than we should have done, and then, of course, the conversation turned to sex. He looked at me, I looked at him, I walked right on over to him and he said….. No?!?

This has never happened before. He said no? What the fuck? He never says no. I’m the girl he couldn’t forget about – he tells me enough, even now! Apparently he’s dating this girl, and has been for a year. This has never stopped either of us before, but apparently he grew up. It’s frustrated me. Now he had said no, even though I never really wanted him that much these days, it made me want him even more.

It made me think. Was he playing a game? He isn’t new to the whole game playing thing; our entire almost two year relationship was a game. So is he doing this to make me want him more? Because it is certainly working. He text me tonight, but I ignored it. I’m not playing his games. He said no – it’s over as far as I’m concerned. No one says no to me.

This made me realise that I always got what I wanted, and hearing the word no wasn’t something I was used to. I didn’t like it much.

There is light at the end of the tunnel though. One Ball and I are most definitely getting closer. We shared our first kiss just the other night, and it was simply perfect. We haven’t had the exclusive chat yet so I’m assuming its OK to still fuck old boyfriends? Not that I had the chance to fuck old boyfriends of course. Apparently, my old ones are taking the high road these days.

Are guys these days really taking the moral high ground? I know before that he would never have said no to me, regardless of his relationship status. Maybe she’s the one for him? I’m proud of him secretly; if he had been more faithful while we were dating, perhaps we would have stayed together. To be honest though, I really didn’t know how to take the rejection….

9 thoughts on “So, I Got Turned Down…

      • Yeah, it sounds like he was playing with you somehow. I wonder if he was trying to be a jerk or trying to get you to want him more. UGH, how frustrating. I did used to have a guy that would have sex with me then afterwards act like he wanted to do it again and get me all amped up and say he had to go now. He was definitely trying to leave me wanting for more the next time and it worked but it also pissed me off. So sometimes guys do play those little games. I am really puzzled by your guy’s behavior so I can’t imagine how annoying it is to you!!

  1. I don’t know, but me I would probably try to turn it around on him somehow. You look your best and act flirty when you see him but leave HIM wanting you more. Like “too bad you are in a relationship” wink, wink. But, I am evil like that. I would try to make him regret his “decision”. I fully admit I can’t handle rejection though. It is hard being a woman with a high sex drive. :p

  2. Oddly enough, after reading this blog my main guy invited me over saying he wasn’t in the mood for sex tonight he was too tired. I’m all WTF, but I guess guys can be too tired for sex. :p He still wanted to see me and snuggle and watch movies and admittedly I was kinda pissed but I went over and he ended up wanting to cuddle naked and later we had sex. So much for that. LOL

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