Warning! Explicit Content!

I have had two days off work. Do you know what I have done for those two days? Let me let you in on my dirty little secret – I have fucked, drank wine, ate dinner, laughed, walked, talked, fucked, fucked some more, and fucked a little bit more again! In short, the last two days of my life have been spent between the sheets, or rather, on top of them, and although right now I am more than a little sore, I have this kind of after-sex glow, and a twinkling in my eyes that, let’s face it; just comes from a good old fucking!

I will try and refrain from going into too many details – this isn’t meant to be a porno-blog after all. However, I do have to tell you! I have to tell someone!

Let me set the scene for you – Number 23 on my list, “What’s Your Number?” came to see me.

He had a couple of days off and yesterday was his birthday, so rather than going all the way back to the top of the country; a whole 12 or so hours away, he decided to travel the hour and a half to come and see me instead. He booked a hotel, he surprised me at work, and although I have always remembered how hot this guy was, I hadn’t seen him for two years, and my god, was he fucking hot!

He’s a little older now – 32 I think. He has this sprinkling of grey hairs, and this cute little bald patch that usually I would find disgusting, but on him just added to the appeal. He got hotter too – his muscles were more defined, he seemed taller than I remember, and when he came into my place of work and gave me a hug, I swear to God, my knees trembled.

After work, we went for coffees. Then we parted ways – he went to check in to the hotel, and I went to shave my legs! I wore my prettiest, flirtiest dress and we went for dinner. It was during dinner that he surprised me. He had bought me a bottle of expensive lubricant, and a set of Chinese love balls that I, of course, had to run to the bathroom and pop in straight away.

That’s the thing with us – we have this unspoken agreement. We have been doing “our thing” for almost ten years now. Whenever we are single, (or not) and we have time, he comes down to see me and we spend however long he is down here for indulging in naughty foreplay, mind-boggling sex, and a great deal of laughter.

The dinner soon lead to drinks in the hotel bar, and this soon lead to him leading me up to this hotel room. He kissed my neck and I fell apart right in his hands. I had forgotten how good he kissed me. His lips were so soft, his muscles were so hard, and then he got undressed! He has piercings in his cock. He has stretched these piercing holes until I could quite literally, fit my pinkie finger though the hole. I’m not entirely sure how to explain this – the piercing goes from under the head of his cock, right out through his “Jap’s eye”. At first, this freaked me out, but after a little while, I realized how hot it was. I had all this power with my finger through his cock, and with him I never have power. I had a couple of glasses of wine beforehand so my inhibitions were at an all time low. Honestly, I cannot find the words to explain the sex that I have had over the last two days.

It was sweaty, messy, empowering, disgusting, hot, passionate, sensual, teasing, hardcore fucking. He tied me up with the waist scarf from my own dress. He flipped me over so that the entire front half of my body was pinned to the bed and preceded to fit as many fingers as he could inside me from behind. My “Stop!” was when he knew it was too far – he’s a professional in this kinky fuckery; I am just an innocent bystander when it comes to him. I felt pain – I knew he had many fingers inside of me. I am a huge fan of being stretched, but funnily enough, no man is ever brave enough to do such a thing. Nor am I brave enough to tell a man that this is what I like. Not every day, of course, but from time to time, it suits me just fine.

I said “Stop!, he pulled back his hand, and I had this feeling within me that was ready to explode so I pushed back. Searing pain drove through my body, and all I heard from him was “WOW!” It turned out; my stop had lead me to back right up on his hand. His entire fist was inside me. I came HARD. He wasn’t expecting me to take it – I am fairly tight. He has some serious girth on his cock and there are times when I can barely take this, so the fact that I had taken his entire fist in my pussy blew his mind. And mine.

The rest of the two days is just a blur to be honest. There was walking and talking during the day, wine and dinner at night. Then back to his for some hardcore kinky fuckery. He is My Mr. Grey and I told him this. He does things to my body that I never knew a man could do. He does this thing where he puts a couple of fingers inside me and massages my G-Spot, while at the same time pushing down on my groin with his other hand, which leads to the most mind-blowing orgasms I’ve ever had. His tongue works magic. His cock leaves me feeling unbelievably full. His kisses make me tingle all over.

He rarely cums inside a woman. I know this because we have always had this bizarre relationship where I know everything about him, and he knows pretty much everything about me. He told me that it has been a year since he last came inside a girl, and I believe this wholeheartedly. Last night, I was on my front, body pushed down into the bed, pillow-biting, my ass up in the air, when I reached my hands behind me and spread my ass for him to enjoy everything. Turns out he quite likes this, and he exploded into me with such force, I could feel everything. EVERYTHING!

I can’t even remember exactly what we did in bed. I was in a daze for most of it. Imagine the best sex that you have ever had in your life, combined with scary sex; sex that you like but have never had the balls to try. It was scary but so much fun at the same time. There were points where I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, but he has this amazing way of knowing how far to go, and when.

I can’t count the amount of orgasms I have had over the last two days, but I know I must have had many. My pussy is so sore; it hurts to go to the bathroom. My stomach muscles feel like I have done a thousand crunches. Even my ass muscles are sore from all the tensing and clenching. It feels like I have run a marathon. My face, however, has this shiny, pink glow to it. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and all I could think was – Wow! This guy makes me look good! Oh, and just before I forget to mention – I managed to take his entire cock in my mouth, deep-throating as far as I could go, and apparently, I am the first girl that has ever managed to do that to him. This is not a lie – he is a pretty big guy. This is what my day has been like so far – I am doing something completely mundane or having a conversation with someone, and out of nowhere, I get a flashback that makes me blush. It feels like I have been drugged by sex – good drugged though, not bad drugged. He is addictive.

He has now gone back to work and all I feel is a bit… empty. I don’t even remember being THIS attracted to him. While we were talking, he was telling me about other girls that he’s seeing, and I talked about the various rendezvous’ I have had over the past couple of months. One thing stood out to me – I was jealous about this guy talking about these girls for the first time ever. I always used to find his stories a kind of morbid foreplay, but now it made me angry. I think I have developed feelings for this guy – feelings I have never had before.

I am not going to do anything about it, of course. It would destroy the way we are, and with sex like that, I wouldn’t change us for the world. One thing is for sure – if he came to me and swept my off my feet with a promise of a happy ever after, I would totally jump into it wholeheartedly, knowing that this guy would never hurt me. It got me thinking – why have we never tried the REAL relationship thing, rather than just naughty hook-ups every couple of years?

For now, I will be more than happy to put the past two days in my sexual wank bank. I miss him already. My pussy sure doesn’t – I don’t think I could even touch it just now. But my body and my heart now crave him. Waking up the past two mornings; naked and intertwined in his arms was heavenly. The way he lightly stroked his fingers down my spine to wake me up, combined with the gentle kisses he was placing on my neck. It really was like something out of a movie and I wish I could have it all the time.

I guess for me it is now back to reality. Back to work and back to being single. Back to lusting after men that I cannot have, and storing treasured moments like these in the back of my mind to use when I’m sleeping with another guy that just doesn’t do it for me. I think everyone should have a Number 23 in their life – that one guy (or girl) that drives you bonkers and knows your body better than you know it yourself. I hope that you all find that person. It’s almost worth the heartache of knowing you can never have them all the time….

15 thoughts on “Warning! Explicit Content!

  1. Oh, what a delicious adventure! You’re so right about the heartache, too. I have a similar addiction, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

  2. Are you sure this superstar, hung sex stud has not just ruined you for every other man? I mean, it’s an incredibly, kinky hot adventure and it definitely gave me a few ideas for our weekend, but he seems a tough act to follow. I wouldn’t want to be the next number on the list!

    • I never thought of it like that. In all fairness, you are probably right. No one has come close since he walked into my life, and although I’ve had great sex, I always look forward to his adventures. However few and far between they may be!

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