Dipping Your Pen in the Office Ink?

There’s this guy I work with – he’s not attractive to me AT ALL, he’s not my type, I don’t look at him and want to jump on him, but for some reason, we seem to have this mild flirtation going on, and in short, I have been thinking about him recently. Now I do appreciate that I am single for the first time in a long time, and I am also not getting laid, so I am pretty much ready to jump on anything that moves at this point, but regardless of all of this – what is going on in my head?!

This guy has a child – this is a massive no-no for me to begin with. He is arrogant, difficult to get along with, completely against everything appearance-wise that I would go for in a man, and we fight like cat and dog at work. You know when you think to yourself – this is wrong but I’d still do it anyway and never admit it to anyone; that’s where I am right now.

So what’s the attraction with this guy? He’s very reserved; he had a lot of custody problems with his child and the baby Mama who sounds like a crack whore. It takes a lot to crack him, and for him to trust anyone, and everyone has commented at work that he has taken to me very nicely and also very fast. It took a male colleague a year to get accepted as a friend on Facebook, (his Facebook was once used against him in court with the custody battle, so everything is SUPER private) yet it has been just two months and we are already Facebook buddies. I guess in short, I cracked him. We have this mild text flirtation going on outside of work hours; something that has been cracked up a notch in the recent days that I have found myself single again. I just thought it was a bit of friendly banter at first, now I’m wondering if there is more in it.

So what’s the deal? Am I truly interested in this guy or is he just a plaything until something else, (better) comes along? Is it a bit of friendly banter for him, or am I technically leading him on? He’s not super ugly, so he can’t be short of female admirers. He’s just not the type of man that I would go for.

Now we have a policy at work that you are not allowed to diddle your colleagues, so I know nothing would really happen between us, but I did have this very interesting dream last night, which is what prompted today’s post. In my dream, he was a master in bed; something that shocked me, even in my unconscious state. I can’t imagine him to be good in bed, but in all fairness, I have been wrong about this before, so I shall hold my judgment. Not that I’d ever know anyway. He has been on my mind a lot recently, especially during our friendly text flirtation, and I find myself smiling to myself whenever I receive a less than clean text from him. Could I possibly like someone that goes completely against my grain, and if so, could we get away with it without anyone at work knowing? And – how uncomfortable would it be if he were to be shit in the sack, so to speak, and then I had to face him almost every day at work? OK, I have just answered my own question – this is a bad idea, you slut, and leave the poor single Papa’s alone!

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