I inspired someone!

I inspired this wonderful lady to start her list and figure out her number…. I dare you to do the same!

The Graceful Eruption

Well I will first start by saying I am an extremely sexual person, and have thus spent a large portion of my life trying to wrap my brain around this. I have gone back and forth from being totally accepting of this trait, and owning it (you know, MY BODY, my power shit), to then really wanting to change my sexual behavior because it is not ‘normal’ or what not.

I think as a topic, sex can’t get old and that is why there is so much damn literature around it. I have been thinking of the idea to write about some of my sexual partners, when I came across this blog post

What’s Your Number, By Not So Sex In The City


Who inspired me, because her post was damn interesting. This goes back to my last post in asking, do I make this anonymous? Because we’re going…

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2 thoughts on “I inspired someone!

  1. Loved the “futures” (real and imagined) of your exes: “You are probably … in the mountains growing weed right now” and “You are now dating a very lesbian looking girl.” I want to be able to say stuff like that! “Yeah, I was the last straight girl he dated. After me, nothing but lesbians” or “We fucked and then he ran off into the woods to some survivalist camp.” Instead, I’m left with former lovers who just moved to Cincinnati, or took that job with Proctor and Gamble.

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