Does it make me desperate?

Today at work, I fell in love. He was a man so hot, I couldn’t get words out right. I stammered, I stuttered, I blushed….. He really was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He bought what he came for, and then he walked across to the store across the mall. Everyone at work dared me to run after him and give him my number… So I did. I also gave him the cute little line that you do when you are feeling brave but your insides are shaking – ‘if you’re ever lonely in your room, text me and we’ll go for a drink’ With that, I turned around and went back to work, without even so much as a backwards glance.

The guy is so beautiful, I don’t even remember what he looks like. He had tattoos, the coolest style I’ve ever seen, a beautiful smile with pearly whites, and eyes that twinkled. That’s what I remembered anyway.

I still haven’t broken up with the guy I’m with now. Every time I try to, he turns into Mister perfect and makes me feel like I’m being a bitch. It’s such hard work; I feel like I’m going to break his heart and I certainly don’t want to do that! It’s just not right though, and especially if I’m chasing beautiful men across the mall! Oh my, was he beautiful!

Anyway, back to the current story. I retold my story to the male best friend I have never had a daliance with, and he responded by telling me I was borderline desperate! Really, chasing after a beautiful man – Does that really make me borderline desperate, or does that make me brave? I’m telling you this – I was shaking like a jelly fish when I walked over to him. I’m quite proud of myself! And he text me back and we are currently indulging in a little text flirtation, so what’s the big deal? Now for the big question – he leaves for a different country in 8 days. Do I or don’t I…..?

8 thoughts on “Does it make me desperate?

  1. Good for you! It honestly takes a lot of guts to do that and everytime I made the first move it always backfired. Hopefully it will be different for you. Be careful with beautiful men, though. They usually know they are beautiful and use it to their advantage!

      • I think it depends on how you deal with this now. Don’t make him feel as if he already has you, make him work for it, he’ll appreciate it so much more.
        haha beautiful people usually don’t have a personality because they never had to do anything besides look good to attract attention, but there are always a few that are oblivious to their looks and have more to them. What do you feel about this guy?

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